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Honey Sticks with CBD Oil. Blooms. Bees. Sweet CBD Honey. Does it get any better? We think not.

Honey sticks rich in fatty acids mixed with 10 mg of Genesis Blend CBD in a tasty and convenient grab-n-go package, which is delicious and potent, too. Even in trace amounts, CBD honey can promote tissue healing, ward off toxins and germs, and aid digestion.

100% pure, raw, unprocessed Kentucky honey infused with Genesis Blend CBD with Kentucky honey is a powerful pair to promote tissue healing, ward off toxins and germs, and aid digestion. It’s the queen bee’s knees if you ask us!

Specially handcrafted and produced for Bluegrass Hemp Oil. Above all, are you looking for a perfect morning snack? Try this! A hot Coffee, Tea ☕ with CBD and toast, or a bagel? covered in Cream Honey. ? Yummy!


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Our 10 mg CBD Honey Sticks are a delicious and effective way to get your daily dose of CBD. They’re made with pure honey and Genesis Blend Kentucky full spectrum CBD, and they’re perfect for people who are looking for a natural way to relax and relieve pain. Each stick is carefully infused with the goodness of CBD, offering a wide range of potential benefits due to the natural properties of both CBD and honey. This includes relaxation and stress relief, support for overall well-being, antioxidant properties, and anti-inflammatory effects. Using CBD Honey Sticks is simple and enjoyable. Just tear open the stick, squeeze or stir the honey into your favorite beverage or food, and enjoy CBD’s delicious taste and potential benefits.

At Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we prioritize quality above all else. Our CBD products are made from Kentucky-grown hemp plants, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. We source our honey from trusted beekeepers, ensuring its purity and natural goodness. To guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our CBD products, our extracts undergo rigorous third-party lab testing. This ensures our product is free from contaminants and consistently delivers the promised CBD potency. We are also committed to sustainability and the environment. Our honey sticks are packaged in eco-friendly materials, and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint throughout production.

Experience the natural power of these 10 mg CBD Honey Sticks today! Shop now and discover the natural benefits of CBD Honey Sticks.


At Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we are firmly committed to providing you with the finest, Kentucky-grown, full-spectrum hemp CBD products. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, to ensuring that every product you purchase from us contains the advertised amount of cannabidiol, or even more. This is our product quality guarantee. If upon receiving your CBD oil, you suspect any discrepancies, we encourage you to get in touch with us immediately. Our ultimate aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products and customer service. However, please be aware that while our products are manufactured with the highest standards and meticulous quality controls, we do not make any medical claims related to their use. As such, we are unable to offer refunds based on the perceived effectiveness or results of our products. We are here to help with any product inquiries, but we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for medical advice pertaining to your specific needs.


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