The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts.

Full spectrum oleoresin

Similarly, like an orchestra or assembly line, each part plays an essential role in the show. A drum solo is excellent, do not get us wrong, but no one wants to sit through a concert listening to only drums while the other band members decide to sit this one out.

For instance, having different natural elements in our CBD Genesis Blend breathes life into what is known as the “Entourage Effect.” The entourage effect is when all the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids blend synergistically, allowing their coexistence to be more beneficial than an individual component standing alone. These natural cannabinoids bind to receptors in our Endocannabinoids System.  All species with a vertebrate have an Endocannabinoid System.   Humans and animals, such as dogs, Cats, and Horses, all have endocannabinoid receptors. 

Full Spectrum better

Night and Day Difference

What is the difference between full-spectrum CBD vs. CBD isolates? Teamwork makes the dream work. Something we at Bluegrass Hemp Oil embody as a company culture and a standard for our cultivation and extraction processes. In other words, quality will forever outshine quantity, and we believe something special about that.

BHO believes in full spectrum use of ALL naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the bloom of the beloved Cannabis flower. Please read our blog on the full spectrum does not mean whole plant extraction. All of these cannabinoids show benefits to the human body; for those suffering from aliment, that is very important. This same differance exits between full-spectrum THC resin and THC isolate.

Above all, full spectrum means that we do not isolate or eliminate any beneficial components of the plant but instead acknowledge and embrace how each cannabinoid encourages and works with the others. About 100 cannabinoids are known all provide benefits. Although desired results from any particular cannabinoid may potentially prove helpful, several studies have shown a much higher percentage of achieved benefits from an actual full-spectrum extraction versus an isolate. Isolated CBD oil only contains the crystallized CBD molecule. All other benefitting aspects have been removed. 

Kentucky Cannabis Company Hemp CBD Bloom

The Quality Of Input Material Is Paramount. 

BHO hydrocarbon extraction

The BHO hydrocarbon extraction process creates a pharmaceutical-grade oleoresin that is golden in color. It captures a natural blend of the cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the cannabis hemp bloom. The bloom of the plant is where trichomes are the most abundant. A trichome is the name of the actual resin gland on the plant that hosts cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Comparatively, Lab tests show that the Genesis Blend oleoresin, the base of our CBD Oil, contains the most robust cannabinoid and terpenoid profile available in any CBD Oil. Commercial or pharmaceutical. Lab tests show that other extraction/distillation methods cannot deliver the rich blend of natural cannabinoids and terpenoids that the BHO process does. Cannabinoids and terpenoids are what modulates the Endocannabinoid System. If a rich, robust mix of cannabinoids is not in the product, they can’t get into the human body to provide benefits. 

isolated CBD

Material Quality Is Not A Concern With Isolate.

Isolate / distillate = lower-quality


Isolated CBD is just powder CBD. Since the end product is powdered or crystallized, the input material does not affect this process. Regarding isolates, what does it matter if other cannabinoids exist in the material? Or, for that matter, the same with pesticides, heavy metals, mold, fungus, pests, stalks, and more. It does not matter, as the end product will be 99% pure white CBD.

Isolated CBD is the least favorable way to ingest CBD. Its effects are not as long or as powerful as what Full Spectrum CBD is capable of.

Chiefly, The isolation chemical process changes the molecular structure so that the cannabinoid is water-soluble. Cannabinoids are naturally fat-soluble. Water-soluble cannabinoids get processed in the kidneys.  Above all, cannabinoids are naturally fat soluble. These keyto freindly fats feed the brain and help support liver function to manufacture Ketones.

This might be some insight as to why isolated products, such as the FDA has approved Epidiolex, suggest high starting dosages.  They recommend starting at ten times the dosage 75% of our consumers use. Most Genesis Blend consumers stay at the recommended 10mg per serving. That’s a considerable difference.

Single Molecule isolate CBD Powder

One Cannabinoids Or Many Cannabinoids

Emphatically, products like Epidiolex suggest high mg serving sizes, 100mg per serving. It is surprising that the FDA even approved such a product. Explicitly, As a parent with two children who have had seizures, the Epidiolex product is highly offensive.  It contains two MAJOR issues for parents; they should also be huge issues for most neurologists and the FDA, yet here we are educating you about it.   The Epidiolex product has ten percent alcohol and uses chemical sweeteners. Both are significant issues in the pediatric epilepsy world.

Parents are told not to give their epileptic children products containing alcohol.  Like some cold medications include. Why, then, would the FDA approve a product for pediatric neurological use with that amount of alcohol mixed with sugars and such lackluster results?  The topic brings up more questions than answers…

Isolated CBD Companies

Meanwhile, CBD isolates allow companies to skate around regulations, increase production, and ultimately deliver a lower-quality product at a prohibitive cost to a market of people desperately seeking help for their children and selfs with various issues, as CBD is not looked upon as a recreational product. The United States government holds a patent on the isolated CBD molecule used to treat specific ailments. 

The patent is held under the department of health and human services.  The United States government, in Patent 6630507, claims that CBD effectively treats several issues like epilepsy, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more. Look for yourself. 

Nonetheless, The contention is that this is the least effective method they have patented. While that is fine for research, it has propelled the market where people cannot receive all of the benefits CBD offers. Many companies seek to copy this formula, and at the end of the day, nothing separates these companies from each other. One isolated CBD molecule is no different than the next. They all create the same final products from a single CBD molecule. 

Furthermore, they all miss out on the full spectrum resin’s power.  This is a traditional belief in the cannabis industry and has been confirmed in reports like this one The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts. The Sum of a natural blend of cannabinoids is more significant than being singled out.  Settling for less is not a good option for your health.

full spectrum Verse others
water soluble isolated cbd

The Real Troubling Problems

Synthetic Cannabinoids

The current market is flooded with isolated CBD. For instance, These isolated CBD companies now wash it with chemicals and create a synthetic cannabinoid delta-8. Additionally, this delta-8 synthetic cannabinoid produces mild buzz for those who use it. Delta-8 products are illegal in states with medical cannabis laws because they are synthetic cannabinoids, and their safety is unknown.  Read about the dangers of Delta-8 here

These synthetic cannabinoids are being created to fill the void of access to safe natural cannabinoids. These synthetic cannabinoids remove the focus from the medical aspects of cannabis and turn it into the novelty aspect. Cannabidiol has no recreational value; being in it does not bring an intoxication.  Using isolated CBD, basically another synthetic cannabinoid, to manufacture another synthetic cannabinoid  


 Isolated THC

In contrast, isolated THC is not much of a market thing. Two products have existed for a while. One is called Dronabinol, also marketed as Marinol.  Some researchers and doctors try to use it, but reports of poor performance soon follow, and they usually suggest the patients get the “real” thing.  Dronabinol was famous for a bit by being applied to herbs and sold in head shops to produce a cheap high.

Many users reported adverse effects. These products were marketed as Spice and K2. The news reports on products like spice sprayed with the synthetic cannabinoid dronabinol had many adverse reactions.  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Health  Services Administration link here is a link from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health  Services Administration.

The results show that the estimated number of visits to emergency departments (EDs) involving synthetic cannabinoids more than doubled.  Conclusion: These results demonstrate the harmful effects of synthetic cannabinoids, especially on youth. Education continues to be needed for parents, the medical community, and retailers who sell such products. Cannabis is to help heal, not kill!


Lab Made Cannabinoids

I’m not sure the market agrees with the pharmaceutical investment approach that the CBD side of the cannabis industry has been pushed. First, these lab-made synthetic chemicals are trying to fill the void that the natural full spectrum completes. Many of these companies pump isolated synthetic products into the market development by investment money and never seeing any returns. Many of these companies that focus on isolated synthetic cannabinoids file for bankruptcy. Doing more harm in the industry than good.  Furthermore, if these isolated products were superior in any fashion, the illicit world that smuggled tons of raw THC cannabis bud into the country would have isolated it.   50 lbs of isolate should equal more than 50 lbs of natural cannabis in value. Comparatively, Here is a report from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Nonetheless, if the drug cartels could make crystal meth, they could have isolated the THC cannabinoid.  Also, hashish would not have existed as it would have been isolated.  People talk about fine Moroccan hashish, not about Moroccan isolate. See the problem now.

In Conclusion, education is by far the mission at hand, and here at BHO,  and Kentucky Cannabis Company we are committed to setting the standard of high-quality, full-spectrum, bloom-only products. Please read about How To Shop For CBD Oil.

Listen to these doctors discuss the dangers of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Google Scholar is a great research resource.

What to do research on your own? Google Scholar is a great starting point.  Go to the main Google Scholar Page Here.   For an interest like the current Full Spectrum Living With CBD episode on the Endocannabinoid System a search like Cannabis and Endocannabinoid system is good. One could also use the search term cannabidiol and endocannabinoid system.  Starting here you are just about assured you will find a infomation.



Another Place to research is the National Library of Medicine, PubMed.  Per the Pubmed website, PubMed® comprises more than 34 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

On the PubMed website if one wanted to search for topics related to the Endocannabinoids System some good search options would include;

Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoid system

Cannabidiol and endocannabinoid system


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