What Is CBD?

This page probably showed up because of the search based on looking for a change in life. Therefore, whether stress, physical pain, or another ongoing struggle. Welcome to the right place. New to CBD and considering taking the plunge. Commit to a serving twice daily of the full spectrum CBD supplement. This will better your health and happiness; BHO has all the information needed for the journey. Nevertheless, before you start your new routine, we want to provide the correct information to get going. So, for the beginner CBD user (or even a beginner Bluegrass Hemp Oil customer), here is the official rundown on why you should try CBD!

With the recent uproar surrounding CBD and its newfound legalization, CBD Oil is in everything:  gummiessweet chocolates, sodas, breath sprays, perfumes, and even healing lip balms.  In 2014 the Federal Farm bill legalized hemp cultivation. Then again, by the 2018 Farm Bill. In 2018 the bill made CBD derived from hemp legal in the United States.


Cannabis plants have two sections: marijuana ( Cannabis THC ) and hemp (Cannabis CBD).  As it stands Today.  “any cannabis strain with more than a trace amount (0.3%) of THC is considered marijuana,” and any cannabis strain containing less than 0.3% THC is hemp.  (Meyer & Pena, 2020, Saturday Evening Post). in other words, CBD Oil extracted from hemp plants (that meet the requirement of less than 0.3% of THC) can legally be cultivated, removed, and produced to be sold for profit.

Here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, though our products align with the law’s restrictions, we advocate for the belief that this percentage is an unfair and inaccurate measure of plant differentiation. In other words,  if a higher ratio of CBD exists than THC it is genetically considered hemp.

Likewise, When THC is the dominant cannabinoid (compared to CBD) in a particular cannabis plant, or product it is considered marijuana.

Further popularization of this notorious plant has been partially thanks to the lifted restrictions surrounding CBD’s legality. Many recent studies and ongoing research prove the many benefits of CBD when consumed regularly and safely.

Appeal Of CBD:

A big part of CBD’s appeal lies in its non-addictive, non-intoxicating. Users can see healing benefits without the fear of experiencing the psychoactive effects commonly associated with the marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC.  CBD’s better-known sister cannabinoid–also found in cannabis plant varieties. THC is one of several compounds found within cannabis. It inhibits euphoric feelings of highs in users when consumed–it is this substance (THC). THC lies at the root of the unsavory stereotype surrounding marijuana and its taboo branding.

CBD is a popular method of holistic medicine that humans have used for centuries.

According to a journal on Cannabinoid Pharmacology by Roger Pertwee, “cannabis is one of the first plants to have been used as a medicine, for religious ceremonies and recreationally,” dating back to over five centuries ago. Pertwee claims more specified “research into the pharmacology of individual cannabinoids… began in the 1940s, several decades after the presence of a cannabinoid was detected in cannabis…” (Pertwee, 2006).


A compound derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana plant varieties. These cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant are the compounds that bind to the receptors in our endocannabinoid systems (a system already present within our bodies), helping to regulate normal bodily functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, and pain. Unlike its infamous cannabinoid sister, THC, CBD provides users with all of the desired therapeutic perks–without the dreaded high.

CBD products have relieved anxiety, stopped and reduced seizures, combat stress, alleviated pain and inflammation, reduced depression, and even helped to regulate mood and sleep functionality. Though we recommend CBD to everyone for general bodily function upkeep, we understand that most people seek the help of CBD because of one particular issue plaguing their daily lives.

Suppose it is stress or anxiety causing pushing you toward CBD for help. In that case, an estimated 49% of CBD users use the supplement to combat their acute, onset, or even fleeting anxieties. One 2014 study demonstrated the effects of CBD on animal models to prove said cannabinoid’s ability to act as “an antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like compound” (de Mello Schier AR et al. 2014).

CBD Uses:

Some people believe that CBD for sleep can sometimes have a sedating or relaxing effect after consumption, which is perfect for helping users fall asleep and stay asleep. Another 2019 study on cannabidiol’s abilities to relieve anxiety and improve sleep functionality showed promising results in patients after just one month. As one of the most studied plants in history, with an estimate of roughly 3.5 studies conducted on cannabis daily, there is no shortage of studies on CBD’s effects on anxiety.

We wholeheartedly recommend CBD Oil as a cure for physical issues! CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and a proven muscle relaxer, so taking a full-spectrum CBD supplement could be beneficial to athletes recovering from exercise or even to patients after a surgery. People suffering from chronic arthritis often turn to CBD hemp oil, in both liquid and topical forms, to ease their uncomfortable symptoms. For more on this topic, check out our blog post: Does CBD Help You Sleep?

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In addition, we generally recommend taking daily CBD Oil servings sublingually for maximum benefits. We also recognize the healing benefits of CBD topical products.  CBD and skincare go hand-in-hand–don’t believe us, believe celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow who swear by their CBD skincare routines. It is legit!  CBD for skin is no new concept–we have even got some CBD topicals to keep your skin healthy and smooth.










Honorably named the “silver bullet” for all skin situations, our coveted Calming Balm is the perfect addition to any medicine cabinet or toiletry bag. In addition, to its ability to heal incessant itching, diaper rash, eczema, scarring, acne, and even sunburn, this creamy oil of a pleasantly fragrant liquid gold could be the solution to skin issues. Boosted with CBDa for its natural analgesic effects. However, this balm’s ingredients relieve pain and inflammation, reduce redness and flakiness, reduce the risk of infection, and even protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals. Learn more about the must-have Calming Balm here!

Were you intrigued by CBD skin care practices? Try one of our CBD Skincare Recipes to see how impactful this multifaceted cannabinoid can be to skin health!

A well-known anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-anxiety, and immunosuppressive supplement, CBD has survived the trials and tribulations of its stereotypical association with marijuana. Routinely debunking the stigma that follows in its wake, CBD has proven (time and time again) its ability to provide beneficial and therapeutic relief to users everywhere–without the psychoactive effects associated with THC use.

Suppose suffering from sleep deprivation, chronic or even minimal anxiety, daily stress, depression, appetite loss, or any physical pain related to a previous injury or surgery. In that case, CBD Oil could be the right option!

Why Try BHO:

Being convinced that the need to incorporate CBD routine into daily life is the best, what about finding the perfect brand of CBD that is trusted?

When finding the right CBD product, asking the right questions is essential. At Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we teach about the right questions to ask and the best answers!

For instance, Where does your hemp come from?  Our answer to this question is simple: we grow the hemp we use right here in Kentucky! On our farm. We are the first licensed growers for CBD in the United States,  starting in 2014. Kentucky Cannabis Company has proprietary high-yield genetics that provide cannabinoid rich extracts.By having proprietary high-yield genetics, our products remain consistent. By growing for dense buds (not fiber), we significantly reduce the potential of heavy metals and pesticides, a huge concern in the industry.” (Questions to Ask About CBD, Bluegrass Hemp Oil, 2020). We always welcome our regional community for annual guided tours of our Kentucky farm and processing facility!

Who Actually makes it

The next question asked to the CBD provider “Who produces your extract, and with what extraction method?” Visit the blog page. We have had a few discussions about extraction methods used to make CBD in the hemp industry. There is only one method, however, that we use here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil: a hydrocarbon extraction method called BHO. Our answer to the question. We produce our extract right here at our Kentucky headquarters. BHO is a safe and gentle hydrocarbon extraction method to create a product free of bitter green plant material, solvents, or contaminants. While also preserving the original cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids already present in the original bloom.

Lab Testing?  For us at BHO, the answer is yes, twice over! We test our products internally and independently from third-party labs like  Kentucky Cannabis Analytics in Kentucky, Trace Analytics lab in Spokane, and SC Labs in California.

Each Genesis Blend bottle is serialized, with unique numbers printed on the label. Each customer can trace the bottle to the lab’s original assessment of its contents. Please become familiar with lab basics and check them out. Could you check for the date of the test and identify the actual testing? Look further into the LOD (Level of Detection) for any element you may be concerned with, such as pesticides.

To learn more on this, check out episode 21 of BHO’s podcast Full-Spectrum Living with CBD.” (Questions to Ask About CBD, Bluegrass Hemp Oil, 2020).

Best CBD Company

Above all, As trusted leaders in the CBD industry, Bluegrass Hemp Oil and Kentucky Cannabis Company products exceed expectations for quality and effectiveness.  The reviews prove it.  A natural option for the founders son Colten Polyniak was the reason Kentucky Cannabis Company started back in 2014. Colten Polyniak was diagnosed with idiopathic generalized epilepsy in 2009 at the age of three. After that, we tried every drug, every holistic method, and seeking every doctor’s opinion, the Polyniak’ s turned to CBD in their search for a treatment for their son’s epilepsy. They were searching desperately for a better way of life for their child. After years of searching for the correct answer for Colten, the Polyniak’ s found CBD–and have not looked back. Read more about Colten’s story and the origin of Bluegrass Hemp Oil here!

The Original CBD Company in Kentucky,  As the first licensed to cultivate, harvest, produce, and retail CBD products in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  We created full spectrum repeatable dose  CBD Oil.We take this honor seriously, only using our best Sativa blooms in our hydrocarbon extraction method. Because of this revolutionary method, we know that our products are 100% full spectrum. This term, full spectrum, means that we do not use nanotechnology isolates to alter the makeup of our products. After undergoing our safe hydrocarbon extraction method, our products still contain all of the original cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that were initially present in the plant at harvest time–so consumers are reaping all of the benefits that this medicinal plant naturally provides! Read more about the benefits of full-spectrum CBD products compared to non-full-spectrum CBD products on our blog page.

Many Customers Say Try CBD:

What to learn more about hemp cultivation of our product from start to finish? Find more exciting information through our research page to help get educated on our CBD standards.

Do you not believe our word, the word of well-educated scientists and their proven studies, or even Gwyneth Paltrow’s? What about the expression of some of our real Bluegrass Hemp Oil customers?

“Best hemp oil ever! It has revived my husband’s aches and pains! We will repurchase every time it is empty! Buy some; you will not be disappointed!”– Rosie.

“BHO is the third product I’ve tried for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Migraines. I was discouraged because CBD seemed to work for many people, but I had not felt any difference. When I took BHO Genesis Blend, I felt it working in the first two days. I have slept better at night and have more energy during the day. Also, BHO tastes good! I’m excited about the cumulative effects of this product!” – Amy.

“Works great to relieve MS-associated pain! So glad I found something natural instead of having to use OTC or prescription meds.” – Robert

“I just picked up my second 4oz bottle today. I have seen a dramatic change in my sleep habits and fewer anxiety issues. The CBD oil works for me.” – Troy

Our Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, although some of our customers claim otherwise, CBD is not a substance that will take effect immediately after consuming the first serving. Our CBD Oil supplement–or any good CBD supplement, for that matter–needs time to build within the endocannabinoid system before beneficial effects. Some customers report seeing results anywhere from 3-6 weeks to 3-6 months. Everyone is different–literally. So, please remember: that consistency is critical! We recommend starting with a 4oz Genesis Blend bottle, taking it twice daily–consistently until the bottle has been depleted.

Take the time to research before purchasing a CBD product (as you should). We promise lab reports to show that no other CBD product can rival ours. We have spent years precisely cultivating the perfect CBD oil based on science.

As we mentioned before, cannabis is currently one of the most studied plants in history: on average, about 3.5 studies on cannabis daily. And so long as science is still learning about this therapeutic and versatile plant, so are we! We vow to continue to do our research and change the information we share and our product based on new scientific findings and proven experiments on various cannabinoids.

The end is near about reading all that information on why trying CBD is a good option. Time to try our CBD. Shop our online store or see us in person at one of our Kentucky locations: we have stores open in Lexington and Midway!

In Conclusion, Have some questions that need answering? We would love to hear–loyal customers or first-time CBD users alike! Get in touch with us through our contact page, or talk to one of our CBD experts in the store.


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