questionsIf you are like most CBD (cannabidiol) curious consumers, you’ve heard CBD can help with many ailments. You may even know someone who received great results. You’re also likely aware that trusting a CBD producer is risky given the lack of industry regulations. In this market, being an informed CBD buyer can make the difference of improved health or wasted money. We want to ensure you know the right questions to ask about CBD when shopping for CBD products.

At Bluegrass Hemp Oil (BHO), we want you to achieve results as powerful as our loved ones have. If you are looking for quality, consider how your CBD provider would answer the questions below and watch/listen to our podcast as we address them all!



The BHO Answer: We do! As one of the first licensed growers of hemp in the nation, we have been cultivating our own hemp since 2014. Our plant genetics are known for high cannabinoid (CBD, CBG, etc) content and our use of traditional cannabis growing practices yields CBD-rich blooms, not fiber or seed. We make CBD the star of the show, not the profitable byproduct.

By having proprietary high-yield genetics, our products remain consistent. By growing for dense blooms (not fiber) we greatly reduce the potential of heavy metals and pesticides, a huge concern in the industry. BHO welcomes our regional community for annual guided tours of our Kentucky farm and greenhouses to experience the beauty of fragrant, bushy plants and natural pest control practices.


The BHO Answer: We do! Using only the richest part of the plant, the blooms, our hydrocarbon distillation practice stands out as an artisanal rarity in a flood of mass-produced CO2 products.

The gentle, yet thorough, method of closed-loop butane hydrocarbon distillation allows the integrity of delicate trichome content to be kept intact. This leaves products free of bitter green plant material, solvents, or contaminants and full of synergistic and flavorful terpenoids and most importantly, cannabinoids.

With BHO you get the robust resin straight from the bloom without the fear of heavy metals, pesticides, or highly processed isolates.


The BHO Answer: Independently AND internally. Third-party tested through respected Spokane lab, Trace Analytics, our products are reliably clean and accurately labeled. BHO also utilizes its in-house qPCR and HPLC certified testing equipment and lab manager as an additional Quality Control practice. Each lab can then be traced to the product through unique serial numbers.

Note: Asking only “Are your products lab tested?” and accepting a simple “Yes” would be an unfortunate mistake. Become familiar with lab basics and check them out yourself. Check for the date of the test. Identify which kind of test was done (potency, mycotoxins, solvents, etc.). Notice which columns are marked ND (not detected) versus NT (not tested). Look further into the LOD (Level of Detection) for any element you may be concerned with such as THC or pesticides. To learn more on this, check out episode 21 of BHO’s podcast Full-spectrum Living with CBD.


The BHO Answer: Hopefully. CBD can be VERY effective in alleviating many symptoms (anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, poor sleep, etc.) but we don’t know definitively that it would be effective for YOU. Even in its potentially best suited use, anxiety reduction, there are still those who don’t experience benefits. This could be due to myriad factors including diet and lifestyle, medication interactions, genetics, or products/methods used. If you ask this question and get a hard yes, consider that the person you are talking to may not have your best interest in mind but theirs.

Make no mistake, BHO wholeheartedly believes in the power of our products. After all, we’ve seen astounding improvements in quality of life with them. However, in order to make an informed decision an honest and knowledgeable conversation is necessary. Our many return customers would likely agree!

Take it from one of the oldest, established CBD hemp companies in the nation, the need to ask the right questions has never been greater. If you would like to learn more about quality CBD visit us in-store, give us a call or check out our website

From our farm to your family, BHO brings you premium quality, straight from the bloom.