Cannabidiol or CBD gummies have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years among consumers seeking the therapeutic benefits of cannabis but without the high. As CBD usage has increased rapidly, an overwhelming number of gummy options have flooded the market, making it confusing for customers to determine which products are high-quality and trustworthy. Understanding the key factors that make up the best CBD gummies allows buyers to make informed selections on which gummies are right for their needs.

Source of Hemp

The source of the hemp used for extracting CBD plays an integral role in governing safety, purity levels, and potency which are defining aspects of premier CBD gummies. The highest caliber gummies exclusively use organically grown domestic hemp to ensure tighter regulation and safer harvesting practices that limit exposure to toxic pesticides, chemicals or solvents. Reputable companies provide proof of third-party lab certifications with strict testing protocols verifying zero contaminants in both soil and crops.

Extraction Method

Credible CBD brands make independent lab reports readily available to the public, allowing consumers to validate no heavy metals, chemicals or other dangerous residuals are present in final products from the extraction process. While cheaper extraction methods are available, supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction produces safer, higher purity CBD due to eliminating potentially toxic solvents that can remain as residue. For utmost purity and maximum bioavailability, the superior choice relies on expensive CO2 extraction procedures.

CBD Type and Independent Testing

Since the FDA does not regulate CBD products, third-party testing from certified labs is essential to confirm quality, safety and CBD content. The highest quality gummies use independent labs specializing in cannabis testing versus relying solely on internal labs that may reflect bias. Testing confirms type of CBD (full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate) along with verifying concentrations noted on labels for accuracy. Regular independent testing also validates lack of pesticides, residual solvents, mold and other toxins or impurities over time.

Hemp Source Location

Seeking out American grown hemp when possible for CBD extraction ensures crops are held to stricter agricultural standards regarding banned pesticides and plant treatment chemicals that may otherwise be permitted in mass overseas harvesting. While globally sourced hemp is legal, the likelihood of exposing plants to heavy metals from soil along with less stringent oversight on harvesting practices makes domestic hemp a lower risk option when purity is paramount. High end CBD gummies leverage organically cultivated domestic hemp for VIP quality universally recognized as the “gold standard”.

Organic Ingredients

Beyond sourcing high grade, American grown hemp, premier gummy producers maximize benefits by pairing CBD with proven superfood ingredients to create an entourage effect for superior performance. Full spectrum CBD maintains a range of naturally occurring therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients working synergistically to heighten effectiveness in higher potency options. Additionally, incorporating supplemental functional ingredients further amplifies therapeutic properties in a potent delivery form with exceptional absorption for max impact targeting needs from pain relief to sleep regulation.

Flavor and Product Variety

With an ever growing base of CBD users, top CBD companies respond accordingly with expansive flavor and product choices suiting personalized tastes and custom wellness goals. Customers seeking fast acting, convenient relief can find their ideal combination spanning multiple flavors, formulas and CBD concentrations to match preferences. Seasoned users may opt for a high intensity 50 mg per gummy dose delivering powerful, lasting effects while more sensitive customers can taper in slowly with lower 5 mg options. Product lines also incorporate innovative formulas like nanoemulsified CBD for amplified potency along with choices targeting sleep, cognitive health or pain symptoms. With versatility across the market, individuals are no longer limited to a “one dose fits all” approach to CBD.

Price per MG of CBD

A common shortcut to assess fair market price on CBD gummies is to divide the product’s total cost by the total CBD content to determine price per mg of CBD included. While cost will vary greatly based on over a dozen impacting factors, quality CBD gummies supply 25 to 50 mg of CBD for $0.05 to $0.10 on average per mg of CBD which serves as acceptable ballpark range. Dropping below around $0.05 per every 1 mg is a red flag the product may cut corners or sacrifice quality while exceeding over $0.12 per mg generally indicates unrealistic pricing for profit margins versus competitive value pricing more conscious of consumer budgets. As a rule of thumb, reasonably priced CBD aligns with $0.05 to $0.10 per mg of CBD.

Customer Centered Service and Education

Striving to truly help consumers make optimal decisions around CBD requires intensive investment into customer education for a human centered approach reflecting compassion over profits. Users deserve open access to digestible resources guiding CBD use, particularly new users hesitant or overwhelmed when navigating the market. Select companies elevate standards through free education, convenient access to dedicated customer service teams and satisfaction guarantees allowing returns if products fail to meet expectations. Users gain the knowledgebase to consciously source high performing CBD delivering personalized therapeutic support.

Safety and Dosing Transparency

Adhering to rigorous safety protocols and testing reinforces brand trustworthiness for consumers to feel secure adding CBD to wellness routines. This encompasses confirming Zero THC content in all products as well as toxicology reports validating the safety of daily dosing over extended periods of time. Clear labelling highlights amounts of CBD per gummy for proper portioning while also listing any supplemental additives. Additionally CBD content per container allows users to accurately track cumulative quantity consumed. With intimacy brands build through education, exceptional companies feel accountability to safeguard customer health as a worthwhile investment

Choice CBD Gummies Review

As a newer brand entering the crowded CBD gummy space in 2022, Choice CBD rapidly made waves as a premium quality disruptor balancing affordability with unparalleled potency hitting the sweet spot of value. Their proprietary formula harnesses the entourage effects of minor cannabinoids and terpenes amplified in nanoemulsified full spectrum CBD oil suspended in vegan gummies packing a punch at just 5mg per piece. This advanced delivery system optimizes absorption with smaller particle size for maximum bioavailability and accelerated sublingual uptake.

Backed by stringent independent lab testing, Choice CBD logged exceptionally high marks boasting 95 to 99% purity verified alongside Certificates of Analysis backing label accuracy down to the exact cannabinoid breakouts. Rigorous confirmation of zero THC or hazardous materials affirms unmatched safety standards for daily wellness regimens. The dedication to quality ingredients also carries over into their gourmet flavors crafted from all natural berry, citrus and botanical essences free of any artificial additives.

Choice CBD Gummies 300mg

With 300mg total CBD content across a 60 count bottle, Choice CBD’s standard gummy contains a moderate 5mg per piece making it approachable for CBD beginners still acclimating. The affordably priced $39.99 bottle breaks down to just over $0.13 per mg falling on the lower end of average market rate given the stellar certified lab backed quality.

Compared to competitors, the nanoemulsified technology amplifies the 5mg dosage above typical oil infusions with smaller particles improving surface area contact and sublingual membranes exposing more CBD content directly to the bloodstream for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

Choice CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Formulated with synergistic botanical extracts specifically targeting anxiety reduction, Choice CBD supplements full spectrum hemp’s native stress relieving terpenes with added therapeutic superfoods. Functional mushrooms like Reishi and Chaga join antioxidant rich Green Tea Extract, calming Chamomile and muscle soothing Kava Root to nourish critical neurotransmitter balance reducing excess cortisol production. The cumulative entourage effect delivers fast acting relief from racing thoughts, panic symptoms, nervousness and physical tension associated with anxiety.

Where can I buy Choice CBD gummies?

Choice CBD gummies are most conveniently purchased through the official company website Choice CBD . This ensures customers receive the full product selection including limited edition flavors and special bundle offers that may not be available through third party online retailers. Orders on the company site also qualify for discounts on subscription plans and excellent customer loyalty perks.

Do Choice CBD gummies really work?

With over 2000 verified 5 star customer reviews, Choice CBD gummies deliver proven results backed by lab testing and countless user testimonials. The advanced nanoemulsified CBD formula outperforms competitor products with smaller particle size for superior absorption, especially notable in chronic pain reduction. The company also provides a 60 day money back return policy if the gummies fail to provide desired effects.

How much is a bottle of Choice CBD gummies?

Pricing varies based on size, potency and additions like melatonin but starts at just $39.99 for a 300mg nanoemulsified full spectrum CBD bottle. With regular sales discounts and subscriber savings, this supplies a month’s supply of 5mg gummies for under $0.13 per mg of premium grade CBD well below average market costs. Larger 3000mg bottles offer the best value at $149.99 for $0.05 per mg after additional discounts.


Scrutinizing CBD gummies under a detailed lens illuminates vast differences in quality, safety and therapeutic efficacy based on production practices. Purity reigns supreme when sourcing organically grown domestic hemp and mandating independent testing for potency claims and guaranteed contaminant free status. Pairing top tier hemp with advanced extraction technology preserves a wealth of plant compounds working in synchrony for maximum absorption and bioavailability. Further customization stems from incorporating complementary botanicals delivering targeted wellness support while extensive flavor options serve varying personal preferences. As the market continues evolving, CBD gummies meeting stringent quality benchmarks coupled with dedicated consumer education set brands apart committed to honesty around product integrity and customer service.