CBD is quickly becoming a popular supplement for many people looking to maintain their health and wellness. The hosts of Full Spectrum Living with CBD, Adriane, Jessica, and Meredith, discussed how to get the most out of CBD beyond extracts. Whether it’s CBD topicals, calming balms, bath soaks, or a CBD gift set, the trio of hosts gave their insight on how to make the most of these products.

CBD topicals are perfect for those looking for relief from sore muscles, joint pain, and skin irritations. Applying CBD topicals directly to the affected area not only helps to soothe the area, but can also help to reduce inflammation..

For those looking for a more relaxed and calming feeling, a calming balm is a perfect choice. Jessica suggested using a topical calming balm before going to sleep or just relaxing after a long day. This balm can be applied to the temples, wrists, and neck to help soothe the mind and body.

Bath soaks can also be a great way to relax and unwind. Adriane recommended adding the CBD bath soak to a warm bath to help melt away stress and tension to help drift off to sleep.

Lip balm is also a great way to get the benefits of CBD. Adriane suggested using a CBD lip balm for dry lips or chapped skin. Not only does it help to hydrate and nourish the lips, but the CBD helps to reduce inflammation and heal any damage.

Finally, a CBD gift set is perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of their CBD products. Jessica recommended a set that includes CBD oils, topicals, and edibles. This set can be tailored to anyone’s needs, whether they are looking for a boost in energy or just want something to help them relax.

From CBD topicals to bath soaks and lip balm, the hosts of Full Spectrum Living with CBD have provided insight on how to get the most of out CBD beyond extracts. With the right products, anyone can benefit from the healing and relaxing power of CBD.

There are many other ways to get the most out of CBD, beyond just topicals and balms. CBD oil is one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD, and is available in a variety of forms including tinctures, capsules, and edibles. CBD edibles, such as gummies, can be a great way to get a daily dose of CBD without having to take a supplement. CBD tinctures are another popular method of taking CBD, as they can be added to food or drinks for a more personalized experience. Additionally, CBD topicals can also be used on the skin for a variety of benefits, including reducing inflammation and promoting skin health. There are endless ways to get the most out of CBD, and with the right products, anyone can reap the benefits of this natural product.