Pet Care – Nothing more calming than knowing your pet as it altogether

Our furry friends need pet care; cats and Dogs love our Unruffled CBD Oil for Dogs.

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is food grade and a natural source of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.
  • Obtained from wild salmon harvested from the pristine waters off the Alaskan coast. Our Alaskan Salmon Oil also includes Tocopherol, naturally derived from Olive Oil. Vitamin E receives great positive press for its quality and potential health benefits.
Suggested Use: 

Place a full dropper / 1ml in the pet’s food or directly into the pet’s mouth. Twice daily for best results.

Pet Care products

Unruffled was *2nd Place in Pet Products Winners of the High Times Hemp Cup People’s Choice Edition 2021! *

Unruffled CBD OIl for dogs was the second-place people’s choice award winner. 

Unruffled CBD Oil for Dogs – because humans have bad days, your furry friends can too. There’s nothing more calming than knowing your fur baby has it all together because that means you do too. Our furry friends deserve the best, so we only use our highest quality full-spectrum CBD and wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil in our extract.

So, when the thunder booms, the new place doesn’t smell like home.  The aches won’t quit; give them a serving for when it gets tricky. Give them Unruffled Pet Oil. They will love you more for it!

People always ask the difference between our Genesis Blend Hemp Extract and our Unruffled Pet Oil–and the answer is simple. The difference between our two distinguished extracts lies in the oil used and the CBD concentration per bottle.

Our Unruffled  CBD Oil for dogs is made with salmon oil.  Compared to the MCT oil used in our Genesis Blend Extracts. The CBD content per serving is 5 mg per dropper (vs. our Genesis Blend Extracts, which contains 10 mg of CBD per serving.).

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