CBD Gummies Showdown: American Shaman vs. Bluegrass Hemp Oil

Choosing the Right CBD Gummies for You

When selecting CBD gummies, it’s important to compare popular options. We examine American Shaman’s CBD Gummies and Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, to understand their differences.

Product Comparison Table

Feature American Shaman CBD Gummies Bluegrass Hemp Oil CBD Gummies
CBD Type Isolated CBD Full Spectrum CBD
THC Content THC Free Less than 0.3% THC
Flavor Various Flavors Natural Fruit Flavors
Vegan Friendly No Yes
CBD per Gummy 10mg 25mg
CBD per Container 300mg (30 gummies) 900mg (60 gummies)
Price per Serving $.99 per gummy $.78 per gummy
Price per Container $29.99 $47.00
CBD Source Unknown biomass source Farm-grown in Kentucky
Food Coloring Used Yes No

Analyzing the Differences

The Importance of CBD Type

  • Isolated vs. Full Spectrum: American Shaman’s gummies contain isolated CBD, while Bluegrass Hemp Oil offers full-spectrum CBD, potentially more beneficial due to the entourage effect.

THC Content: To Consider or Not?

  • THC Levels: American Shaman’s gummies are THC-free, while Bluegrass Hemp oil Genesis Blend CBD oil contain trace amounts, staying within legal limits.

Flavor and Dietary Preferences

  • Taste and Ingredients: Personal preference matters, but so do dietary needs. Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s gummies cater to a wider range of dietary preferences, being vegan-friendly.

Price, Potency, and Value

  • Cost-Effectiveness: When comparing price per serving, consider the potency. Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s gummies might be more cost-effective in the long run. We have a better price per gummy as well as a price per mg of CBD. Making it not only a more effective gummy because it is full spectrum over isolated but also provides a better value.

Making an Informed Choice

While both products have unique features, your choice depends on your specific needs. Understand more about what keeps people from taking CBD to make an informed decision.

FAQs About CBD Gummies

  1. What are the benefits of CBD gummies for kids with anxiety and stress?
  2. Are CBD gummies safe?

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