Somewhere between 7% and 20% of Americans take CBD… So what’s keeping the rest from getting started?

CBD is on the rise in terms of both topics and treatments. You honestly see and hear about it almost everywhere. More and more people of all walks of life are embracing its therapeutic benefits; however, its use may not be as widespread as it seems. In an earlier 2019 report, Cowen & Co. suggested that only 7% of Americans used CBD – with 10% expected to use it by 2025.

Along those same lines, albeit with slightly higher results, a Gallup Poll from mid-2019 found that 14% of American adults stated they were actively using CBD. Of which, 40% said they used CBD to treat pain symptoms, while 20% use it for anxiety, 11% for insomnia and 8% use it for arthritis. Other reasons included Depression (2%), Stress (5%), Migraines/Headaches (5%), and General Health reasons (4%). Clearly, the potential benefits are all over the board. It’s no surprise everyone is seemingly talking about it.

In our second episode of Full Spectrum Living with CBD, we’re discussing why people are still cautious even while so many are seeing positive results. Listen in as we discuss:

  1. How to overcome fears around CBD stigma
  2. Why cultural pressures have suppressed CBD
  3. How there’s a breadth of studies on CBD
  4. How to identify a good source of CBD
  5. How CBD can positively impact your life

We’ll also share some amazing stories of how CBD has helped people in their lives. If you’re curious about CBD, this episode is for you. Maybe you want to know more but aren’t sure what information to trust. Our goal is to educate and demystify hemp and CBD so you, your family and your friends can reap the benefits of this amazing natural remedy.

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