Body Skin Care at Home

With inflation affecting everything, great body skin care at home can be a great option. Body Skin Care tips at home can be a person’s best-kept secret.  Are you ready to say hello to skincare at home? Before diving into some simple, potent DIY body care recipes, let’s discuss a little important science to ensure our bodies use this excellent treatment.

Within our bodies, we have what’s called “The Endocannabinoid system.” This system has unique endocannabinoid and cannabinoid receptors that help our body regulate many aspects of our life, from mood regulation to sleep and even appetite.

While there are many cannabinoids known- over 100- taking a full-spectrum CBD product, where different molecules are present (each having its therapeutic benefits), can help invoke “The Entourage Effect,” giving you better success and a better overall experience while taking CBD.

But this is just ingesting it. What do you think about applying it?

While we offer many products for topical use, pain management, topical skin conditions, or to help you decompress after a long day, there are many other uses for CBD. With skincare, and people looking to keep their skin looking healthy and fresh, it is straightforward to accomplish this with the help of incorporating Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Bluegrass Hemp Oil into your daily routine. It’s straightforward!

 All Natural at Home Skin Care

Many people have found profound results from using our CBD Calming Balm is more of a jelly/ salve for Dry Skin, Rashes, bug bites, Skin Redness, and more.

CBD Relieving Salve is a muscle rub that helps inflamed sore muscles.

CBD Hand and Body Lotion – The Hand and Body lotion is infused with phytocannabinoids that leave your skin silkily smooth. After trying this CBD hand and body lotion, you will want it on your counter to apply daily as part you your daily routine. It is that good!

The CBD Handbook: Over 75 Recipes for Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness, by Melissa Petitto, R.D., had a fantastic recipe in her book for a sensitive-skin face mask. With only four ingredients, this single-use face mask can “help reduce the redness associated with chronic skin conditions.” As well as soften the skin and help reduce inflammation.




The ingredients vary, as it calls for Manuka Honey and Ceremonial-grade matcha powder, but in an average household, these things aren’t there. I was, however, able to grab individual matcha powder packets from a local Asian market and the honey and sweet almond oil at my local grocery.

” In all fairness, if manuka cannot be found, the powers of honey and CBD should be equal if not better than Manka for this application.

Learn more about CBD and honey by reading CBD Honey; Superior Power Exists In The Combo.

In conclusion, the rest is simple. Start with a teaspoon of each ingredient. Combine these ingredients in a small bowl or sauce bowl, mixing well. When thoroughly mixed, apply to the face (or area of your choice), and kick back for 20 minutes. Wipe it off with a warm cloth.


 I just wanted to tell you. I have Lupus. One of the main symptoms of Lupus is “The Butterfly Rash,” a red rash that appears across your cheeks in the shape of a butterfly’s wing. Depending on the day, inflammation is subtle; some days, I look like a tomato.

With CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, of the soothing feeling of the almond oil and honey across my face, after that 20-minute mark, and upon wiping my face, I could instantly see a difference.

My face was much more even in tone, not to mention softer and brighter. I looked very different. The results lasted throughout the next day of sweaty work. I was impressed.

This book has some fantastic recipes to try out—an excellent way to  CBD into your life with everyday activities in the best way possible.  Enjoy!

CBD Calming Balm for Skin

We are looking for a skincare product that’s multi-faceted and grand in its effectiveness. Whether it’s eczema, acne, psoriasis, or any other skin-related issue, we’ve got the perfect solution: Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s well-reviewed Calming Balm – made from both our full spectrum CBD and CBDa–which is found in raw, high-CBD cannabis like ours.

This skincare secret is a year-round medicine cabinet necessity; once you try it, you will know why.

The Shocking Truth About CBD vs. THC

Have you ever wondered what the shocking truth is about CBD vs. THC? Are you looking for the differences between these two potent cannabinoids? In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between CBD and THC, as well as THC vs. CBD. We will be exploring the medical benefits of both cannabinoids and which one offers the most beneficial effects for different ailments. By the end of this article, you will better understand the two and be able to make an informed decision on which one is best for your specific needs.  Read the blog The Shocking Truth About CBD vs. THC.

CBN: The Mysterious Degradation Cannabinoid

CBN cannabinoid, known as cannabinol, is being added to CBD products. The CBN cannabinoid is a degradation cannabinoid, a product of the more commonly known cannabinoid THC. CBN is not produced from the Cannabis Sativa plant but rather from the breakdown of the THC molecule. THC is only in trace amounts in hemp, as CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in hemp, and CBN comes from the breakdown process of THC. So, how is it that so much CBN is available to mix with CBD products? Continue here to learn about CBN: The Mysterious Degradation Cannabinoid.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take To Relax?

Are you looking for a natural way to relax your muscles? If so, you might wonder how much CBD oil you should take to achieve the desired effect. The answer can be complicated, but the good news is that Genesis Blend full spectrum CBD oil is one of the best options for those seeking a natural way to relax. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the potential benefits of CBD oil and how much you should take to relax your muscles. Keep reading to find out more! How Much CBD Oil Should I Take To Relax?

Epidiolex vs. CBD Oil Genesis Blend Hemp CBD Oil

Suppose you are considering using hemp CBD oil as a seizure medication. It is essential to understand the differences between Epidiolex vs. CBD oil Genesis Blend Full Spectrum Hemp Extract available at Bluegrass Hemp Oil and other fine retail establishments.  These two epilepsy medications could help with seizures, but you should know some critical differences before deciding which one is best for you.

This blog post will discuss the similarities and differences between Epidiolex vs. CBD Oil Genesis Blend Full Spectrum hemp extract and how to decide which is the best CBD for seizure medication. We have a family experience using CBD as an epilepsy medication; here is our CBD story. This Epidiolex review vs. Genesis Blend is essential for those looking at CBD as a realistic option as an epilepsy medication. Learn about Epidiolex vs. CBD Oil Genesis Blend Hemp CBD Oil

CBD For Epilepsy

The Polyniaks aren’t the only ones to try their hand at experimenting with CBD to fix their son’s recurrent seizures. Several studies have proven the benefits of CBD for patients with epilepsy. With even more advanced research on the way, more and more doctors are suggesting it as an alternative supplement to combat frequent convulsions. Many studies have demonstrated CBD’s neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects, proving a direct correlation between CBD usage and anticonvulsant properties to minimize seizures.

It has been suggested that CBD’s anti-seizure properties may come from the reduction of neuron excitability on two particular receptors. Within your body is a system of neurotransmitters and receptors, more commonly known as your endocannabinoid system. Identified in the 1990s, this internal system helps to regulate bodily functions such as sleep, mood, pain, and immune system functionality. When ingesting CBD, this famous cannabinoid (scientifically known as cannabidiol) binds with receptors within your endocannabinoid system and, in turn, improves the functionality of your mood, appetite, and sleep patterns–over time, bettering a user’s quality of life. Learn more about CBD For Epilepsy.

Oleoresin Extract Verses Isolated Crystalline

A night and day difference exists between full-spectrum CBD vs. CBD isolates. Teamwork makes the dream work – something we at Bluegrass Hemp Oil embody as a company culture and a standard for our cultivation and extraction processes. In other words, quality will forever outshine quantity, and we believe something special about that.

BHO believes in full spectrum use of ALL naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the bloom of the beloved Cannabis flower. Please read our blog on full spectrum vs. whole plant extraction.

Above all, full spectrum means that we do not isolate or eliminate any beneficial components of the plant but instead acknowledge and embrace how each cannabinoid encourages and works with the others. About 100 cannabinoids are known all provide benefits. Although desired results from any particular cannabinoid may potentially prove helpful, several studies have shown a much higher percentage of achieved benefits from an actual full-spectrum extraction versus an isolate. Isolated CBD oil only contains the crystallized CBD molecule. All other benefitting aspects have been removed.  Learn about Oleoresin Extract Verses Isolated Crystalline