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Pucker up, buttercup.

Introducing Genesis Blend Lip Balm, a luxurious and all-natural blend of ingredients designed to nourish and protect your lips. This lip balm is made with organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and avocado oil to provide essential hydration and nourishment for your lips. We’ve also added in natural Candelilla wax to give your lips a silky smooth feel and a subtle sheen. And to top it all off, we’ve included Cannabidiol CBD to provide additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.
Our lip balm is free from harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances and is suitable for all skin types. Whether your lips are dry, chapped, or just need a bit of extra care, our lip balm is the perfect solution. Use it daily to keep your lips feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.
Genesis Blend Lip Balm is easy to apply and has a subtle and pleasing scent. It’s perfect for use on the go, and it fits easily into your pocket or purse. Plus, it’s packaged in a convenient twist-up tube that makes it easy to use without making a mess.
So if you’re looking for a natural lip balm that provides essential hydration and nourishment, plus the added benefits of CBD, look no further than Genesis Blend Lip Balm.

Our lip balm gives you the power of CBD in your pocket, and it’s about to take your kisser to the next level. With superior ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and Candelilla wax that heal, protect, reduce inflammation, and restore the moisture barrier—your lips will feel healthier, stronger, and more kissable than ever.

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Try CBD Lip Balm For Moisturizing And Healing Lips

Do your lips feel dry and cracked, regardless of how much lip balm you use? If so, it’s time to give CBD lip balm a try. This all-natural product is quickly becoming the go-to choice for moisturizing and healing lips. Here are five reasons why CBD lip balm is worth trying:

CBD lip balm has proven effective in reducing inflammation caused by chapped skin on the lips. It also helps to protect against environmental irritants that can cause further damage to sensitive skin cells. In addition, this natural remedy contains natural antioxidants which help fight free radicals that may lead to premature aging around the mouth area. Finally, thanks to its unique combination of ingredients, this type of lip balm provides long-lasting hydration without leaving behind any sticky residue or greasy feeling like some other products do.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your lips soft and healthy year round, then CBD lip balm should be at the top of your shopping list. Read on to find out more about what makes this product special and why it could become your go-to lip care solution!

What Is CBD Lip Balm?

CBD Lip Balm is a product that has grown in popularity over the past few years, with an estimated 200% increase in sales since 2018. It’s made from a natural blend of ingredients, including hemp-derived CBD oil and other essential oils like coconut or olive oil. One of the most popular formulations is Genesis Blend, which includes coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and Candelilla wax to nourish lips and provide lasting hydration.

So why is CBD lip balm becoming so popular? People are increasingly looking for alternative ways to take their health into their own hands, and CBD offers many potential benefits when it comes to skin care. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve soreness due to cold sores or chapped lips. With all these advantages in mind, let’s consider the next topic: what are the benefits of using CBD lip balm?

Benefits Of Using CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is a great way to moisturize, nourish and heal dry or chapped lips. It has many benefits that make it worth trying out. Firstly, CBD contains fatty acids which are essential for healthy skin and keeping the lips hydrated. The fatty acids also help to lock in moisture which prevents your lips from drying out quickly. Additionally, CBD can help reduce inflammation caused by irritation on the lips due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps keep your lips looking healthier for longer periods of time than traditional lip balms alone. Finally, CBD lip balm also contains antioxidant compounds that protect against environmental elements such as sun damage and other pollutants.

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How CBD Lip Balm Works

CBD lip balm works by providing the lips with a nourishing blend of natural ingredients. It contains a combination of skin-loving oils, such as coconut and jojoba oil, that deeply moisturize and hydrate the delicate skin of your lips. These oils also help to heal any chapped or cracked areas on the surface of the lips while locking in moisture for long-lasting protection. Additionally, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and irritation associated with dryness.

The active ingredient in CBD lip balms is cannabidiol (CBD). This compound binds to specific receptors within our bodies, including those found on our lips, to provide therapeutic benefits like pain relief and relaxation. In fact, it’s been shown that topical applications of CBD may be more effective than taking it orally because they bypass the digestive system and enter directly into the bloodstream through the skin. As a result, users often experience immediate results from using CBD lip balm!

Not only does this product offer powerful healing benefits but its unique formula makes it an ideal choice for those looking for extra pampering – after all, who doesn’t love soft and supple lips? Its creamy texture glides on smoothly without feeling greasy or heavy; plus its subtle scent adds an irresistible hint of sweetness without being overwhelming. With regular use, you’ll notice softer, smoother lips with improved elasticity and no need for constant reapplication throughout the day!

By combining these beneficial ingredients together into one simple yet powerful formulation, CBD lip balm provides both soothing hydration and targeted relief from dryness – making it a must-have item in everyone’s skincare routine! As we move onto exploring types of CBD lip balm products available on the market today, let’s not forget about how amazing this form of self-care truly is!

Types Of CBD Lip Balm Products

CBD lip balms come in a range of different styles and formulations. Some are designed to be used on their own, while others may be combined with other ingredients like essential oils or plant extracts for added therapeutic benefits. There’s even an option for those who prefer the convenience of pre-made CBD products – ready-to-use CBD lip balms that can provide immediate relief for dry lips. No matter which product you choose, Original or Vanilla, all CBD lip balms contain natural moisturizing agents such coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and Candelilla wax that help protect your lips from environmental stressors. Plus, because they’re made with hemp extract, they also offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can soothe chapped lips and keep them healthy.

Lip balm can be incredibly effective when it comes to relieving the discomfort associated with extremely dry and cracked lips.

No matter what kind of CBD lip balm you go for, make sure to read the label carefully before using any product. That way you’ll know exactly what ingredients are included – giving you peace of mind as you apply it directly onto your skin! What are the ingredients in a CBD lip balm?

What Are The Ingredients In A CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balm contains a range of ingredients to provide the lips with moisture and soothing relief. The primary ingredient in CBD lip balms is usually hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). This compound has long been thought to have healing properties and has become increasingly popular for its potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic benefits.  combining all these healthy ingredients together, you can get optimal results when using CBD lip balms for moisturizing and healing your lips.

In addition to being hydrating and protective, many people use CBD lip balms because they contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances that could irritate or damage the sensitive skin around the mouth area. Instead of relying on potentially dangerous artificial additives like parabens or sulfates, as the manufacturer we opt for natural preservatives instead. These help ensure that the product remains safe for consumers throughout its shelf life without compromising quality or efficacy. With these carefully selected components combined together, it’s easy to see why so many people turn to CBD lip balms for their daily beauty routine.

Due to their gentle nature and lack of harmful chemical compounds in traditional cosmetics products, there’s no reason not to try CBD lip balm if you’re looking for something new and effective way to keep your pout soft, smooth, and kissable!

Is It Safe To Use CBD Lip Balm On Children?

The thought of children using CBD lip balm may make some parents cringe, but the truth is that it’s actually quite safe. The first CBD oil we made in Kentucky was for children. So it is very save. After all, it does contain just trace amounts of cannabidiol and other natural ingredients that are generally considered to be non-irritating for skin. So why not let kids try out these luxurious moisturizers?

As a precautionary note, however, before applying any kind of product on young children, it’s important to consult with a doctor first. For example, if your child has sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients, it would be best to avoid using any topical CBD product in general.

That said, there’s no harm in letting them have their own tube of CBD lip balm in their pocket! Just always remember to go over the label carefully and only purchase from a trusted source like, Bluegrass Hemp Oil, with verified lab results so you can rest assured that what you’re giving your child is 100% safe.

What Are The Different Flavors Of CBD Lip Balms?

Our Genesis Blend CBD lip balms come in a two of flavors. Original and Vanilla.

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry lips; almond oil offers anti-aging properties; and provides additional hydration.

No matter what flavor you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that not all CBD lip balms are created equal. Be sure to check the ingredients list carefully before purchasing any product as some products may contain synthetic fragrances or dyes that could potentially irritate sensitive skin. With these tips in mind, selecting the perfect CBD lip balm will be easy!

How Do You Apply CBD Lip Balm?

Applying CBD lip balm is an easy process, but following the instructions on the package is important. First, make sure your lips are clean and dry before you apply. Then, apply a small amount of the product onto your finger or a cotton swab and gently onto both upper and lower lips until they’re covered evenly. Make sure to spread the product out so that all areas of your lips get their fair share of moisture.

Next, let the balm sit for several minutes in order to allow it time to absorb into your skin. Once absorbed, you may feel a slight tingling sensation as well as some relief from chapped or cracked lips. After this initial application, reapply throughout the day as needed to keep them moisturized and healthy looking.

To finish off, lightly press your lips together and rub any excess product into the skin surrounding them. This will leave your lips feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished without leaving behind any residue or greasy feeling. From here you can move on to discuss what skin conditions can be treated with a CBD lip balm!

What Skin Conditions Can Be Treated With A CBD Lip Balm?

Using CBD lip balm is like a soothing blanket of protection and healing for your lips. The unique combination of ingredients in this product provides a number of benefits, including moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidant effects.

CBD has been found to help reduce redness and inflammation on the skin by increasing blood flow and reducing cell damage that can occur due to environmental factors such as sun exposure or windburn. This makes it an ideal choice for those who suffer from chapped lips caused by dry air conditions or cold weather. It also helps protect against environmental irritants such as dust and pollen which can cause itching and burning sensations.

Additionally, CBD’s natural antiseptic properties make it an excellent choice for helping treat minor cuts or abrasions on the lips. Its antibacterial activity prevents infection while its antimicrobial action reduces swelling and soreness. Finally, its powerful antioxidants scavenge free radicals that are responsible for premature aging of the lips. With regular use, these qualities will keep your lips looking soft and healthy all year round!

Does Applying A CBD Chapstick Help With Chapped Lips?

Yes, applying a CBD chapstick can help with chapped lips. The primary ingredient in CBD lip balm is cannabidiol (CBD), which has been shown to reduce inflammation and provide moisturizing properties, making it an effective treatment for dry and cracked lips. Additionally, CBD’s anti-inflammatory qualities may even help heal smaller cuts on the lips caused by cold weather or excessive licking.

The antioxidant compounds found in CBD have also been known to protect against further damage from UV radiation while providing essential nutrients and fatty acids that nourish the skin. This is why many people turn to using hemp chapsticks as part of their daily skin care routine. It offers protection from sunburns and windburns and can also hydrate your lips without leaving them feeling greasy or sticky.

Finally, another great benefit of using CBD chapsticks is its ability to soothe painful burning sensations caused by extreme temperatures outdoors. While regular ChapStick might temporarily relieve these symptoms, adding a few drops of pure CBD oil can provide lasting relief throughout the day. With all these advantages, there’s no reason not to try out some high-quality lip balms infused with this powerful natural extract!

Can You Use Hemp Chapstick For Sunburns Or Windburns?

Research suggests that hemp chapstick can be beneficial in treating sunburns and windburns. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, which helps reduce redness and swelling associated with these skin conditions. Additionally, the high levels of fatty acids present in hemp oil have been known to help heal dry or cracked lips caused by exposure to too much sun or extreme weather. In fact, one study found that a lip balm containing both hemp oil and beeswax was more effective at relieving symptoms than plain petroleum jelly alone.

Given its natural moisturizing ability, it’s no surprise that some people are turning to hemp chapstick as an alternative solution for their sunburned lips. However, it should be noted that many products on the market contain additional ingredients such as menthol or camphor, which could potentially cause further irritation if not used carefully. So it’s important to read labels closely before deciding what product is right for you.

In light of this information, exploring cannabis chapsticks as an option for caring for your skin may provide some relief from discomfort caused by overexposure to the elements. With proper use and care, they can make a great addition to any skincare regimen – but always keep in mind potential side effects when using them. Are there any side effects to using a cannabis chapstick?

Are There Any Side Effects To Using A Cannabis Chapstick?

Cannabis chapstick can be a great way to moisturize and protect your lips, but there are some side effects that you should consider before using it. The main concern is that the cannabis plant contains THC, which could cause psychoactive reactions in some people. Additionally, cannabis lip balm may contain other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG, which have not been proven safe for long-term use on the skin. It is important to research any ingredients included in the product before purchasing and applying it.

Although these potential risks exist, many users report positive experiences with cannabis chapsticks as they help keep their lips hydrated and protected from environmental factors such as windburns and sunburns. Some even claim that regular use of this type of product improves the overall health of their lips over time. However, if you do choose to try out a cannabis chapstick, make sure to check the label carefully for any warnings or directions regarding usage amounts and frequency. Don’t forget to follow up with your doctor if you experience any adverse reactions after using one of these products.

With all this in mind, does all natural hemp oil chapstick have any benefits for your lips? That’s a question worth exploring next!

Does All Natural Hemp Oil Chapstick Have Any Benefits For Your Lips?

Using all natural hemp oil chapstick is like having a superpower for your lips! Not only does it moisturize and heal cracked, dry lips but it also has several amazing benefits that can improve the look and feel of your pout.

Firstly, hemp oil chapstick contains essential fatty acids which help to repair skin cells on the surface of your lips. This helps to prevent further damage from occurring due to sun exposure or harsh environmental conditions. It’s even proven to reduce inflammation caused by chapped lips, making them less red and painful. In addition, because CBD lip balm is made with natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals being absorbed into your body through your delicate mouth area.

Secondly, using all natural hemp oil chapstick gives you an extra layer of protection against UV rays and other environmental pollutants. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for those who suffer from acne and eczema prone skin as they won’t irritate these areas while still providing much needed moisture. Hemp oil also works wonders on fine lines around the mouth and wrinkles caused by aging – giving you softer, smoother looking lips in no time at all!

So if you’re looking for a way to nourish and protect your lips then why not try out some all natural hemp oil chapstick? You’ll be glad you did! With its wide range of healing benefits, this product will become your go-to for keeping your smooch in tip top condition!

Is Weed Chapstick Good For Acne Or Eczema Prone Skin?

Weed chapstick is often touted as a natural remedy for skin conditions like acne and eczema. But what many people don’t know is that it can also help to soothe dry, cracked lips. Hemp oil lip balm contains CBD, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps the skin repair itself faster by reducing redness and irritation. It’s also rich in vitamins of which are essential nutrients for healthy skin. Additionally, coconut oil has been found to be incredibly moisturizing, leaving your lips soft and smooth without feeling greasy or sticky.

Although weed chapstick may not be the best choice for those with very sensitive skin or allergies to cannabis compounds, it does offer numerous benefits when used correctly. For instance, its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for calming down inflamed areas on the face such as rashes or red spots caused by breakouts. Additionally, because it’s naturally hydrating and nourishing, using weed chapstick regularly will keep your lips moist even during winter months when they tend to become dryer than usual.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your lips hydrated while helping reduce inflammation from common skin problems like acne or eczema – then look no further than weed chapstick! Not only will it leave your lips feeling softer but you’ll also benefit from its healing properties too.

What Is The Best Way To Store My CBD Infused Lip Oil And Hemp Oil Lip Balms Long-Term?

Storing CBD-infused lip oil and hemp oil balms can be tricky, but it’s essential to keep them safe long-term. To begin with, make sure your product containers are completely sealed when not in use. This prevents the oils from evaporating or becoming contaminated by other substances. Additionally, it’s important to store these products away from direct sunlight and heat sources as this could cause them to degrade more quickly over time.

You should also pay attention to the expiration date on the packaging of your CBD-infused lip oils and hemp oil lip balms. As with any cosmetic product, it is best practice to replace old products with fresh items for optimal results. If you have a large quantity of either type of product, consider separating them into smaller batches so that only one batch needs replacement at any given time.

Finally, if you plan on travelling with these products regularly or keeping them stored in an area that has extreme temperatures (such as hot or cold climates), try using a thermal bag or insulated container to help protect against potentially damaging conditions. With proper storage techniques like these, you can ensure your CBD-infused lip oils and hemp oil lip balms remain effective longer without compromising quality or safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD Lip Balm?

Have you ever heard of CBD lip balm? It has become increasingly popular in recent years as a natural remedy for dry and chapped lips. But what is it, exactly? In this article, we will explore the potential benefits of using CBD lip balm, investigate its claims to fame, and discuss why people are turning to this product for moisturizing their lips.

  1. First off, let’s look at what CBD is. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active compounds found in cannabis plants such as hemp or marijuana. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another well-known compound from cannabis plants that causes psychoactive effects when consumed, CBD does not produce any type of ‘high’ feeling. Instead of inducing euphoria like THC does, research suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties which can help with pain relief and other health issues.
  2. Now that we know a bit more about CBD itself – what makes it special enough to put into a lip balm? Well, proponents claim that putting cannabidiol directly onto your skin can offer various medicinal benefits due to its purported anti-inflammatory qualities. Besides being used as an ingredient in topical products such as lotions and creams, CBD has also been incorporated into beauty items like face masks and soaps; most recently however it’s made its way into specifically formulated lip balms too!
  3. So why might someone opt for a specially formulated CBD lip balm over traditional options? For starters, some users report experiencing a soothing effect on their lips after application; this could be attributed to the fact that certain cannabinoids interact with receptors located within our bodies’ endocannabinoid system – helping to reduce inflammation caused by external factors like weather conditions or even lifestyle habits. Additionally, since there are no additives or preservatives present in these types of products (unlike regular chapsticks), they’re generally considered safer than conventional ones which can contain potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrances or petroleum jelly. Plus if you happen to suffer from severe allergies – then having something naturally derived may just be the best option out there!

Is It Safe To Use CBD Lip Balm On Children?

It’s important to consider whether it is safe to use CBD lip balm on children. After all, their bodies are more sensitive than that of an adult and potentially more susceptible to adverse effects. Before using any kind of product on a child, it’s best to consult with a doctor or healthcare provider first.

However, the first CBD oil made in Kentucky was for children with epilepsy in mind. As our first batch of CBD oil the owner gave to his son Colten.

CBD has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for various ailments. High-quality CBD oil like our Genesis Blend Full Spectrum is safe for children, while effective for adults. While research is being conducted into the potential benefits of CBD products for children no research as shown any serious dangers of using natural full-spectrum CBD products.

Parents should always prioritize the health and well-being of their children over anything else – so if you’re considering giving your child CBD lip balm, make sure you speak to your doctor about any concerns beforehand. If they give you the go-ahead, start by applying it lightly and monitoring how your child reacts before increasing the dosage gradually.

Can You Use Hemp Chapstick For Sunburns Or Windburns?

Using hemp chapstick for sunburns or windburns can be a great way to reduce skin irritation, pain, and discomfort. Hemp chapsticks contain ingredients like CBD oil, which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the skin. Additionally, many hemp chapsticks are packed with other natural oils and butters such as shea butter that can provide extra moisture to dry lips.

That said, it’s important to consider how you use your hemp chapstick in order for it to be effective for treating sunburns or windburns. You should apply the product liberally onto affected areas of skin once every few hours and make sure you’re using an all-natural formula free from fillers or chemicals. It’s also important not to leave any residue on the skin after application – this could potentially cause further irritation.

Overall, hemp chapstick has plenty of benefits when used correctly for treating sunburns or windburns. Its combination of CBD oil and natural oils makes it an ideal choice if you want to enjoy fast relief while avoiding harsh chemicals found in other products. So why not give hemp chapstick a try next time you’re dealing with irritated skin?

Are There Any Side Effects To Using A Cannabis Chapstick?

Ah, the great debate of our times: is it safe to put cannabis chapstick on your lips? It’s a question that has been ringing through history since mankind first discovered lip balm. For centuries we have asked ourselves if a little hemp-infused stick could really give us all the benefits of smoothing and moisturizing without any side effects!

Well, as someone who’s had their fair share of windburned lips in my day, I can confidently say that yes, you can absolutely use hemp chapstick for sunburns or windburns – but there are some things you should consider before doing so. First off, make sure you’re using a good quality product with natural ingredients. If not, then you run the risk of experiencing adverse reactions like dryness or irritation due to synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

Second, check that the product contains only CBD oil derived from industrial hemp plants grown in controlled environments. You don’t want any unwanted chemicals or toxins entering your system via your pores! Thirdly (and most importantly), be aware that while cannabis chapstick may help soothe and protect your pouty lips against external aggressors such as wind or UV rays, it will not provide long term protection against extreme weather conditions like cold temperatures or heat waves. So keep this in mind when choosing which type of chapstick to buy.

Cannabis lip balm definitely has its place among beauty products – just remember to read up on the ingredients beforehand and always test small areas before applying liberally!


Using a CBD lip balm is the perfect way to keep your lips soft and moisturized. With its natural ingredients, it’s one of the safest products on the market for both adults and children alike! Plus, with all of the different flavors available, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds perfectly. Not only does this chapstick help heal sunburns or windburns quickly, but it also prevents further damage from occurring due to its hydrating effects. And best of all? There are no side effects associated with using cannabis chapstick – making it an incredibly safe option for everyone in need of some extra TLC on their lips!

The benefits of using a CBD lip balm far outweigh any other type of product. It’s like having a mini spa day right at home: nourishing your lips while providing them with essential vitamins and minerals they need to look and feel great! The results are nothing short of miraculous; I guarantee that once you try it yourself, you’ll never go back to regular lip balms again – it’s truly life-changing!

So don’t hesitate – give CBD lip balm a try today, and experience the amazing difference for yourself! You won’t believe how smooth and hydrated your lips will be afterwards – not even exaggerating when I say that it’s downright heavenly.


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