Uncovering the Impact of Keppra for Dogs on Seizure Management

In the heart of every pet parent beats a relentless desire to provide a haven of comfort and wellness for their furry family members. When the clouds of seizures threaten to overshadow the sunny demeanor of our four-legged companions, finding the silver lining becomes imperative. Keppra, known in the pharmaceutical realm as Levetiracetam, has emerged as a glimmer of hope amidst the tempest of canine seizures. However, like every rainbow has its end, Keppra too brings along a spectrum of side effects that require a close examination.

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Keppra: A Ray of Hope in the Canine Seizure Storm

Keppra is a prescription drug whose primary mission is to combat seizures in dogs as well as in humans. The active soldier in this battle is Levetiracetam, In some cases, it orchestrates a calming symphony amidst the electrical storm in the canine brain, often responsible for the tremors and convulsions associated with seizures. 

Keppra Dosage: Tailored to Your Dog's Weight

The battle against seizures demands a precise arsenal, and the dosage of Keppra is meticulously tailored according to the weight of your dog. Adhering to the vet-prescribed dosage not only amplifies the efficacy of the treatment but also steers clear of the rocky shores of Keppra overdose.  

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Side Effects: The Aftermath of Keppra

Every rose has its thorns, and Keppra is no exception. Here’s a breakdown of the common, serious, and other noted keppra side effects for dogs:

Common Side Effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Infection

Serious Side Effects:

    • Increased Seizures
    • Unusual changes in mood or behavior
    • Confusion
    • Diarrhea
    • Joint pain

The echo of Keppra’s side effects on dogs isn’t confined to the canine world. In the realm of human medicine, Keppra has been a part of the arsenal against seizures in children. However, the side effects have often been a stormy cloud, with parents recounting tales of ‘Keppra Rage’. A similar narrative was witnessed with young Colten, which led to the creation of the first Kentucky CBD oil to ease his turbulent journey with Keppra.

CBD: An Alternative Horizon?

In seeking calmer shores, many have turned their compass towards CBD. Bluegrass Hemp Oil provides a beacon of hope with their Canine Care CBD for dog seizures. The exploration of CBD as a potential alternative or complementary route is a testament to the ever-evolving quest for safer harbors in managing canine seizures.

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Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

They wonder if it’s safe for your furry friend to use Unruffled’s CBD Oil for Pets? The good news is, CBD oil is generally considered safe for dogs, as long as it’s used in the correct dosage. Many pet owners have reported significant improvements in their pets’ health and well-being after using Unruffled’s CBD oil.

However, like any supplement or medication, there are potential risks to be aware of. Some dogs may experience mild side effects, such as drowsiness or lethargy, when first starting to use CBD oil. It’s important to consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil if they have an underlying medical condition or are taking other medications.

Overall, though, the benefits of using Unruffled’s CBD Oil for Pets far outweigh the potential risks when used responsibly and under veterinary guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBD oil for pets be used for humans as well?

Yes, CBD oil for pets can also be used for humans. We use high-quality wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil and Genesis Blend CBD extract. Both are natural products that are often consumed by humans. Salmon oil is a create ingredient with natural omega-3 that are both good for humans and pets.

While there are many benefits of using CBD oil for both pets and humans, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating it into your routine. Additionally, as with any supplement or medication, there may be potential side effects such as drowsiness or dry mouth.

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It’s essential to start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed while monitoring any changes in your body. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall well-being or alleviate specific symptoms, CBD oil can be an effective option for pets and humans.

Is it safe to give CBD oil to puppies or senior dogs?

Before giving your puppies or senior dogs CBD oil, it’s essential to know the puppy dosages and senior benefits. While CBD oil can benefit both puppies and senior dogs, the dosage may differ depending on their size and weight. It’s always best to consult with a veterinarian before administering any new medication or supplement. We suggest starting with 1ml of Unruffled CBD oil twice a day. The dropper inside the bottle is calibrated up to 1ml giving a 10mg dose.

Safety concerns are also a significant factor to consider when giving CBD oil to pets. Look for high-quality products like Unruffled CBD Oil for Pets that use natural ingredients and have positive reviews from other pet owners. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so always prioritize your furry friends’ safety and well-being.

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry!

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What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant, including terpenes and other cannabinoids. CBD isolate, on the other hand, only contains pure CBD.

Learn about the Powerful Differences Between Oleo resin and Isolated CBD

When it comes to pets, full-spectrum CBD is generally considered better because of the entourage effect. This is when all of the compounds work together to enhance each other’s benefits. Additionally, terpenes play a powerful role in full-spectrum CBD oil by providing their own unique benefits such as reducing anxiety and inflammation.

While CBD isolate has its uses for certain conditions, for overall health and wellness in pets, full spectrum is the way to go.

How long does it take for CBD oil to take effect in pets?

When it comes to giving your pet CBD oil, you might be wondering how long it takes for the effects to kick in. The answer varies depending on several factors such as your pet’s dosage and administration method.

Typically, administering CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) will result in faster absorption into the bloodstream compared to adding it to their food or treats. Pet dosage also plays a role; smaller doses may take longer to see effects compared to larger doses.

It’s important to start with a lower dose and gradually increase until you see the desired results. As with any supplement, potential side effects may occur such as dry mouth, drowsiness, or changes in appetite.

CBD oil is safe for pets when given in appropriate dosages and can provide numerous benefits for their overall health and well-being.

Can CBD oil interact with other medications my pet is taking?

You’re right to be concerned about drug interactions when it comes to giving your pet CBD oil. While CBD is generally safe and well-tolerated in dogs, it can interact with other medications your pet may be taking.

As with any new supplement or medication, it’s important to talk to your veterinarian before adding CBD oil to your pet’s regimen. They can help you determine the appropriate dosage and whether there are any potential adverse effects or drug interactions to consider.

Keep in mind that dosing considerations may vary depending on the size of your pet and their specific needs. With proper guidance from a trusted professional, however, CBD oil can be a safe and effective way to promote overall health and wellbeing for your furry friend.


Navigating the turbulent waters of canine epilepsy demands a well-charted map. Keppra for dogs offers a route, but like any journey, it comes with its set of hurdles. The side effects of Keppra beckon for a broader exploration of alternative or complementary therapies, ensuring a smoother sail towards a seizure-free horizon for our furry companions.

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