As interest in CBD (cannabidiol) accelerates, discerning where to begin exploring potential supplementation benefits presents consumers with a challenging maze of factors to weigh amid a crowded brand landscape. However CBD Genesis emerged with a steadfast commitment to not only superior product standards, but public education surrounding accurate applications – earning trust through transparency along the journey toward mainstream acceptance.

This profile offers insights into their offerings, ethos, and the team of experts guiding CBD Genesis in instilling quality across a diversified lineup spanning tinctures, topicals, edibles and pet care that continues expanding responsibly.

The CBD Genesis Origin Story

Co-founded in 2019 by healthcare entrepreneur Ben Fleischer, CBD Genesis came to fruition not through a eureka product development moment, but rather the pet therapy journey of Fleischer’s son. Diagnosed with childhood epilepsy, options beyond experimental medications appeared sparse until cannabis entered the equation – drastically improving quality of life through reduced seizures.

After experiencing such a profound difference from plant-based solutions, Fleischer focused on translating the potential of CBD for the masses. Partnering with leading Israeli pharmaceutical researchers possessing 30+ patents, CBD Genesis built toward the future through scientific rigor.

In a sea of startups rushing products to market, such purpose-driven passion set them apart while placing equal importance on product innovation and education as adoption increases globally.

Unlocking the Power of Hemp

Critical Importance of Quality Inputs: What Goes Into CBD Genesis Products

Within an largely unstandardized CBD landscape, the adage of “garbage in, garbage out” rings loudly as hemp inputs greatly impact end-user experiences. Yet few brands cultivate and oversee material quality from seed genetics down to harvesting and processing with the holistic vision Defines CBD Genesis.

By managing associated farms in Oregon through guidance on best organic, sustainable and ethical practices, they dictate superior plant consistency before extraction ever begins compared to imported biomass alternatives of inconsistent integrity. Trackable start-to-finish value chains enable unmatched safety and potency reliability.

Soil Matters: Organic & Nutrient Rich

CBD Genesis farms utilize controlled organic protocols and rich volcanic soil microbiology designed specifically for nutrient dense hemp. Crops thrive with eco-responsibility that pevents chemical contamination amid maxmum cannabinoid expressions for future extraction purity.

DNA Driven: Proprietary Cultivars

In-house propagation teams leverage selectively bred genetics for optimized phytochemical profiles at commercial scale. Refining heritage strains via emerging research insights instills resilience and augments output value beyond basic industrial hemp.

Sun Grown: Natural Farming Practices

Instead of artificial climate control methods for year-round harvesting that deplete soil health over time, CBD Genesis allows natural seasons to govern growth rhythms holistically. Such cycles profound hemp potency and richness available through outdoor cultivation batch releases.

Trust derives through meticulous inputs forging a transparent chain of custody from farms to finished products.

Leveraging Multi-Spectrum CBD Blends with Nature Identical Compounds

Rather than isolate alone or simplistic broad spectrum removes, CBD Genesis signature products harness proprietary ratios with functional terpenes and minor cannbinoids through what they dub their Genesis SpectrumTM, aimed at maximum therapeutic effects and micro influence activations of the endocannabinoid system modulators.

The Entourage Effect: It Takes a Village

While potent on its own merits, CBD reaches enhanced potential through hundreds of supporting molecules found natively within cannabis plants. This ensemble compound effect creates synergy amplifying benefits exponentially.

Boosting Bioavailability

Common obstacles like metabolic breakdowns or digestive inefficiencies get overcome through advanced delivery methods enhancing uptake rates for faster efficacy and longer duration windows from single doses.

Targeted Formulation Alchemy

Extensive R&D spanning patient impact cases allows CBD Genesis to engineer formulas aligned to common needs like sleep, anxiety, neurological conditions, senior care, and much more. Moving beyond basics enhances real world applicability.

Innovation meets nature through inspired spectrum craftsmanship.

Product Offerings: How CBD Genesis Harnesses the Hemp Plant

Beyond meticulous quality sourcing and extraction artistry, CBD Genesis shines brightest through specialty supplementation ingenuity that affordably enhances wellbeing across many facets of life.

Tinctures: The Standard Bearer

As the classic versatile format for harnessing hemp’s goodness, quality ingestible oils retain prominence within the product range through sheer functional diversity. Varied carrier bases, spectrum types, and concentrations means all users find suitable strength solutions.

Topicals: Transdermal Targeted Relief

Cannabinoid infused lotions, balms and rollerballs bypass digestive barriers via direct absorption into affected skin areas at the source for proven topical efficacy across arthritis, muscles strains, localized pain and skin health applications.

Edibles: Tasty Treat Supplements

Venturing beyond traditional tinctures, CBD Genesis gummy and honey stick options appeal through precision dosing control plus the convenience and flavor of familiar candies without processed vitamin synthetics. Enjoyment meets mindfulness.

Pet Drops: Four-Legged Friends

Dog and cat owners embrace the prospect of natural wellness support through hemp’s gifts. CBD Genesis brings pet batches specifically calibrated for anxiety, inflammation, seizures, cognition and more depending on furry friend needs.

Diversified applications dutifully harness hemp’s nurturing potential.

Implementing Pharma-Grade Production Standards

With origins rooted in pharmaceutical brilliance, CBD Genesis adopted similar advanced models involving high-tech in-house extraction protocols, therapeutic-aligned batches, and an on-staff technical advisory team spanning production scientists to physicians providing wisdom across the process continuum.

State-of-the-Art Extraction

Their dedicated iso-7 certified clean room laboratory utilizes the most sophisticated, efficient and eco-responsible options for CO2, ethanol and hydrocarbon pathways based on batch goals, maximizing purity with no residual solvents.

Clinical Dosage Alignments

Rather than trend-driven guesswork, formulations get precisely aligned to therapeutic windows backed by patient impact evidence. Vision beyond commercialization focuses real outcomes.

Medical Oversight

An in-house Medical Sciences Liaison provides guidance on pharmacology elements like metabolism considerations, bioavailability rates and safety screening for various conditions. Clinical perspectives guard consumer wellbeing through accountability.

Pharmaceutical principles steer quality control above profit motives alone.

Transparency & Testing: CBD Genesis Validation Protocols

Honest disclosure and frequent impartial product testing maintains intrinsic operations integrity while building consumer trust through accountability typically scarce within the CBD arena.

Formula Transparency

Clear labeling calls out all minor cannabinoids and natural compounds present along with ratios of CBD, while also listing carriers plus any ingredients within gummies for informed purchasing.

Routine Third Party Testing

Every batch undergoes independent laboratory screening analyzing over a dozen points including residual solvents, microbial and heavy metal contaminants, potency, and chemical stability markers verified through updated certificates of analysis posted online.

Dosing Confidence

Precision analytical and HPLC testing equipment ensures concentrations match labels for reliable milligram intakes, preventing uncertainties that plague many competitors. Users know exactly what solutions suit respective needs.

Unwavering commitment toward quality and education standards built the CBD Genesis reputation.

The Dedicated Support Team: CBD Genesis Advisors & Ambassadors

CBD Genesis staff bring multifaceted mastery spanning production, administrative and scientific realms to support growth rooted in purpose and consumer betterment rather than profits alone.

Extraction Inventor

Formulator Daniel Spielman holds 3 patents on specialized cannabis extraction involving molecular isolation and purification techniques for optimized functional outputs. Cutting-edge methods beget purity.

Medical Sciences Lead

Dr. Katherine Golden serves as Medical Liaison, guiding pharmacology safety aspects and research applications for patients spanning neuropathy, PTSD, chronic pain and more. Clinical insights inform products.

PR & Outreach Director

Marketing head Jonathan Longley manages media and partnership relations, directing ambassador lead generation campaigns focusing on genuine education outreach efforts rather than hype typical of the oversaturated CBD vertical across digital channels.

Alongside expert advisors and over 80 brand ambassadors fostering community, the CBD Genesis team balances scientific capabilities with real world wisdom to fuel further innovation responsibility.

The Importance of Ethical & Environmental Stewardship

Beyond scientific faculties and quality manufacturing principles defining their identity, CBD Genesis leads by example when tackling social and ecological challenges facing both the cannabis industry and planet overall.

Minimal Waste Policies

From sustainable farming techniques to recycled packaging options utilizing renewable bamboo and post-consumer waste materials across their bottles and displays, CBD Genesis minimizes environmental footprints across operational flows. Small differences drive change.

Carbon Neutral Commitments

By offsetting 100% of carbon outputs via verified programs benefitting environmental restoration, they pave a path for greenhouse gas accountability often ignored by most brands chasing profits over planet. Climate conscious actions reflect values.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Through their Genesis Gives Back pledge funding area schools and non-profit partners, plus company volunteering activities supporting local causes, CBD Genesis fost