So you’ve done your research on CBD and how it may help you. Sounds great! You can’t wait to place an order and get started right away! But wait… There are so many different products to choose from… *Anxiety sets in* “Sure could use some CBD right about now. How do I know what I need? Or which product is best for me?” The amount of information can be overwhelming. With so many products to choose from, a good differentiator is methods of CBD consumption. 


When referring to “CBD Oil”, sublingual consumption is a pretty solid standard. Sublingual just means it’s taken by placing the oil under the tongue and holding it for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. These oils are typically a CBD extract (full spectrum extract in our case) suspended in a carrier oil such as coconut MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) for ease of handling and measuring serving size. The sublingual oils are probably the most common option for consumption, and rightfully so. When you put the oil under your tongue, it begins absorbing pretty much immediately.

So, you’re going to have a quicker onset and better absorption rate than other ingested methods such as edibles or capsules that take time to break down. The oil is pretty straightforward and simple to use. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, mitigating anxiety, getting better sleep or even more serious issues, the sublingual oils are a great start. Some people will put the oil in their coffee, smoothie or on food. No harm done here. Just don’t cook with it!

A commonly asked question is, “should I take this with food?” That’s completely up to you. If taken on an empty stomach, it may have a quicker onset, but taken with food may give you a better rate of absorption. Look for the Genesis Blend Hemp Extract on our products page.


Capsules have gained great popularity in the CBD scene recently. Some people prefer this more “traditional” approach of consumption. Maybe it’s easier for you to remember to take it twice daily if it’s kept with your other medications.

Maybe you’ve tried the praised sublingual oils and you aren’t fond of the oil consistency in your mouth. Whatever the case may be, you could find that taking your CBD in capsule form is just a better suit for you. Capsules are a great alternative to sublingual. Each capsule already has your serving size measured out and ready to go. Something to keep in mind though, is that your body is going to have to break down the capsule shell before it’s exposed to any of the good stuff inside. This means a longer onset time, and less total absorption than the sublingual. Not to say that the capsules aren’t effective! Just some comparison notes for you.


Another very popular delivery method of CBD is inhalation of a vaporized “e-liquid” that has been infused with the CBDa extract. This liquid is loaded into a vaporizer that uses a battery to heat a wicking coil that heats the liquid up and vaporizes it for inhalation.

“What’s with the ‘a’?” CBDa is simply Cannabidiol in it’s natural acidic form. CBDa must be “activated” by applying heat. This coverts the CBDa molecule to its effective state, CBD. So, we use CBDa in the e-liquid because it is activated when the heat from the vaporizer is applied. This method of consumption gets the CBD into your system the quickest (usually within a couple of minutes), but does not typically last as long (1-2 hours) as an ingestible form of CBD (8-12 hours). Vaping is used a lot by those who suffer from anxiety (such as myself). The sublingual oil mentioned earlier is great for combatting anxiety, but some may still experience a flare throughout the day that needs addressed. With such a quick onset, the vape is a great choice to have in this instance.


Did you know that CBD may help when applied to the skin? Since we have receptors in our skin, CBD is capable of providing relief topically. These products can be lotions, salves, oils, bath soaks, lip balms, etc. These products are commonly used by those with inflammation and pain related issues, as well as certain skin conditions. While these topicals can provide great results, it’s important to note that the CBD is not going to enter your bloodstream topically. What this means is that it’s not going to provide the same range of results as regular use of ingestible forms of CBD. Topicals can be a great pain reliever, but it’s not going to help with your anxiety.

Fun fact: Our Genesis Blend sublingual oils can be applied topically too! Just a few drops and rub it in!