CBD Gummies

Along with the rising popularity of CBD usage, customers are eager to dip their toes into the water of hemp healing by taking their CBD in a form that everyone knows and loves: CBD gummies. A childhood staple for consuming vitamins, gummies are a popular form of CBD intake–having a familiar taste and texture, as well as being an easy, on-the-go alternative to CBD oil.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are defined as a candy-like gummy which, once infused with a hemp extract CBD oil, act to balance out one’s Endocannabinoid System. These infused supplements can help to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and–mostly commonly–pain.

CBD Gummy Popularity

It is often that a customer will wander in to our local store and ask about our CBD gummy options, and their rising popularity is seen everywhere–not just here in the Bluegrass.

Some people find that they aren’t very fond of the natural, earthy-like taste of a hemp extract oil, and while we are working on differing flavors for our popular Genesis Blend Hemp Extract, there are other factors that cause people to look for a solid-form of CBD to ingest. Though the benefits of consuming a CBD oil sublingually are substantial, some people also struggle with the oily texture of an extract, and seek an easier way to find relief.

Demand for the coveted CBD gummy is high. Whether it be taste, texture, or just a simple love for candy-like treats, people are jumping on the CBD gummy bandwagon. Well, loyal customer, we are too!

Not only are CBD gummies convenient and tasty, but they also hold the capability of providing balance to our Endocannabinoid Systems, just as our popular Genesis Blend Oil does! With a full spectrum extraction process such as our own, it is difficult to guarantee the actual milligram amount of CBD per flavor-filled bite. Not only this, but the added ingredients necessary to make such a product can potentially worsen the symptoms customers are attempting to combat. But, fear not! As the CBD market evolves, we, here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, strive to do the same! While we do not currently offer CBD gummies, our experts are working on perfecting our own, all-natural, CBD gummy recipe with only the highest-quality of ingredients to better meet the needs of our customers.

Why Oil Over Gummies?

While we can understand the desire for supplements in the form of sugary goodness, we advise our customers to consider the effects of consuming a hemp extract oil before completely surrendering to the CBD gummy phenomenon. With a sublingually consumed practice, CBD users fill a dropper of our Genesis Blend Oil and actually let it sit under their tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing. This method allows for the CBD to process through one’s bloodstream, providing a longer-lasting relief, as well as a quicker one. When compared to taking CBD in the form of capsules (or in this case, a gummy,) CBD is processed through one’s digestive tract, delaying relief. This means that finding the same amount of relief that an extract oil offers would likely require a consumer to take a higher serving of their beloved gummy.

Additionally, choosing to take a gummy over using an oil inhibits a person’s ability to increase or decrease their own serving size based on personal needs. With a hemp extract dropper, users can adjust the amount of oil in their serving size depending on their needs. Constantly taking CBD doesn’t have to become an indefinite regimen for relieving anxieties or pain. In fact, it is often that, after consistent usage over an extended period of time, CBD users find that they need much less oil to achieve their desired relief. CBD allows for people seek an end to their struggles–which can definitely be achieved with proper servings. When taking a gummy supplement, a user hinders their ability to make personal judgements about the amount of CBD their body really needs.

Moreover, taking a cannabidiol supplement in the form of a gummy removes the opportunity to apply one of nature’s greatest remedies topically. While a sublingual ingestion is recommended for our hemp extract oils, people do find that rubbing their CBD oil on a particular problem area can relieve pain just as effectively.

Not only is CBD oil consumption better for achieving the quickest and most beneficial results, but it is much more cost effective when compared to market prices of a gummy alternative.

Our Local CBD Honey

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a sweet treat in the form of CBD, check out our CBD honey options. A local honey made by our friends at Crigger Farms is mixed with our full spectrum CBD here in Kentucky, allowing us to offer you a delicious honey in both Original and Lemon flavors. So, until we can perfect the art of CBD gummies, find your sugar fix at the bottom of one of our creamed honey jars!

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