Full Spectrum Living

Full Spectrum Living - Episode 1 - Part 1

Full Spectrum Living – Episode 1 -Part 1

All right.

Welcome, everyone, to the first episode

of Full Spectrum Living with CBD.

I’m Meredith Your Cohost.

And I am here with Jessica

joining us from Spokane, Washington.

And Adraine joining us from Lexington, Kentucky.

I’m so excited to be on this call

with you guys today on this episode.

It’s awesome.

So I thought we would start off today by

talking a little bit about your story and how

you came to work with CBD and Hemp.

So, Adriane, maybe you want to kind of

give us a little bit of the background.

Yeah, absolutely.

It was by sheer need, to be perfectly honest.

So our son at age three had his first

seizure, and it caught us completely by surprise.

My husband and I were in the kitchen on a

really snowy, icy day, making breakfast, going

about our day.

And we heard our oldest son, who was six

at the time, he just kind of yelled out.

And he was like, mom, Colton fell down.

And so not knowing what was going on, we ran over and

we see him face down in front of the front door.

And he was seizing.

We never seen anything like it.

It scared the daylight.

We did everything wrong.

My husband put his fingers in his mouth.

All the things that now they caution you not

to do with people who are having a seizure.

Our six year old went in head.

He was frightened.

I’m on the phone with paramedics

and firefighters, just in tears.

And so we got him to the hospital.

They start doing tests on them, and they

asked the question, did the fall cause the

seizure or did the seizure cause the fall?

Honestly, we didn’t know.

I mean, it was the first thing that we’ve seen.

We hoped it was going to be the last.

And unfortunately, it wasn’t.

He very quickly progressed from one seizure to hundreds within

that week and had no idea what was going on.

And so we went on this

pharmaceutical Roulette, and we started trying

all different types of pharmaceutical products.

And with those came so many side effects.

The first being rage to the point where my husband and

I wanted to get a shirt for him that said, trust

us, it’s because he’s medicated, because it really looks like he

was just a child who was completely out of control.

We used to call him the Incredible Hulk, and

he was very mild mannered and happy before.

And he just got really aggressive.

And then from there, we tried

other medications that led to cognitive

delays, inability to regulate body temperature.

He stopped smiling.

And that still to this day, brings tears to my

eyes because you don’t realize how much that is a

huge part of who your child is until it’s gone,

until you can’t see it, until you can’t experience it.

And so we started looking for better options.

We thought, this is crazy.

One time we got them within hours of organ failure.

So we had to stop all Pharmaceuticals immediately,

which is harmful in and of itself.

And so we started looking.

We tried ketogenic diets, and then we found

cannabis that doesn’t get you high, right.

People were moving their kids across the country

to medical marijuana States looking for this product,

this marijuana that doesn’t get you high.

So in our research, honestly, my husband,

I credit all that to him.

His reading and researching and really looking

into things that’s when he found out

that it’s not marijuana, it’s him.

So we started advocating for the legalization

here within the state of Kentucky.

We didn’t want to uproot our family

and move across the United States.

Of course, more power to those parents who do that.

But we wanted to effect change here.

And so we did.

And because of that, when hemp was legalized in

2013 here in Kentucky, followed up by the federal

farm Bill of 2014, we started farming hemp.

We were one of the original companies

given a program to farm in 2014.

But fast forward to today.

There’s so much stuff that goes in between there.

But fast forward today. Our son, Colten.

He’s now seizure free.

He’s Pharma free.

He just takes our products.

He’s able to play sports that he wants to.

He can sweat and regulate his body temperature.

He’s right on grade level.

He is a very normal, healthy, fully

functioning 14 year old stinky boy.

That’s incredible.

That must have been such an emotional ride for you

guys to go through all of that and to not

be able to have somebody provide you with a solution.

It was really scary.

And we started looking and

reaching out to other parents.

And sadly, people talk about CBD

being the wild, wild west now.

And yes, I’ll agree with them to some point,

but he was even more so then parents were

being shipped products that were like 100% straight THC

or that had absolutely no CBD or therapeutic properties,

or they were just having their money taken and

not receiving any product at all.

So we wanted money as well.

The pricing then was a lot higher. Absolutely.

So we wanted to be that safe place for

parents, and then it’s just grown beyond that.

That’s an incredible, incredible story.

And I’m so glad it sounds like you have

so much knowledge and such a heart for what

hemp is really able to do for people.

And we’re going to talk in a little bit about

the show and what you’re hoping to create here and

why people are going to want to tune in.

But first, let’s hear from Jessica how you

got involved with bluegrass hemp and exactly what

it is that brought you to this opportunity. Sure. Yeah.

So another personal story.

Adriane kind of touched on some families that moved

to Colorado to find treatments for their kids.

And we were borderline almost one of those families.

So my sister in law, who is now 16, her name is Paige.

She was essentially one of the first clients of

Bluegrass Hemp Oil, and it was basically with Paige.

She has autism spectrum disorder.

And really at the time, years ago, violent rages that were

three or four times a day, I mean, at least.

And the intensity of those wages got to a point

where we were really fearful of what happens when she’s

a teenager, when she is bigger than her mom, who

is a petite person, and we already at age six,

seven, eight, we’re really struggling to maintain her behaviors and

keep her from hurting herself or us going to really

extreme lengths to try and keep her safe.

But it was just seemed like such an uphill battle

that we honestly were just really desperate for anything.

We had gone the pharmaceutical route as well.

And I think our point of kind of realizing something

just wasn’t right was she had the rage naturally.

But a lot of the Pharmaceuticals brought

out wages even more so for her.

She lost her smile, too.

You would walk in the room and she didn’t even respond.

It was just she didn’t register that

anyone was even there half the time.

And so we took her to a psychiatrist appointment one day,

and she literally pulled out a list of Pharmaceuticals and read

all of them and asked, have you tried this?

Have you tried that?

And we had tried every single option on her list.

And at that point, we just said, forget it.

And these Pharmaceuticals have brought

out the worst in her.

We still battle the rages, and now we

battle the side effects like weight gain or

nausea or just so many different things.

We got desperate as well and temporarily went out

to Colorado to be with some family members there

to try our hand at obtaining cannabis for her.

And we weren’t familiar with the alternatives.

And needless to say, that just didn’t go well.

It wasn’t a good suit for her at the time.

We came back and advocated when we found out

that hemp was an option and started advocating.

And my family met the Adriane and Bill, the owners.

And it was just kind of a

journey from there to fast forward.

It took about two months to see results per Page.

Once we were able to actually get a product, which

Adriane mentioned, we had one of the first licenses.

We also have one of the first products.

And that was a really big deal at the time

because there was a lot of stalling from certain companies

to try and influence the market, and we needed it.

So we have one of the first

products Pages, one of the first clients.

And five years later, she’s

pharmaceutical free as well.

She’s had one rage in five years,

one single rage in five years.

She’s fully verbal.

She potty trained herself in two months, which

was astonishing because we had basically given up

on that, didn’t think it would be possible.

She smiles and she laughs and she’s very crazy,

and she’s got friends and she’s got hobbies and

she loves animals and she has a quality of

life that we knew was not an option.

At one point, we just knew

that wasn’t an option for her.

And now it is.

And it’s just been a lifesaver for

not just her, but the entire family.

I mean, I was a hired bodyguard,

essentially, for her to assist her full

time to keep her from hurting herself.

And so anyways, it’s impacted not just her

life, but mine and everyone in the family.

And we’re just grateful for BHO.

Yeah, that’s incredible.

And I think I don’t even probably really need to ask why

you guys want to have this podcast, why you want to have

this show, but I want to hear it in your own words.