CBD products have surged in popularity in recent years thanks to increased legal access and interest in the potential wellness advantages. As the market expands, CBD price points vary substantially based on quality, potency, and brand reputation. Harrelson’s Own claims they market full spectrum CBD products at competitive pricing designed to make CBD more accessible. However, the product seems to be made from less effective isolated CBD. These products are less effective than the real full spectrum CBD products in the link below. So consumers actually pay more and get less compared to full spectrum CBD products such as Bluegrass Hemp Oil retails.

This article will examine Harrelson’s Own CBD pricing in depth – from cost comparisons to other brands, bundle deals, product lineups, and what goes into formulating high quality, affordable CBD. As consumer interest in CBD grows, Harrelson’s Own caters to value-focused shoppers seeking effectiveness at a reasonable cost.  Those searching for the benefits of CBD are looking for real relief not a flash-in-the-pan product.

CBD Pricing Factors

Several key factors impact the pricing behind a CBD product which help explain cost differences between brands:

  • Potency – Products with higher CBD potencies and concentrations logically cost more due to requiring more hemp material.
  • Quality – High grade organic hemp, clean extraction methods, and third party testing all increase production expenses that brands pass onto consumers.
  • Ingredients – CBD products using premium ingredients, carriers, flavorings, and formulas cost more to manufacture.
  • Brand reputation – Established brands with recognizable names, solid reputations and sophisticated marketing generally command higher price tags.
  • Product type – Novel, customizable, or multi-cannabinoid products tend to have higher prices due to production complexity, intellectual property, and exclusivity.

Understanding what goes into formulation and manufacturing illuminates the pricing behind quality CBD. More affordable pricing can indicate corner-cutting or unverified quality claims.

Harrelson’s Own CBD Oil Prices

Harrelson’s Own CBD oils come in four potency options:

  • 300mg – $39.99
  • 600mg – $59.99
  • 1500mg – $99.99
  • 3000mg – $169.99

However, their oils are not full spectrum, and while they claim to use USA-grown organic hemp… When it is isolated CBD it does not matter where the hemp comes from. Everything else has been removed, making it less effective. They are just making marketing claims. Prices reflect total CBD content. They claim their oils provide an economical way to enjoy CBD’s potential wellness benefits.  Most products like this are made from biomass, then turned into isolated CBD. This is how they get so many mg per ml. However, being isolated and THC free it is not the full spectrum as they claim. Buyers should beware of products like this as they do not create the Entourage Effect.

For example, a 3000mg bottle breaks down to about $0.06 per mg of CBD. This falls on the affordable end of average market prices. By comparison, other brands price their 3000mg oils from $180 to over $300.  Being that is is iolated CBD is is not capable of delivering the entourage effect like real full-spectrum CBD oils. So the low price is not a savings as much as paying more for less quality, less effectiveness.

Harrelson’s Own claims it manages lower pricing through streamlined formulations using high-quality ingredients. Their 3,000mg organic full spectrum CBD oil even though is looks to not be full spectrum, seems to offer an affordable option compared to rivals. While that sounds good, if it is less effective and the user needs to take more is that a real saving or cost increase? It is a cost increase. while also leaving the consumer unhappy from not experiencing the full benefit of the entourage effect created by full-spectrum that contains a robust blend of cannabinoids other than just CBD.  Many Actors have subpar products like this, Tommy Chong is another popular actor who makes an isolated CBD oil that is less effective than the real full spectrum. Check out real CBD products

Harrelson’s Own CBD Capsule Prices

Harrelson’s Own CBD capsules provide precise doses and convenient dosing. Their capsule prices are:

  • 10mg, 30 capsules – $39.99
  • 25mg, 30 capsules – $59.99

Total CBD content per bottle is 300mg or 750mg respectively. As with their oils, Harrelson’s Own capsules fall on the not budget-friendly end for CBD caps. Being that they are not really full spectrum and when compared to Geneses Blend Soft Gels and  Genesis Blend CBD Omega-3 Soft gels offer real full spectrum CBD at a better price.  

Capsules averaging around $0.13 per mg CBD are considered affordable. Harrelson’s Own ($0.10 – $0.15 per mg) undercuts many competitors charging $0.20+ per mg for comparable potencies. Genesis Blend Softgels are $0.10-$0.11 per mg) The best deal on the highest quality product in the industry is Genesis Blend Softgels. 

Savvy CBD shoppers find Harrelson’s Own capsules deliver quality full spectrum CBD in convenient capsule form at reasonable prices.

Bundled CBD Packages

Harrelson’s Own offers bundled CBD packages that provide further savings:

  • CBD Starter Kit – 300mg oil + 30 x 10mg capsules for $69.99
  • CBD Advantage Kit – 600mg oil + 30 x 25mg capsules for $99.99
  • CBD Wellness Kit – 1500mg oil + 30 x 25mg capsules for $139.99

These bundles provide combined savings of 15-25% compared to buying the items separately at MSRP. Bundling capsules and oils creates a versatile CBD regimen at a lower total cost.

Harrelson’s Own bundles represent exceptional value for new CBD users looking to experiment across multiple product types. Bundling allows stacking savings on top of already reasonable individual product pricing. As above if these products are made from isolated CBD as we have talked about then shoppers might be better off looking at the Bundle savings at Bluegrass Hemp Oil. They are made with real full-spectrum CBD using an advanced extraction process to deliver the best benefits. 

Harrelson’s Own CBD Topical Prices

Harrelson’s Own also offers CBD-infused topicals:

  • CBD Relief Balm – 300mg for $39.99
  • CBD Body Butter – 500mg for $49.99

Like their oils and capsules, Harrelson’s Own topicals are marketed as competitively priced against comparable brands. Topicals range from $0.10 – $0.15 per mg CBD depending on potency. This aligns with their pricing strategy across product lines.

Users looking for an affordable way to try CBD topicals can access Harrelson’s Own Relief Balm and Body Butter at prices lower than luxury brands charging premium rates. However, these are made with that same isolated CBD so It might really be better to look at Bath Care products from somewhere like Bluegrass Hemp Oil which has a reputation for quality being a founding company of the Kentucky CBD industry.  When it comes to price and Harrelsons’s Own let continue looking at Price vs Cost. 

How Harrelson’s Own Offers Quality, Affordable CBD

Harrelson’s Own strives to keep CBD affordable through:

  • Responsible sourcing – They use organic hemp from U.S. farms that is third-party tested for quality assurance and safety. But they steer clear of overly niche, boutique hemp claims that hike costs.
  • Simple formulas – Their products contain clean ingredients needed to create effective CBD formulas. But they avoid trendy CBD supplements with extensive ingredient panels that raise prices.
  • Efficiency – Their streamlined product lineup and pricing structure reduces manufacturing complexity. They also offer direct-to-consumer online sales that increase savings.
  • Transparency – By providing independent lab testing and truthful labeling, they reduce expenses related to quality control issues, returns, and reformulation that drive up prices.

Harrelson’s Own balances legitimate quality practices with smart decisions to create an affordable CBD product experience.

Considerations When Buying Affordable CBD

While discounted CBD is appealing, consumers should consider:

  • Potency – Heavily discounted CBD may have lower concentrations and require higher doses to achieve effects. Look at cost per mg CBD.
  • Quality – Avoid products without independent certified lab tests confirming contents. Cut corners on quality undercut value.
  • Reputation – Research the brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Discounted CBD still requires trustworthy practices.
  • Ingredients – Ensure affordable products don’t use artificial, low grade, or heavy metal contaminated hemp extracts in formulations.

Seeking valid discounts is wise, but ultra-cheap CBD could signal product issues. Scrutinize sourcing, testing, and reviews even among budget brands.

The truth is many Hollywood actors like Tommy Chong, Martha Stwert and yes Harrerlson’s Own use their popular names to market the benefits of CBD but all offer a low grade option that is marketed well but made poorly with isolated CBD. 


As CBD becomes more competitive, Harrelson’s Own fills a niche that needs to go away for low quality, CBD oils, capsules, and topicals.  They target those searching with their prices per mg of CBD , claiming to come in below average market rates thanks to responsible formulations. Bundled packages offer additional savings for shoppers. While discounted isolated CBD can raise quality concerns, Harrelson’s Own claims it maintains transparency and testing standards for effectiveness and safety within a reasonable price range. Value-conscious consumers  may not to access Harrelson’s Own. With the products marketed as full spectrum but really nanotechnology isolated CBD we do not see any value.  We would suggest checking out a true full spectrum CBD oil such as Genesis Blend.

A bottle of Genesis Blend CBD Full Spectrum Oil placed next to a certificate of higher rating than Harrelson's Own CBD oil, on a wooden table with green leaves around.