Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bubblegum 4 oz – Subscription

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Indulge in a sweet wellness voyage with Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bubblegum 4 oz. Crafted for those seeking a delicious ally in alleviating anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleep disturbances. A delightful essence of bubblegum accompanies you in every droplet, nurturing a harmonized approach to wellness.

Dive deeper into the heart of tranquility and discover how the synergy of Omega-3 fatty acids and CBD oil can unlock nature’s best-kept secrets for your well-being. Your voyage towards a balanced existence is but a droplet away, waiting to unveil a realm of serene wellness.

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Sweet Symphony of Wellness: Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bubblegum 4 oz

Discover Nature’s Sweet Serenade: Unveil the essence of nature’s sweet serenade with our Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bubblegum in a lavish 4-ounce vessel. At Bluegrass Hemp Oil, we delve into the heart of locally cultivated, artisan hemp to meticulously extract a full spectrum of cannabinoids, presenting a sweet CBD oil that is a reflection of nature’s profound wisdom. Our Bubblegum flavored CBD oil is a herald of comfort, known for its potential to ease discomfort associated with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep disturbances, orchestrating a harmonious tune of wellness in your life.

A Sweet Retreat for Your Senses: Indulge in a delicious CBD oil that’s not just a sweet treat to your taste buds but a gentle caress to your body and mind. Every droplet resonates with a bubble gum melody, offering a candy flavored CBD oil that transcends beyond taste, guiding you towards a serene yet vibrant state of being. It’s not just a flavored CBD oil; it’s a journey of discovering tranquility amidst the chaos, a fruity CBD oil that sings the sweet song of relaxation and stress relief.

For the Young and the Young at Heart: Our CBD oil is not only a tasty choice for adults but also a delightful option for kids. The delightful essence of bubble gum makes the wellness journey enjoyable for all ages, embodying a perfect choice of CBD oil for kids and the young at heart.

Suggested Use: To unravel the full spectrum of benefits, place the desired amount under your tongue, holding it for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. For a more personalized guide to dosing, feel free to consult our insightful guide on how to use full spectrum CBD oil. Alternatively, blend it with your favorite beverages or culinary creations to add a sweet note to your wellness routine.


  • Size: 4 oz
  • Price: $90.00
  • Flavor: Bubblegum
  • 10mg/ml
  • 1190 mg CBD per bottle
  • Full spectrum, cannabinoid-rich formula
  • Artisan hemp, locally nurtured with a bouquet of care
  • Assiduously third-party lab-tested for quality and purity

Embarking on a Sweet Wellness Voyage: Every droplet of the Genesis Blend Full Spectrum CBD Oil Bubblegum is an homage to nature’s benevolent essence, nurturing a balanced and joyous voyage towards wellness. Whether you are aiming for a serene reprieve from anxiety, seeking stress relief, or yearning for a peaceful night’s slumber, the sweet melody of our Bubblegum flavored CBD oil is your companion.


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