The Lone Star State is known for doing everything big. So when Hometown Hero CBD set up shop in Austin, they came ready to fulfill all the promise that their bold name implies. This company may have local roots, but they have sky-high standards when it comes to manufacturing and providing the highest quality CBD products.

A Truly Texan Identity

Hometown Hero CBD leans heavily into their identity as a Texas-based company. Images of the state flag and shape adorn their logo and marketing materials. Their website and packaging also spotlight Texas iconography like the Alamo, lone stars, and landscapes of wide open spaces. This isn’t just marketing fluff though. Hometown Hero uses only American grown hemp, with their 300-acre farm located right in middle of Texas. Every step of their vertically integrated process, from planting seeds to bottling tinctures, takes place at their Austin headquarters.

This Lone Star State focus allows Hometown Hero to closely oversee their supply chain. They can ensure best practices are used in cultivating, harvesting, and processing their homegrown hemp plants. Their extraction facility and lab are also onsite, letting them fine-tune their methods for optimal CBD potency and purity. Hometown Hero offers customers batch-level third-party lab reports, so you can verify the cannabinoid and terpene profiles for every product you buy.

Military-Inspired Mission of Service

The founders of Hometown Hero CBD are also united by a shared background serving in the military. Their motivation for launching the company was to provide all-natural pain relief to fellow veterans, as an alternative to often addictive prescription medications. However, you certainly don’t need to be a soldier to benefit from their line of CBD offerings.

Hometown Hero aims to serve all their customers with quality products that provide targeted effects. They offer traditional CBD formats like tinctures, softgels, and gummies, along with more unique options including dissolvable tablets, flavored syrups, and massage oils. Their lineup has CBD isolates as well as full spectrum formulas, so you can choose the right fit based on your needs and preferences.

One commitment that shines through in both their products and customer service is reliability. Hometown Hero stands behind every product with a satisfaction guarantee. All their CBD oils come with measuring droppers that ensure consistent dosing. Their syrups and massage oils feature measured spray tops to eliminate uncertainty. And their softgels and tablets deliver pre-measured CBD in convenient one-serve portions. When you use Hometown Hero CBD, you can trust you’re getting the advertised amount of high-quality CBD each and every time.

Rigorous Production Methods and Testing

Hometown Hero controls their entire manufacturing process in-house to safeguard purity and potency. Their state-of-the-art extraction facility uses both ethanol and CO2 methods to derive wide spectrum CBD oil. These approaches allow them to preserve key terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Hometown Hero also offers CBD isolates for customers who require or prefer formulas without any THC.

The company’s on-site lab rigorously tests at multiple stages of production. Their botanists analyze soil, water, and plant health during growth. The harvested hemp then undergoes testing to verify cannabinoid and terpene profiles before extraction. The finished CBD oils get checked for residual solvents, pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals. Finally, the formulated products undergo strict potency and uniformity evaluation. Customers can access lab reports for every product to confirm they meet quality benchmarks.

Hometown Hero’s production standards consistently exceed what the law requires. For example, they voluntarily participate in the U.S. Hemp Authority’s certification program that audits for best practices. Only about 20% of hemp CBD companies currently hold this respected certification. Hometown Hero also does in-house contaminant testing that well surpasses typical state mandates. They are committed to perfecting their methods for extracting pure, potent CBD you can trust.

Focus on Supporting Health and Wellness

Hometown Hero CBD formed in response to the opioid crisis, as an all-natural alternative for managing pain and other health conditions. They aim to create high quality products that support general health and help customers feel their best day in and day out.

In addition to pain relief, CBD has emerged as an extremely versatile wellness supplement. Research indicates it can help modulate key bodily functions like mood, stress response, sleep, appetite, and inflammation. The compounds in hemp work indirectly by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters regulates many vital processes. CBD can positively influence this delicate equilibrium.

Hometown Hero offers CBD products to nurture overall wellness in many forms. Their tinctures provide long-lasting effects and easy dosing control. Gummies, syrups and spray oils give you pleasantly flavored CBD that’s easy to take daily. Softgels and tablets deliver pre-measured CBD in compact and convenient packages. For more direct relief, specialized topical CBD like massage oils and cooling gels can target sore muscles or joints.

While Hometown Hero doesn’t make any specific medical claims, the reviews for their products speak to profound benefits. Customers report success relieving chronic issues like pain, anxiety, poor sleep, and more. The company also actively supports non-profit groups that research medical uses for CBD. As the science continues to develop, Hometown Hero aims to fulfill CBD’s exciting potential to enhance human health and happiness.

Texas-Sized Standards for Quality and Service

Hometown Hero CBD offers complete transparency around their products, processes, and business practices. They make it easy to learn about every step in their supply chain, from soil to oil. Their Austin headquarters has an open-door policy, so customers can request tours to see their operation firsthand. The company’s founders are also frequently available to engage directly with curious customers.

This welcoming approach reflects Hometown Hero’s mission to supply CBD that customers can trust. While the CBD industry lacks regulations, this company holds themselves to the highest standards anyway. They adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices and follow FDA guidelines on food-grade production. All Hometown Hero products are also certified kosher and vegan. Their voluntary participation in the U.S. Hemp Authority program further verifies adherence to best practices.

The customer always comes first for Hometown Hero CBD. They offer free shipping within the U.S. and deep discounts to military members and first responders. Their products all come with a 60-day return policy as well. Hometown Hero provides support by phone, email, and chat for anyone needing advice on getting started with CBD. They also have an online knowledge base with resources about CBD benefits, suggested use, terminology and more.

Staying True to Their Texas Roots

As a homegrown company, Hometown Hero has charted an impressive rise to become a top seller nationwide. But even as they’ve expanded their reach, this brand remains loyal to its local Austin identity. They pride themselves on embodying Texas values of honesty, transparency, and service to community.

Hometown Hero supports many Texas non-profits, especially related to veterans’ health and adult and childhood epilepsy. All their charitable giving goes to local groups. On their company blog, they also showcase inspiring stories of fellow Texans who use CBD to power through life’s challenges.

For those seeking quality CBD from a brand that doesn’t compromise, Hometown Hero soars to the top. They offer an extensive selection focused on supporting wellness in many forms. Their production and testing procedures set the bar high to assure you get CBD potency and purity you can depend on. With their veteran-founded mission and Texas-sized standards, Hometown Hero CBD delivers on their promise to be your trusted go-to brand.


Hometown Hero CBD cements their local Austin identity while reaching customers nationwide with their quality CBD offerings. Their vertical integration and rigorous lab testing ensures their products meet high standards of purity and potency. Their diverse lineup suiting various wellness needs demonstrates a commitment to supporting health. Hometown Hero CBD provides authenticity and transparency that builds customer trust. This is a Texas-proud company using locally grown hemp to deliver CBD you can truly believe in.