Many pet owners witness anxious behaviors, activity disturbances or stress reactions in their dogs and wonder about relief options. New supplements like CBD dog treats and hemp-infused Planet gummies claim therapeutic benefits. But do these novel products outperform behavioral training and environmental measures in calming canine anxiety? Examining the evidence on both supplements provides insight.

Understanding Dog Anxiety Root Causes

Like their human counterparts, dogs develop anxiety from genetic predispositions and external triggers like trauma, change/uncertainty, isolation, crowding, loud noises or unfamiliar animals/people. Chronicstress taxes the nervous system, deregulating biological rhythms and depleting neurotransmitters tied to calmness like serotonin and GABA.

Due to their limited stress coping capacities, dogs often exhibit observable anxiety through behaviors like:

  • Agitation/restlessness/pacing
  • Whimpering/barking excesses
  • Hiding/withdrawal from interactions
  • Property destruction when left alone
  • Aggression around strangers or animals
  • Excessive licking self/objects
  • Stress colitis and bowel issues

These anxiety manifestations trace back to real stressors requiring some resolution alongside supplementation for Dogs rely on owners for environmental adjustments lowering stress triggers. But safe calming supplements like CBD treats can accelerate anxiety relief while also teaching dogs to refocus their mindset.

Analyzing Planet Gummies’ Limited Ingredients for Anxiety

Planet gummies from Seattle contain a basic assortment of functional foods like chamomile, ginger, holy basil leaf, L-theanine and lemon balm alongside 2 mg of hemp extract with undisclosed cannabinoid levels. While some ingredients may induce relaxation, multiple limitations exist.

Low CBD concentrations – Without quantifying percent contents, hemp extracts potency stays uncertain. And just 2 mg CBD delivers negligible anti-anxiety effects for medium dogs based on dosing guidelines.

Lacks Entourage Effect – Planet gummies provide isolated compounds not full spectrum hemp’s synergistic molecules for broader stress relief. Missing terpenes and 100+ minor cannabinoids reduces efficacy.

Species Appropriateness Unknown – While ingredients like chamomile and ginger may subjectively relax humans, research confirming anti-anxiety effects in dogs remains limited. Safety studies on using these botanicals long-term in canines are also needed.

Respiratory Risks – Some herbs like lemon balm and holy basil may irritate airways or impose toxicity if concentrations aren’t properly calibrated for dogs. Quality control testing appears inadequate with Planet gummies.

Without sufficient hemp extract dosing backed by full spectrum synergies plus uncertainty around ingredients safety/efficacy for canines, Planet gummies seem an unpredictable solution for dog anxiety compared to CBD dog treats specifically developed for pets.

CBD Dog Treats: Fast Acting and Flavorful

In contrast, CBD-rich dog treats like those from Bluegrass Hemp Oil leverage fixed doses of pure USA-grown full spectrum hemp with research confirming safety and anti-anxiety efficacy in dogs.

Optimized for canine consumption, CBD dog treats utilize meat-based flavors dogs naturally crave to encourage chewing needed for CBD absorption via the digestive tract before its anxiety calming effects take hold.

Studies find oral CBD administration exerts these therapeutic effects in dogs:

  • Decreased stress behaviors and activity disturbances
  • Improved relaxation and owner interaction
  • Supports learning to associate triggers with calmness
  • Analgesic properties ease anxiety linked to chronic pain
  • Facilitates restful sleep uninterrupted by anxiety

These clinically validated properties explain CBD treats fast-acting anxiety relief in dogs. But purity and quality varies greatly across brands.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil Dog Treats Set the Gold Standard

All CBD dog treats aren’t equal. Quality, transparency and testing standards matter tremendously for safety and reliable effects. This makes Bluegrass Hemp Oil the top choice for discerning pet parents and their anxious dogs given our adherence to excellence honed over 10+ years perfecting full spectrum hemp wellness formulations for people that we’ve carefully translated for pets.

Our proprietary CBD-rich dog treats feature:

Fixed Doses for Weight – Available in exact 5 mg and 10 mg CBD doses per treat for precise daily amounts based on a dog’s size.

100% USA-Grown & 3rd Party Tested CBD – Our pure CBD originates from organic hemp through strictquality control with certificates of analysis confirming safety/purity.

Veterinarian & Toxicologist Formulated – Our treat recipes were perfected for canine health needs by Ph.D researchers and veterinary experts.

Proprietary Absorption Technology – We encase CBD inside proprietary liposomes and emulsifiers proven to enhance oral bioavailability over basic CBD treats for maximized effects.

Dog Preferred Meaty Flavors – Real ingredient flavors like chicken and cheddar cheese make our treats irresistible tailored for dogs not people, encouraging consumption.

Offering the most trusted brand in premium CBD supplements specifically adapted for pets, Bluegrass Hemp Oil sets the bar for quality, transparency and results pet owners can believe in.

CBD Dog Treats vs. Planet Gummies for Anxiety

In summary, while Planet gummies contain some functional herbs, CBD dog treats prove superior reducing canine anxiety for several key reasons:

  • CBD treats soothe anxiety via fixed doses of pure quality controlled hemp extract in proper amounts for dog size rather than negligible mystery hemp.
  • Full spectrum CBD offers complete therapeutic synergy over Planet gummies’ isolated plant compounds missing cannabis’ key components.
  • Tailored deliver methods and ingredients in CBD dog treats ensures fast action and pet preferred flavor rather than relying on human doses of untested herbs.
  • With over a decade of leadership and veterinary/toxicological guidance, Bluegrass Hemp Oil CBD treats represent the highest safety and efficacy standards possible over random botanical blends from Planet lacking research confirmation and veterinary insights.