NCBD salves are topical products infused with cannabidiol (CBD), the popular non-psychoactive compound from cannabis plants. They allow for targeted application to provide soothing effects directly where you need them most.

CBD salves typically use a nutrient-dense base of botanical oils, butters, waxes and extracts paired with full spectrum CBD rich in beneficial cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. The full spectrum CBD retains hemp’s naturally occurring compounds for the “entourage effect” boosting salve benefits further.

When massaged into skin and joints, CBD salves may ease discomfort while enhancing skin health. Keep reading to learn all about the new Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg – a high potency CBD topical promising powerful relief.

Overview of Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg

The Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg is a premium strength topical offered by Mission Peak LLC, a leader in quality CBD wellness products made in the USA.

True to its name, each 1oz jar of this salve contains a whopping 2000 milligrams of CBD sourced from full spectrum hemp extract. This gives it a supremely high 33mg of CBD per application.

It’s lab tested for purity and CBD potency as well as being completely THC-free. The brand’s proprietary formula blends full spectrum CBD with skin nourishing oils, butters and waxes for advanced topical delivery.

Key Ingredients Inside Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg

Besides full spectrum CBD, Mission Peak’s salve contains beneficial natural fats and botanicals:

Organic MCT Oil

This fractionated coconut oil provides moisturizing fatty acids to nourish skin. MCTs also aid CBD absorption.


Beeswax gives the salve its thick, balm-like texture while locking in moisture and ingredients.

CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil

The hemp oil uses clean carbon dioxide for extracting CBD and other cannabinoids to preserve hemp’s many natural constituents.

Arnica Flower Extract

Arnica has been traditionally used to relieve muscle aches, swelling and bruising when applied topically.

Ginger Root Oil

Ginger oil enhances blood flow and warming sensations. This complements analgesic effects of CBD.

Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant to guard the skin against damage.

Key Features & Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg

With premium ingredients and sky-high 2000mg CBD content, what can you expect from the Full Spectrum CBD Salve? Here are the main features shoppers love:

Ultra-High 2000mg CBD Concentration

This salve stands out with an incredible 2000 milligrams of CBD per jar – over 60X more than many CBD topicals. This gives you up to 66mg of CBD with each fingertip scoop application.

Such robust CBD concentration makes this an ideal choice for targeting intense or stubborn discomfort. It may also suit CBD veterans with higher tolerance levels seeking extra strength effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD Formula

Mission Peak uses broad spectrum CBD extract for their salve, meaning it contains CBD along with a wealth of other helpful hemp compounds. Though THC is removed, broad spectrum retains other cannabinoids and terpenes building on CBD’s therapeutic effects.

This distinguishes it from CBD isolates which are pure crystallized CBD only. The broad spectrum profile better preserves hemp’s natural synergy through the entourage effect.

Natural, Nourishing Ingredients

Ingredients like anti-inflammatory ginger, skin-soothing vitamin E oil and moisturizing beeswax make this CBD salve effective while benefiting skin quality too. Instead of synthetic chemicals, the formula uses gentle, nutrient-dense botanicals.

Ideal for Deep Penetration

Thanks to its high CBD levels plus skin-conditioning carrier oils, this topical reaches deeper layers of skin faster. Users praise how it absorbs rapidly without greasy residues. This aids targeting joint, nerve and muscle dysfunction efficiently.

Third Party Lab Tested

Each batch undergoes independent testing to validate purity, safety and CBD levels. Their labs confirm it’s THC-free and meets quality standards for legality across the United States.

How to Use Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg

For Best Results

Using CBD salves takes just minutes per day whether applying to specific areas or your whole body. Follow these tips:

  • Clean skin then dry thoroughly before applying the CBD salve to avoid trapping bacteria. Apply evenly in a thin layer massaging gently as desired.
  • Target problem zones like wrists, knees, neck and lower back focusing on areas with tension, swelling or discomfort.
  • For passive effects, apply to bottoms of feet or temples letting skin absorb the CBD over a larger surface area.
  • Allow the salve to fully absorb for 10 to 20 minutes before dressing. Wash hands after handling.
  • Use daily or as needed for inflammation, arthritis, muscle soreness, nerve pain, dermatitis or general skin health. Consistency is key for best outcomes.
  • Store in a cool dark place avoiding extreme heat or cold to preserve potency and shelf life of natural active ingredients.

Reviews of Mission Peak Full Spectrum CBD Salve Effects & Benefits

Happy reviewers praise the Mission Peak CBD salve for bringing noticeable topical relief within minutes. Users love how it…

Soothes Skin Irritation Customers say it calms redness, scaling, flaking and itchiness from psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema once absorbing into affected areas. The botanicals provide anti-inflammatory relief while delivering hydration.

Eases Stiff Joints Those using it before/after exercise mention improved flexibility and mobility in knees, elbows and ankles. The anti-inflammatory ginger and arnica extracts likely complement the joint & tissue effects of CBD.

Relaxes Sore Muscles
Multiple reviewers report targeted muscle tension release. They highlight rubbing it onto legs, back, shoulders and other body parts after straining workouts or physical jobs.

Supports Nerve Discomfort Nerve-related numbness, pinched nerves and tingling/burning sensations also diminished with regular use according to positive testimonials.

Enhances Healthy Skin Even those without major skin conditions say it leaves complexion smooth, glowing and hydrated. The nourishing oils/butters restore soft, supple skin tone.

Lasts Many Months Despite sky-high CBD content, the large 1oz jar provides long lasting relief at an excellent value compared to lower dosed products.

Are There Any Side Effects?

With well-tolerated natural ingredients and zero THC, CBD salves typically cause minimal side effects if any. The worst downside is usually skin irritation which is very rare. Those with allergies should review all ingredients to be safe.

Otherwise for most people, the only risk from using Mission Peak’s CBD salve is potentially mild drowsiness, upset stomach or diarrhea if too much gets absorbed systemically. This is easily preventable by washing hands after application and using smaller than normal amounts at first until you know how it affects you individually.

Of course, pregnant/nursing women plus children should avoid use given insufficient research data. Talk to your doctor about any medical contraindications too.

Overall though, topicals like Mission Peak Premium’s 2000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Salve have an incredibly high safety profile according to studies – especially compared to oral CBD, pharmaceuticals and OTC painkillers.

Where Can You Buy Mission Peak CBD Salve 2000mg?

The best place to buy authentic Full Spectrum CBD Salve 2000mg is through the Mission Peak manufacturer’s site with prices as low as $69 per jar.

Each order is backed by their 90 day money back return policy if you’re not fully satisfied. Mission Peak also offers free shipping and regular promos to help offset the premium craft quality.                                              Buy Now