CBD Gummies for Kids

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The Guide to CBD Gummies for Kids

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CBD gummies for kids are a new, innovative way to help children manage their health and well-being. It provides an alternative solution to traditional medications that can be difficult or unpleasant to take. As the interest in CBD products continues to grow, more parents are turning to CBD gummies as a natural remedy for their young ones.


Do you have questions about how CBD might benefit your child’s health? Are you considering using it but unsure where to start? In this article, we’ll explore the potential benefits of giving your child CBD gummies and provide tips on finding high-quality products made specifically with kid safety in mind.


We’ll also answer common questions such as: Is it safe for my child to use CBD gummies? What dosage should I give them? Are there any side effects or risks associated with taking them? By the end of this article, you’ll feel better informed about what CBD could do for your family and whether it’s right for you.

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What are CBD Gummies?



CBD gummies for kids are a type an edible gummy that contains cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants and has been known to provide many potential benefits.

It’s important to note, however, that CBD does not produce the same psychoactive effects as THC, meaning it won’t get your child “high.” Rather, CBD is thought to act on the body’s endocannabinoid system—a network of receptors located throughout the brain and body responsible for regulating certain physiological functions.

This makes CBD appealing for those looking for natural remedies without harmful side-effects or intoxicating properties. While there may be some confusion surrounding what exactly CBD gummies can do for children specifically, research suggests they could have several potential therapeutic applications.

With this in mind, let’s explore what these might be and how they compare with more traditional forms of medication. Moving forward, we’ll look at the benefits of CBD for kids – both short-term and long-term – before discussing any possible risks associated with their use.


Benefits Of CBD Gummies for Kids


CBD gummies for kids offer some potential benefits, both short-term and long-term. In the short term, studies suggest that CBD may reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and provide relief from pain or inflammation. This could make them ideal for those who manage their child’s symptoms without prescription medication.

Additionally, some research suggests that CBD might have anti-inflammatory properties, which could help with specific conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Finally, regarding long-term effects, there is evidence that regular use of CBD gummies can lead to better overall wellness by boosting immunity and reducing stress levels. Our Genesis Blend Elderberry CBD gummies have 125mg of Vitamin C for immune boosting support. 


Before starting treatment, the possible risks associated with using CBD gummies for children should also be considered. For example, it is best to make sure that you are using a truly full-spectrum product. Many companies try to scare or make THC a negative cannabinoid.

The fact is that quality CBD products should contain trace amounts of THC. While the amounts are not enough to create intoxication, they are needed to better help modulate the endocannabinoid system; however, it’s important to note that most reputable brands will include third-party lab results indicating the presence (or lack thereof) of any such compounds.

Those lacking a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including THC, should not be considered an option. It’s essential to do your research when selecting a product and speak with a doctor about potential interactions between CBD and existing medications or supplements your child may already be taking.

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Types Of CBD Gummies

When it comes to choosing the right CBD gummies for your child, a variety of options are available. You can find something suitable for every need, from organic and all-natural products that don’t contain artificial colors or flavors to specially formulated blends with added vitamins and minerals. It’s also important to consider the concentration of CBD in each product, as this will determine how much is needed to produce desired effects.

For instance, some gummies may come in higher concentrations while others might be lower, so read labels carefully before deciding what’s best for your family.


Another factor to consider when selecting CBD gummies for kids is an excellent way for younger children to take the full spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD products and isolated CBD products do not provide many of the same beneficial properties that full-spectrum extracts provide.

When the extract is altered to remove or limit cannabinoids, it changes the natural structure, thus reducing the entourage effects that all of the cannabinoids together bring.  Think of it like music; isolated CBD is like a drum banging away. Full-spectrum is like an orchestra playing. The power of the sum is greater than the parts.


Finally, always ensure the product has been tested by an independent lab and certified as safe before giving it to your child – especially if they are under 18 years old. This ensures that only natural ingredients are used, and no harmful contaminants are present which could cause adverse reactions. While natural cannabis is known to be safe, synthetic, and isolated cannabinoids, have caused hospitalizations and even death.

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Age Restrictions


When it comes to giving CBD gummies to kids, some age restrictions must be considered. While the legal minimum age for purchasing and consuming cannabis-based products varies from state to state, in most cases, children under 18 should not be using these products without consent from a parent or guardian.

Additionally, many companies have their strict policies regarding who can purchase their products as well as what dosage is appropriate, depending on the child’s age and weight. Our parent company Kentucky Cannabis Company and at well as here at Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we advocate for full-spectrum CBD oil as a first option over addictive pharmaceuticals for many issues.


It is also important to note that while studies suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) may provide therapeutic benefits when used by adults, we still do not know much about its effects in younger individuals.

Therefore, caution should always be exercised before giving any type of supplement – including CBD gummies – to children. If you decide to go ahead with administering CBD for your child, start with small doses and increase gradually if necessary over time after consulting with a healthcare professional.


The safety of both the product itself and how it will interact with existing medications or conditions should also be considered carefully before deciding whether or not to give it to your kid.

Researching third-party lab reports which verify ingredients and concentrations can help ensure that only high quality supplements are being consumed while avoiding potential side effects like drowsiness or gastrointestinal distress. With this information at hand parents can confidently make an informed decision about the best course of action for their family’s needs.


With safety considerations in mind, let’s take a closer look at how choosing the right CBD gummy could benefit your child’s health.


Beginners Guide To CBD Gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) gummies are becoming increasingly popular as a way to manage anxiety, pain, and other health-related issues. But for those new to the world of CBD products, getting started can be intimidating.

That’s why we’ve created this beginner’s guide to CBD gummies—to help make your first foray into the world of CBD easy and enjoyable.


Safety Considerations


One of the first questions that first comes to mind is, Is CBD safe for kids? The answer is yes. Actually, our Genesis Blend CBD oil was made for children.

Specifically, the owner’s son, Colten suffered from seizures and was on epilepsy medications that at times made things only worse.  When it comes to choosing the right CBD gummies for kids, safety is key. Here are three important considerations to take into account:


1) Quality of Ingredients: Start by researching third-party lab reports that verify ingredients and concentrations to ensure that only high-quality products are being consumed. Make sure they are truly full-spectrum CBD gummies and not delta-8 or Delta-9 gummies. All research points to full-spectrum CBD providing the best benefits. Not to cause worry but delta-8 gummies are linked to actual death and hospitalizations.  Delta-8 gummies sold in stores are made from synthetic cannabinoids.


2) Dosage Recommendations: Consider the appropriate dosage depending on your child. While there may not be a set amount for everyone, start with small doses and increase gradually if necessary over time after consulting with a healthcare professional. For our general recommendation for our Genesis Blend Full-Spectrum Elderberry CBD gummies, we suggest one 15mg gummy in the morning and one 15mg gummy in the evening.


3) Potential Side Effects: No known side-effects from full-spectrum CBD exist unless you are mixing it with pharmaceuticals. One of the best things about CBD is the product’s safety. We suggest talking CBD 1 hour before any other medication. Consult with your prescribing doctor if you can taper off medications while trying CBD for best performance.


Taking these steps can help provide peace of mind when selecting the right product for your family’s needs. With this knowledge in hand, let’s look at how we can further maximize the benefits of CBD gummies for kids.

Introduction to CBD Starter Kits

A CBD starter kit is the perfect way for beginners to explore the amazing benefits of CBD. An essential CBD hemp kit contains CBD oil, a topical cream, and a lip balm, providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of CBD. With our Genesis Blend essential CBD hemp kit, beginners can sample different products and find the one that works best for them. Need a place to start? Click on the link to learn all about what is the CBD starter kit.


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How To Choose the Right CBD Gummies for Kids


When it comes to choosing the right CBD gummies for kids, there are a few factors that should be taken into account. First and foremost is quality –look for third-party lab reports verifying the ingredients and concentrations of the product you plan on giving your child.

Secondly, consider what dosage is appropriate depending on their age and weight. It’s important to start with small doses before gradually increasing over time after consulting with a healthcare professional. Lastly, familiarize yourself with any potential side effects like drowsiness or gastrointestinal distress so that you can better prepare in case they occur. With these considerations in mind, selecting the best CBD gummy for your kid’s needs becomes much easier.


The next step, then would be to dive deeper into dosage recommendations when using CBD gummies for kids.


Dosage Recommendations


When it comes to dosing CBD gummies for kids, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost is consulting with a healthcare professional before administering any dosage. It’s important to also start small and gradually increase over time as necessary. Here’s what you should know:


  1. Age – Within cannabinoid science, we feel the best-starting mg count for CBD, no matter how young or old. Starting at 10mg -15mg per serving is the best starting point. We understand products exist on the market that go over 100mg. No research or evidence shows that these amounts provide any further benefits using high amounts. It is best to start at the recommended amount.


  1. Concentration – A higher concentration of CBD will require a lower dose per serving than a product with lower CBD concentrations.


  1. Administration frequency – Start by giving your kid one serving in the morning and one serving in the evening. Only increasing if needed after monitoring for effects over several weeks.


By taking these factors into consideration when determining how much CBD gummy to give your child, you can help ensure they get the best results. With this knowledge in hand, let’s now look at some potential benefits that come with using CBD gummies for kids including impact on sleep and mood.


Impact On Sleep and Mood


Given the potential impact, CBD gummies can have on children’s sleep and mood, it is important to be aware of these when considering integrating them into their routine. Studies suggest that CBD may help reduce anxiety levels in kids, as well as improve overall sleep patterns. Here are a few ways you can make sure your child gets the best out of using CBD gummies:


  1. Timing – Make sure to administer the gummy at least an hour before bedtime so that they have time to experience any effects before settling down for the night.


  1. Frequency – If possible, try to give your kid two serving each day if they need long-term relief from symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia. While it takes a while to work out of the system, CBD is only active in the body for 12 hours. That is why we suggest morning and evening servings.


  1. Monitor – Keep track of how much your child consumes and their response to ensure they’re getting the most benefit from taking CBD gummies without experiencing any adverse side effects. You and only you know your child best. As you are your child’s best advocate.


By keeping these pointers in mind when introducing CBD gummies for kids into their daily routine, parents can rest assured knowing that their child is receiving all the benefits with minimal risk involved. Now let’s take a look at some easy ways to integrate this new supplement into your child’s life

Ways To Integrate into Your Child’s Routine


Integrating CBD gummies into your child’s routine doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Here are three simple ways for parents and caregivers to make sure their kids get the most out of taking this supplement:


  1. Make it Fun – If you’re looking for an easy way to integrate CBD gummies into your kid’s routine, try adding them as part of their bedtime snack or dessert. You can even turn the experience into a game.


  1. Get Creative – There are many creative ways to get kids to utilize CBD gummies in snacks and meals, so don’t hesitate to get creative with how you add these products into your little one’s diet! We understand that some children have extreme sensory issues. CBD gummies as well as our flavored Genesis Blend CBD oil’s may help. We have four CBD oil flavors. Kids love the bubblegum and Vanilla Wafer the best. From smoothies and salads to muffins and oatmeal, there’s no shortage of delicious options available to get kids with or without sensory issues to take CBD.


  1. Involve Your Child – Ask your kid if they have any ideas on how they’d like to incorporate CBD gummies into their daily life.  This will help ensure that they feel comfortable taking this supplement and give them some ownership over their wellness journey. Through health education, we can help the next generation avoid the pitfalls that exist in wellness.

TIP: To keep things exciting, surprise your kiddo with different CBD options occasionally!


The Physician’s Role


When it comes to deciding if CBD gummies are right for your child, consulting with a physician is the best course of action. Not only will they be able to provide advice on dosages and other important details but they can also give you peace of mind that this supplement won’t interfere with any existing medications or treatments. As well as they get to experience the real-life results of natural products that do not have negative side effects like addiction or harmful effects on the body’s organs.


Not all doctors may feel comfortable prescribing CBD products, so talk through your options before making a final decision. Most importantly, don’t forget to listen to your gut – no one knows your kid better than their own parent or caregiver!


And while much research is still being done regarding CBD’s effects in children, taking preventive steps such as speaking with a doctor beforehand can help ensure that everyone involved feels confident about introducing these products into the home.


Different Brands Available for Kids


With all the research and evidence out there, it’s no surprise that CBD gummies are gaining popularity among adults. But what about kids? With more awareness surrounding the benefits of CBD, many brands have now created products specifically tailored to meet the needs of children.


Do your homework when looking for a brand that offers quality CBD gummies for kids. Look at ingredient lists and reviews from customers who have tried this product before making any purchases. It’s also important to check if the company uses non-GMO materials in its manufacturing process – these details can help you ensure you’re getting something safe and effective for your little one.


Side Effects and Interactions


When introducing CBD gummies to your child’s routine, it is important to be aware of any potential side effects or interactions that may occur. While these products’ long-term safety and efficacy are still being researched, there have been reports of minor adverse reactions in some people who take CBD. These include headaches, fatigue, changes in appetite or weight, and dry mouth. Talk to your doctor before giving your child any supplements – they can help you decide if it’s right for them based on their medical history.


It is also important to know what other drugs your child may be taking – as with all medications; there could be a chance for drug interactions when combining certain substances together. Be sure to mention any current prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines they might be using so that your healthcare provider can advise accordingly.


Lastly, make sure that you always buy from reliable sources offering quality control standards such as third-party laboratory testing results and organic certification seals. This will ensure that the product contains only pure ingredients free from contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides, making it safe for kids (and adults) to consume. Looking into these details beforehand gives you peace of mind knowing that what you’re putting in their bodies is both healthy and effective.


Quality Control Standards


When it comes to buying CBD gummies for your child, quality is key. There are many reputable companies that offer high-quality products with strict safety and efficacy standards in place. Look out for third-party laboratory testing results, organic certification seals, and detailed ingredient lists so you know exactly what’s going into each product.


It’s also important to check the legal status of these products in your state as not all states have legalized CBD. While hemp-derived CBD is allowed under federal law (as long as it meets specific requirements), individual states can still implement their own laws regarding its use and sale – so be sure to double check before making any purchases.


With the right research and safety measures in place, adding CBD gummies to your kid’s routine could potentially provide some relief from a variety of conditions without unpleasant side effects. Before introducing them to your family though, make sure you do your due diligence on the quality of the product and confirm its legality where you live first. That way, everyone can feel confident about taking part in this natural wellness journey together!


Legal Status of CBD Gummies In Your State


With the legal landscape of CBD still in flux, it pays to be informed about its usage and availability in your state. It’s important to remember that hemp-derived products are federally legal, but individual states can have their own laws regarding possession and use. Depending on where you live, certain types of CBD may not be available or regulated at all – so understanding what is allowed and what isn’t is key before making any purchases.


Researching local and federal regulations is a must if you’re looking into giving CBD gummies to your child. Additionally, when shopping for these products, look out for certifications such as organic seals or third-party testing results which indicate higher quality standards. Keep an eye out too for clear ingredient lists so you know exactly what’s going into each product. Taking the time to research now could save you from potential headaches down the line!


Armed with this information, parents can make more confident decisions concerning their families wellbeing. With careful consideration around legality and quality control measures taken, however, there’s no reason why incorporating CBD gummies into everyone’s wellness routine couldn’t provide some relief without unpleasant side effects. As we move forward on this journey towards natural healing together then, let us do our due diligence to ensure that safety remains a top priority along the way!


Alternatives To CBD Gummies


Having a comprehensive list of options for natural relief is essential for parents looking to provide their kids with the best possible care. While CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular, there are other alternatives on the market that could be worth exploring as well. Here’s a look at four potential substitutes that may work better in some cases:


1) Herbal supplements – such as chamomile or lavender – have been used throughout history to help promote restful sleep and relaxation. These all-natural remedies can often be found in capsule form at most health food stores.


2) Full Spectrum Cannabinoid oils, such as our Genesis Blend CBD Oil are derived from non-psychoactive hemp strains provide a great option for those who want more control over dosage amounts too. Additionally, since these products, they’re legal in just about every state!


3) Probiotics offer another safe way to support overall digestive health without any psychoactive effects. Taking them regularly has also been associated with improved energy levels and mood stability.


4) Essential oil blends like lavender or eucalyptus aromatherapy combinations can help create an atmosphere that calms down quickly when necessary. Diffusers make it easy to fill your home with therapeutic scents anytime you need it!


From herbal remedy capsules to cannabinoid oils and probiotics, there’s no shortage of ways to find relief naturally – and each parent will inevitably decide which ones suit their family best. All said, though, if we take the time to educate ourselves first and consider our options carefully, finding the right fit should be achievable and enjoyable too!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Taking CBD Gummies For Kids?


When it comes to the long-term effects of taking any supplement, including CBD gummies for kids, it is important to consider both the potential benefits and risks. While research into how these products interact with children’s bodies over a longer period of time is still limited, there are some key things that parents should be aware of when considering whether or not this type of product is suitable for their child.


First and foremost, as with any dietary item, consulting a doctor before giving your child any form of CBD product is essential to ensure safety. This includes talking to the doctor about possible drug interactions between the CBD gummy and other medications they may already be taking.

In terms of more positive aspects, studies suggest that regular use of CBD can provide numerous health benefits over time. These include relief from anxiety and stress levels due to its calming effect on the brain; improved sleep thanks to its ability to increase serotonin levels; reduced inflammation associated with inflammatory conditions like arthritis; and even easing symptoms related to certain forms of epilepsy. With all these potential positives in mind, it appears that while proper monitoring will always be necessary when introducing new supplements into a child’s diet, if done correctly then taking CBD gummies could have lasting beneficial outcomes for young people in certain situations.


Are There Any Vegan-Friendly Options For CBD Gummies For Kids?


When it comes to healthy, natural options for children’s health supplements, parents want to ensure they are making the right decision. CBD gummies have become a popular choice due to their potential healing properties, but what about  vegan-friendly options?


Yes, our Genesis Blend Elderberry gummies are 100% plant based making them vegan friendly. Vegan products are becoming increasingly available in the supplement industry. Many companies now offer natural alternatives that come from sustainable sources with no artificial ingredients. These products can be healthier than traditional gummies because they usually contain fewer chemicals and more natural substances. Additionally, as mentioned above our CBD gummies are made without animal byproducts.


Parents should always do their research before purchasing any product as manufacturers may make false claims regarding the potency of their products or use inferior quality ingredients. It is also important to check reviews online so you know exactly what you’re getting when buying your child’s CBD gummy supplement. Doing your due diligence will help ensure that your child gets only the best regarding their health and well-being.


Are There Any Natural Flavors or Colorings Used in CBD Gummies For Kids?


Regarding gummies, natural flavors, colorings, and other ingredients are all important factors. Especially when the target market is children. You want to make sure that what you’re giving them isn’t harmful in any way. That’s why many parents look for organic or vegan-friendly options for their kids’ CBD gummies. But there’s another factor: natural flavorings and colors as well.


Not all brands use these types of additives, but those often tout this as a plus point on their packaging. Natural flavoring can be anything from fruit juices or extracts to essential oils, while ‘natural coloring’ usually refers to vegetable dyes instead of artificial food coloring agents. It’s up to each parent whether they feel comfortable with either option, but having the information available makes it easier to decide which product best suits their needs. Genesis Blend Elderberry Full Spectrum CBD gummies get the coloring from the fresh Elderberries we start our process with.


It’s also worth noting that some companies choose not to add any additional flavoring or coloring, opting instead for an unflavored version of their gummy products that only contain basic ingredients like hemp extract and sugar/honey (depending on the type). This gives parents who prefer a more natural approach greater choice in finding something suitable for their little ones. We use natural plant-based pectin. Pectin has health benefits.


Do CBD Gummies For Kids Have The Same Effect As CBD Oil Or Edibles?



The short answer is yes, but with certain caveats. When it comes to ingesting CBD, a variety of options are available. One popular choice is CBD gummies for kids. But do these gummies have the same effect as other forms of CBD, such as oil or edibles? It’s an important question that many parents and caregivers may be asking.


Studies suggest that CBD molecules must pass through digestion when taken orally before they can enter the bloodstream. This means that edibles such as gummies will take longer to reach peak effects than oils or tinctures, which bypass digestion via sublingual delivery methods. That said, once the desired dose of CBD reaches the bloodstream in either form, its effects should be identical. The actual difference in the products may be that some cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids are removed in making CBD gummies. Thus, never reaching the bloodstream making CBD oil maybe a better option if it will be consumed.


It’s also worth noting that some products labeled “CBD Gummies” contain only trace amounts of cannabidiol, while others may contain higher concentrations depending on their intended use and the strength level needed by each user. For this reason, it’s always best to review the package and consult with the manufacturer and a doctor before starting any new regimen, including those involving CBD gummies for kids – just like you would with any other type of dietary supplement product.

Is There Any Research To Suggest That CBD Gummies Can Improve A Child’s Overall Health?


When it comes to the health of children, parents are always looking for ways to keep them in optimal condition. One question that has been gaining traction is whether or not CBD gummies can be an effective way to improve a child’s overall well-being. While there is still much research needed on this topic, some studies have suggested certain positive outcomes from using CBD products specifically tailored toward kids.


For example, one study found that giving mice CBD doses improved cognitive function and motor skills. It was even shown to reduce stress levels and increase sleep quality in humans when taken regularly over time. Other potential benefits include reducing inflammation and pain and decreasing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.


Most importantly, however, is that CBD should always be discussed with a medical professional before giving it to your child. There may be side effects due to its interaction with existing medications or conditions, which could prove potentially harmful if not monitored properly. Additionally, ensure you purchase only high-quality products from reliable sources since low-grade ones may contain contaminants like heavy metals or pesticides, which can also harm your child’s health if ingested. We do not suggest using isolated or broad-spectrum CBD. We suggest full-spectrum CBD oil.


All things considered, more research needs to be done regarding the efficacy of CBD gummies for children but initial findings seem promising. Parents should seek advice from their doctor before considering introducing these products into their kid’s diet, but if given the green light, they too might experience some real benefits down the line.




In conclusion, CBD gummies for kids can be a beneficial supplement to help improve children’s overall health. The long-term effects are still being studied, and research is ongoing in this area. It’s essential to do your research when considering giving any supplements to children, including CBD gummies. There are vegan options available that use natural flavorings and colorings as well. Additionally, it should also be noted that these products may not have the same effect as CBD oil or edibles, so keep that in mind if you decide to give them to your child. With further study, we will gain more insight into how CBD affects children and their overall well-being. Speaking with a pediatrician before introducing any new supplement into a child’s diet is recommended for safety.

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