CBD Oil 300mg – GENESIS BLEND – CBD 300

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SUGGESTED USE – Start with 1ml twice a day for best results. Place oil under your tongue and let sit 20-30 seconds before swallowing.

  • 300mg CBD Oil / 1oz bottle
  • ~10mg CBD / 1ml serving
  • 1oz bottle = 2 week supply
  • Mild natural flavor
  • Light golden color
  • Safe for pets
  • Produced from C. Sativa blooms only (no stalks, stems, seeds, or isolates)
  • In-house and third party lab tested
  • Non-intoxicating (contains less than .3% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per the Federal Farm Bill of 2018


USP MCT oil (from coconut), full spectrum CBD extract


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Genesis Blend CBD 300-CBD oil 300mg

Awarded Best CBD Product in Lexington Herald Leaders’ People’s Choice Awards. Three years in a row!*

We see you looking’, but trust us; you won’t find another extract like this. And that’s a fact. This is our original 300mg CBD Oil. You may be wondering how much 300mg is. Well, 300mg of CBD is 30 servings of 10mg of CBD oil. Many companies talk about quality we back it up with our methods that have provided thousands of the best benefits CBD can offer.  Professional pharmacists and doctors recommend our Full spectrum CBD oil products.  Our awards and reviews speak for themselves!

Save your money on other expensive processed, isolated CBD products that ship from an unknown warehouse. Isolated CBD products are less effective than the full spectrum. Read about Full Spectrum CBD Oil Verse Isolated CBD here…  We are the first direct-from-farm-to-customer CBD oil manufacturer. We are privately owned and focus solely on medical-grade cannabis products.

Our 1 oz bottle of Genesis Blend Hemp Extract delivers 300mg CBD oil, aka our CBD 300, as the power of bloom-crafted, full spectrum CBD in a sublingual crude for the most effective, longest-lasting impact that gives you more bang for your buck. How your body absorbs CBD is essential. Read about your Endocannabinoid system here… Many manufacturers need to understand this, and their processes make it so that their products are not processed in the body effectively. Some make claims about absorption but read the facts here…  Don’t waste your money on cheap knockoffs, rely on the power of our Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD oil. The Genesis Blend CBD 300 is perfect as a tester or to take with our travels. The Genesis CBD 300 BHO oil is great to take, even on airplanes.

Ten potent milligrams of bloom-crafted, full-spectrum CBD per serving and other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenoids. In our Genesis Blend CBD 300.  When you get to how much is 300mg, it all depends on exactly what you mean. So for how much is 300mg, it is $34.00! Or 10mg per ml in a 30ml bottle.  In this Genesis original strength 300mg CBD oil 1 oz bottle. It is the perfect full-spectrum hemp CBD oil for beginners or weekend adventures.

Our bloom-crafted, original strength Genesis Blend Hemp Extract is created by hydrocarbon extraction—using bloom only- preserving the best parts of the plant to bring you balanced, healthy, happy relief in a sublingual oil for long-lasting, on-the-go impact in a convenient 1 oz bottle. This CBD hemp oil with 300mg of CBD. Perfect for beginners or weekend adventures.

10 Reasons Genesis Blend Hemp CBD Oil Is the Best CBD Oil on the Market

When buying CBD oil, you have many options on the market, which can be overwhelming if you’re new to CBD products. But one company stands out from all the rest, and their product is the best CBD oil on the market today. That company is Bluegrass Hemp Oil, and their product is Genesis Blend CBD oilHemp CBD oil contains a high concentration of cannabidiol that not only supports overall health but also helps with sleep, anxiety and stress levels, pain management, and more. See the Ten Reasons Genesis Blend CBD oil is the best CBD oil on the market.

Why Do Pets Need CBD?

Some parts of life we can’t escape: anxieties, stressors, restless nights, and the occasional broken bone complicate our already busy lives–even the lives of our beloved pets. A popular reason for using Unruffled CBD is natural pain relief for cats.  Instead of a pain pill that affects the cat’s personality, Unruffled CBD oil is a natural pain relief for cats at home that do not need an expensive prescription. The same goes for using Unruffled CBD offers natural pain relief for dogs after spaying.  Using CBD oil for your pets is no new concept in the cannabis world–our award-winning Unruffled Pet Oil is proof of that! Read about why pets need CBD.

List of the top five benefits people seeks in CBD. 

People visit us daily, seeing CBD as an option for many issues. Including preventative care and the potential to improve the overall quality of life. Comparatively, Thousands of studies and consumer testimonies back that CBD Oil is a beneficial option for many of today’s problems.  Chiefly, we will list some of the top benefits people seek in CBD when they contact us.  Today, CBD Oil is readily available across the United States. It is commonly used to address anxiety and secondary insomnia (the most common type and defined as a symptom or a side effect of something else, like pain, stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, or depression.)  See the list of the top five benefits people seek in CBD.

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