With the rising popularity of CBD for wellness, a crowded market of cannabidiol products has emerged to meet demand. New CBD brands are arriving on the scene every day. But with an unregulated industry, determining quality CBD from subpar can prove challenging.

One CBD tincture that has earned glowing reviews is Orange Zest Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg. This citrus flavored oil by Ignite CBD claims to provide the highest grade of CBD while appealing to taste preferences.

But does this top-rated CBD oil live up to its claims? I ordered a bottle to assess Orange Zest Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg for myself. In this comprehensive review, I’ll share my take on the quality, taste, effects, customer service, and overall value of this CBD tincture.

About Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD is the CBD division of Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite International Brands. Bilzerian, an actor and Instagram personality, founded Ignite with a mission of disrupting the CBD market. The company aims to educate the masses on CBD and make cannabidiol approachable through transparent, fun branding.

Ignite CBD’s lineup includes CBD oils, gummies, topicals, vape pens and pet products. Their hemp extract comes from indoor facilities in Europe regulated under EU standards, although they plan to expand with American-grown hemp in the future. The company recently opened a 50,000 square foot global production studio in Los Angeles for filming CBD-focused social media content.

Unboxing Orange Zest CBD Oil 1000mg
Ignite packages the Orange Zest CBD oil in a sturdy orange box bearing the scannable QR code for lab results. Inside, the cobalt blue tincture bottle has an easy-to-use dropper cap. The coordinating orange accent colors present smart branding.

This Ignite CBD oil contains a total cannabinoid concentration of 1000mg per bottle. With 30mL volume, each 1 mL dropper contains about 33mg CBD, making the potency 33mg/mL. This allows easy dosing by the dropper amounts.

The “Supplement Facts” label breaks down the ingredients:

– 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
– MCT (Coconut Oil)
– Natural Flavors
– Citric Acid
– <0.3% THC

The relatively simple ingredients list inspires confidence in quality. MCT coconut oil makes a clean, smooth carrier oil. And the product adheres to federal regulations, containing less than 0.3% THC. The citric acid adds light tartness to brighten the orange flavor.

In terms of transparency, I appreciate how Ignite CBD provides easily accessible third party lab reports online. I entered the batch code QR on my bottle into their website, which pulled up a COA from California marijuana testing lab SC Labs. This confirmed the Orange Zest CBD Oil’s advertised potency and pass on residual solvent and microbial testing.

Taste Review

In terms of flavor, Ignite CBD nailed the profile with this tincture. Upon sublingual application under my tongue, the orange zest taste quickly emerged. The citrus flavor remains light and refreshing, without becoming overwhelming sugary. There’s just enough tartness to maintain the orange essence.

Unlike earthier unflavored CBD oils, the orange zest masks any hemp taste. The MCT carrier oil also provides a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. However, those who dislike orange or strong citrus flavors may not welcome the profile. But I found it tasty and drinkable without requiring a chaser. This is likely Ignite CBD’s most palatable oil in terms of flavor.

Dosing Review

When testing new CBD, I tend to start with a modest dose of around 20mg to gauge initial effects. With the 33mg per mL potency of Orange Zest CBD Oil, I measured out a 0.5mL dropper dose to start.

Sublingually taking the oil, I held it under my tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing to allow full absorption. The slightly viscous oil felt like quality, and the orange taste remained pleasant.

In the hour following dosing, I noticed a mild calming sensation with subtle enthusiasm, likely from the flavor enjoyment. My introductory 20mg dose proved sufficient for my mid-range CBD tolerance. Those newer to CBD may want to take half a dropper to start.

For consumers wanting a stronger serving, the 33mg/mL potency accommodates larger doses. Taking a full 1mL dropper amount provides a robust 33mg CBD dose. Given the price, one could max out the dropper without breaking the bank.

For my next dose, I measured 0.75mL for roughly 25mg CBD. The effects felt incrementally amplified while remaining mellow and manageable during activities. With this oil, I’d have no concerns gradually upping my dosage to find the ideal amount.

Duration of Effects

In observing the duration of effects, I perceived the mellow sense lasting around 4 to 6 hours after dosing. The greater initial intensity tapered slowly over time, with later subtle effects. There was no energy crash as the CBD tapered.

However, hitting the 6 hour mark, I noticed receding effects, indicating the oil’s duration window. At this point, subsequent dosing may increase blood levels for maintained benefits. Those wanting 24/7 coverage may split doses morning and evening.

For my needs, the solid 4 to 6 hour duration gives enough lasting relief without constant redosing. It also allows adjusting amounts between doses based on my daily schedule and demands. The longevity aligns with quality full spectrum CBD.

Product Highlights

– Delicious orange zest flavoring
– Full spectrum hemp extract
– 33mg CBD per 1mL for easy dosing
– Clean CBD sourcing and extraction
– QR code for third party lab testing
– 4-6 hour duration of effects

Potential Drawbacks

– Only available direct through Ignite CBD (no third party sellers)
– Bottle not designed to prevent light exposure
– Citrus taste may not suit everyone

Customer Service Experience

As an online CBD brand, Ignite CBD’s customer service standards matter for standing behind their products. I tested their customer service through some standard questions.

Via online chat during business hours, a rep swiftly answered my queries about their hemp sourcing and oil production processes. The agent was friendly and able to provide detailed information about their European hemp supply and CBD extraction methods.

I also contacted their customer service team via email late at night to determine response times for after hours inquiries. Within 24 hours I received a thoughtful response to my question about CBD shipping and satisfaction guarantee policies.

Their stated return policy offers full refunds within 30 days for any reason. Overall, Ignite CBD’s customer service across platforms was responsive, kind, and capable. This adds value for an enjoyable buyer experience.

Orange Zest CBD 1000mg Oil Pricing Breakdown

A single 30mL bottle of Orange Zest CBD Oil 1000mg costs $75, breaks down to around $0.075 per mg of CBD. Compared to competitors on average, this positions the oil as an affordable high potency CBD tincture. For the price, you receive ample CBD at an accessible rate.

However, customers can lower the per mg price further by purchasing Ignite CBD’s 3-pack or 6-pack bundles. The bundles drop the per bottle price to $63.75 and $56.25 respectively. Given the quality and effects, the bundles create appealing value from a cost perspective.

For consumers wanting to test the product first, Ignite’s low shipping flat rate of $5 somewhat offsets the single bottle cost. Ultimately, while not the absolute cheapest CBD, this Ignite CBD oil delivers solid value at an accessible price point.

Final Verdict: An Exceptional Quality CBD Oil Overall

In conclusion, Orange Zest Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg absolutely lived up to expectations. From the clean ingredients to robust effects to affordable pricing, this CBD oil delivers as a top shelf product. The high concentration provides potent CBD servings with the flexibility for moderate or strong dosages.

While the light orange flavor masks any hemp taste, consumers preferring unflavored oils may not enjoy the citrus infusion. However, Ignite CBD’s other tinctures offer additional flavor choices like tropical, blood orange, and unflavored versions.

With quality manufacturing and testing plus responsive customer service, Ignite CBD checks all the boxes for a reputable CBD brand. If you think Orange Zest CBD oil fits your wellness goals, the product earns an enthusiastic recommendation. Just be sure to consult your doctor before using CBD, and monitor your body’s response closely.