CBD Oil Absorption: Everything You Need to Know

Are you wondering how your body absorbs CBD oil? We’re here to help you understand the science behind CBD absorption. While there’s still much to learn about the complexities of CBD oil absorption, we’ll try to break everything down for you. We will even cover one of the most important things consumers should know. The best option is mixing CBD and MCT oil.  We will explore why it is so. 

What is CBD Oil Absorption?

CBD oil absorption is how the body absorbs and uses cannabidiol (CBD) from a CBD oil product.  Absorption is an essential factor in the effectiveness of CBD oil and its effects.

How Does CBD Absorption Work?

CBD absorption is a complex process that involves several systems in the body. First, CBD oil must be broken down into its most basic form, which is then taken up by the body’s cells.

Then, the CBD oil must travel through the bloodstream to the endocannabinoid system, where it can interact with its receptors. Once the CBD oil has been absorbed, it is metabolized in the liver and eliminated from the body.

CBD Oil Absorption Rate

The absorption rate of CBD oil depends on several factors, including the type of CBD oil product, the quality of the CBD oil, and the method of administration. Generally, the absorption rate of CBD oil can range from 5-15%. 

CBD Oil Absorption Methods

When it comes to CBD oil absorption, there are several different methods of administration. The most common methods include oral sublingual, topical, and inhalation.

Sublingual CBD Oil

Sublingual CBD oil absorption is when you place the CBD oil product under your tongue and let it dissolve. This method is considered one of the most effective because it allows CBD oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. CBD and MCT work well together.

Topical CBD Oil

Topical CBD oil absorption is when you apply a CBD oil product directly to your skin. This method is generally considered the least effective, as the CBD oil has to travel through several layers of skin before it can be absorbed.

It is a valid option for helping with local skin pain and inflammation.  Water-soluble CBD, isolated CBD, is very poor at this. 

Inhalation CBD Oil Absorption

Inhalation of CBD is when you inhale CBD oil products using vape pens or dab rigs. This method is effective because cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. However, some cannabinoids and terpenoids may be lost when the oil is heated to vaporization points.

How to Increase CBD Absorption

If you’re looking to increase the absorption rate of your CBD oil, there are several things you can do. The first is to use a full-spectrum CBD oil product. 

Another way to increase absorption is to use a carrier oil, such as coconut MCT oil, which has been shown to have the best absorption efficiency. Additionally, you can use a sublingual method of administration, as this is considered the most effective way to absorb CBD. 

We have yet to cover the carrier oil we use in our products, chosen purposefully for how it is processed, its benefits, and how it plays an integral part in bioavailability and product success – MCT oil.  CBD and MCT together become a superfood.








MCT oil is a clear flavorless liquid most often derived from coconut oil in fractionation. The long-chain fatty acids are removed during fractionation, leaving an oil primarily composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).

MCT oil has been dubbed a super fuel since our bodies absorb MCTs more rapidly than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides), i.e., olive oil. MCT travels straight from the gut to the liver, quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, leading to higher absorption rates. They do not require stomach acid or bile to break them down to be utilized by the body, making them incredibly efficient and effective, reducing loss during digestion and increasing bioavailability. Making CBD and MCT the perfect mix.






















Photo: Nutrition Review – MCT Beneficial Effects


Bonus CBD and MCT Benefits

Since they can easily quickly your cells without being broken down, MCTs can be used as an immediate energy source. Additionally, they can be converted into ketones that can pass through the blood-brain barrier, making them a convenient energy source for your brain cells.

Pair that with the benefits of CBD; you have a 1-2 punch for neurological conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s! We think mixing CBD and MCT oil is an attractive option.



So don’t be fooled by those making unfounded claims about CBD water solubility and bioavailability. The fact remains – the best place to get your vitamins and nutrients is through real foods – consuming products as close to nature as possible is where you will see the most success. Added ingredients or chemical-ridden processes do not ensure product success.

Introduction to CBD Starter Kits

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CBD oil absorption is a complex process that involves several factors, including the type of product, the quality of the CBD oil, the method of administration, and the carrier oil. Generally, full-spectrum CBD oil products, sublingual administration, and coconut MCT oil are the best options for increasing CBD absorption.