In this episode of Full Spectrum Living with CBD podcast, Adriane, Jessica and Meredith  cover the most common CBD extraction methods.  They breakdown each method and discuss the plus and minus of each as well as how they can effect the end products performance. They cover our extraction method of choice and it’s pluses and minus as well as the overall direction we think the CBD / medical cannabis industry will ultimately go. Watch the CBD podcast about CBD extraction methods to better understand why all CBD oil is not the same. 


This is a very common FAQ. Rightfully so. Consumers should be concerned with how their CBD products are produced, especially in today’s market. Extracts are most commonly made either by processing the flower with a hydrocarbon like butane or propane (known as Butane Hash Oil or BHO <- See the connection here to our Bluegrass Hemp Oil, BHO? ????), pressurizing the material with carbon dioxide (CO2) or soaking it with ethanol. In this blog, we’ll take the time to review our method of choice, hydrocarbon extraction, bring some of its misconceptions to light, and introduce a few other standard techniques. Review our method of choice


An article written by Lindsay Maharry, Debunking the BHO Stigma: A Scientist’s Take on Butane Hash Oil vs. CO2 Extraction,” does an excellent job of shining a light on how unsafe practices engaged in by kids changed the perception of this extraction method. (I highly recommend you read it!) When in fact, this method, if done correctly, is completely safe. Hydrocarbons are non-polar, meaning they bind to the more fat-soluble components of the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes only) to extract compounds from cannabis plant material gently. The result is a higher-purity extract and the only product that resembles the plant from which it came. Butane and propane allow organic solvents to be used in an extraction process that produces the richest cannabinoids and terpenes. This oleoresin is live resin. The live resin extraction method makes high-quality cannabis oil like what we use for our Genesis Blend full spectrum CBD oil. Review our method of choice.


Co2: Co2 extraction is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull desired cannabinoids from the plant. Its vapor pressure is so high the CO2 disappears, leaving no potential for residual. However, this pressure is harsher on the plants and strips the terpenes during the process. In Maharry’s article, she explains the appeal of this process to manufacturers in the industry, stating it allows companies “to get away with running poor quality flowers” because they are producing a homogenous product. (In her case, she focuses on THC only, whereas what we see in the hemp industry is CBD only.) This affects the overall quality of CBD oil. If the cannabinoids do not get extracted during the extraction process, how can they end up in the final CBD Oil? They can’t. Some Co2 extraction machines look big and fancy but do not produce high-quality extract CBD oil.

Ethanol: In this process, the solvent, Ethanol, is passed over the plant material to dissolve the cannabinoids in the plant. Because ethanol is a “polar” solvent, it will want to bind to the water-soluble components of the plant. The result is a less pure, generally less potent, end product that needs further post-processing and refining. Therefore, it has limitations in making a genuinely pure, full-spectrum extract. Have we discussed we only want the significant lipids from the plant material? That is why the only plant matter we like to use is the bud or flower from the cannabis or hemp plants.


FAQ Page -Frequently Asked Questions

We learn in the flow of work.  For instance, we constantly seek further understanding and ways to improve things. In other words, part of sharing information is just as much a part of our journey. Therefore, Find the answers to some common questions!  Above all, If the answer to your CBD question is not answered, send us a message from the contact section at the bottom of the page. THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Many people ask: “How can CBD offer a wide variety of powerful results for things ranging from anxiety and neurodegeneration to even auto-immune disorders?” Surprisingly, The answer lies not so much in CBD (Cannabidiol) itself but how CBD as well as the other benefitual cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavornoids are working to augment the Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Therefore, The Endocannabinoid System (endo meaning ‘within’) is a biological system focused on mediating physiological balance, fundamentally known as homeostasis. Some of the first homeostatic functions we often hear from clients are a better night’s sleep, a regulated appetite, and reduced anxiety. These are a few of the first indicators that CBD is kicking in and starting to help boost our natural production of endocannabinoids. Amazing Discovery The Endocannabinoid System

endocannabinoid system

The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts.

Full spectrum oleoresin the highest grade cannabis extract. Similarly, like an orchestra or assembly line, each part plays an essential role in the show. A drum solo is excellent, do not get us wrong, but no one wants to sit through a concert listening to only drums while the other band members decide to sit this one out. The Sum is greater than the parts.

For instance, having different natural elements in our CBD Genesis Blend breathes life into what is known as the “Entourage Effect. All naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids blend synergistically, allowing their coexistence to be more beneficial than an individual component standing alone. These natural cannabinoids bind to receptors in our Endocannabinoids System.  All species with a vertebrate have an Endocannabinoid System.   Humans and animals, such as dogs, Cats, and Horses, all have endocannabinoid receptors. Read The Powerful Differences Between Oleoresin Extract and Isolated CBD

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