Our cultivation, extraction, and production methods are unparalleled. Our standards has made our Genesis Blend CBD Oil the gold standard CBD Oil. Followed by internal and independent lab testing, we are committed to ensuring all our products meet our standards and yours. Labs tests show that our Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil has more cannabinoids and terpenes than other other on the market.




The unique mix of our proprietary, Kentucky-bred, American hemp chemovars is cultivated by our parent company, Kentucky Cannabis Company, specifically for their cannabinoid and terpene profiles – resulting in the beginnings of a product unparalleled in today’s CBD world. Cannabis genetics with rare cannabinoids and terpenes can bring new benefits. That is why we feel organic practices, clean cultivation methods, and an Integrated Pest Management program guarantee plant purity at harvest time.  Our plants are then hand-harvested, dried, and stripped – leaving only the best parts of the plant for our extraction process – the blooms.


Full blooms from Kentucky-bred cannabis are placed into our hydrocarbon extraction system to capture a highly safe pharmaceutical-grade oleoresin. Hydrocarbons are non-polar, which means they bind to the fat-soluble components of the plant, i.e., cannabinoids and terpenes only, to gently extract these compounds from the plant material while at the same time eliminating non-essential elements. The result is a higher-purity extract and the only product that resembles the plant from which it came.

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Since our inception in 2014, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices, so those in need can experience what Kentucky-bred CBD can do. Every step of our process, from farm to consumer, is considered. This mainly includes added ingredients. All our products are formulated with a result in mind. We research, test, cultivate, and hand-pick ingredients that will elevate the benefits of our full-spectrum CBD – because we believe every component should serve a purpose.

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We grow. We extract. We produce

Whether it’s cannabis or hemp, we want to bring you the best products possible without any compromise. This is why we are committed to ensuring all of our products meet strict internal standards and rigorous third-party lab testing before they’re available to you and your family.

While some companies cut corners and skip steps in their production processes, we take pride in putting consumers’ health and safety first. So whether it’s cannabis or hemp products, know that every item we offer is made with care by people who know what they’re doing — so you can feel confident that anything you order from us will be worthwhile.

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Your One Source For Clean Cannabis.

We take great pride in our clean cannabis. Our rigorous cultivation, extraction, and production methods are unmatched by any other company. Our internal and independent lab testing guarantees every product meets our standards before reaching yours.

FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR FAMILY. Welcome to a new era of clean cannabis products — one you can trust from seed to sale.

You trust us, and we will put our standards in you.

We have a tradition of providing consistent, safe products grown, extracted, and produced here in America. With this commitment, we can ensure every product is safe from seed to sale.

When it comes to cannabis safety and effectiveness, there is no room for error. We ensure all our products meet our standards and your standards. So you can rest assured knowing you’re always getting the best possible medicine when you come to OUR STANDARDS.

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