How With the rising popularity of CBD for its purported wellness benefits, a crowded marketplace of CBD brands has emerged. Determining which companies offer quality, effective CBD can feel overwhelming. Harrelson’s Own CBD brand claims it aims to stand out by providing high quality full spectrum CBD products at affordable price points for a better customer experience. However after a review it might be more acting and marketing than real effect.

This article will explore Harrelson’s Own CBD in-depth, analyzing their formulations, hemp sourcing, manufacturing standards, product line, independent testing, company reputation, pricing structure, and other key details. As consumer interest in CBD accelerates, Harrelson’s Own seeks to attract informed shoppers seeking premium value in their CBD purchases. So lets make sure consumers are informed so they can make the best decisions.

Overview of Harrelson’s Own CBD

Harrelson’s Own CBD is a direct-to-consumer brand offering oils, capsules, topicals and gummies sourced from organic American hemp. Their vertically integrated supply chain controls for quality from seed to final product. They caim.

According to Harrelson’s Own CBD, their products support general wellness, including relief from occasional aches and pains, exercise recovery, restful sleep, and calm focus. Their affordably priced lineup aims to make premium CBD more accessible to mainstream consumers.  When examined however their products are isolated and THC free. Thus making them less effective. For many that is paying more and getting less.

In addition to claiming competitive pricing, Harrelson’s Own CBD strives for transparency by providing third party lab test results and detailed product information. Their streamlined business offers savings passed down to customers seeking quality CBD on a budget. While marketed as that, the truth is more like they are marketing the same isolated CBD, water soluble cannabinoid as other companies are just under a different name and amount in the bottle.

Harrelson’s Own CBD Manufacturing Process

Harrelson’s Own CBD oversees production from start to finish to ensure quality control:

  • American hemp sourcing – Their hemp is organically grown on U.S. farms following strict regulations. Domestic sourcing allows close monitoring.
  • CO2 extraction – Their hemp oil is extracted using CO2 methods. This yields pure, high potency extracts. Minus useful terpenes that are not extracted in the Co2 process but are in more advanced process.  Then the CBD is isolated to make it THC free, water soluble and less effective. Learn more about this below.
  • Third party testing – Every batch undergoes independent lab testing to verify safety and CBD concentrations. This guarantees accurate labeling.
  • GMP facility – All production takes place in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility adhering to strict quality protocols.

They claim, that controlling their supply chain helps Harrelson’s Own ensure their affordable pricing does not compromise on delivering pure, potent CBD you can trust. As you continue to learn using isolated CBD as they do really, means it can come from anywhere like biomass and it is all the same and less effective than the real full spectrum that provides the entourage effect. Therefore it seems they are just using marketing verbiage. CBD customers are looking for relief not marketing verbiage. Follow the link for real CBD Oil.

Product Lineup

Harrelson’s Own CBD offers focused product lines:

CBD Oils – Available in four potencies (300mg, 600mg, 1500mg, 3000mg), their claimed full spectrum hemp oil has an earthy, natural taste. Oils can be taken sublingually or incorporated into foods. ( Real full spectrum CBD oil is fat soluble not water soluable.

CBD Capsules – Offering both 10mg and 25mg CBD gel capsules, their capsules provide precision dosing and optimal absorption. 30 count bottles provide 300mg or 750mg CBD total.

CBD Topicals – Topical CBD formulas include a 300mg Relief Balm and a 500mg Body Butter containing soothing natural ingredients for affected areas.

CBD Gummies – Their gummies provide 25mg doses of CBD each with a total of 750mg CBD per bottle. Natural fruit flavors include blue raspberry, strawberry, orange, cherry, and lemon.

Harrelson’s Own CBD covers all the essential CBD product categories at reasonable price points.

Harrelson’s Own CBD Hemp Sourcing Practices

Harrelson’s Own CBD uses organic hemp grown on regulated U.S. farms without the use of pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Their hemp is further tested to ensure:

  • Purity – Hemp is tested for heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants to guarantee safety.
  • Potency – CBD levels must consistently meet product label claims as validated through third party testing.
  • Legality – Final products contain less than 0.3% THC, the legal threshold for CBD.

They claim their U.S.-grown hemp provides a clean, potent CBD source that allows formulating affordable products without cutting corners. However once the reader understands that they are using isolated CBD is becomes obvious that they as well as many other companies are no different. 

Independent Lab Testing by Harrelson’s Own CBD

Harrelson’s Own CBD undergoes independent third-party lab testing to objectively verify content and purity. Their labs test for:

  • Cannabinoid profile – Tests confirm the presence of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids to guarantee accurate levels.
  • Microbes and contaminants – Samples are analyzed for mold, fungi, heavy metals and other contaminants for safety.
  • Residual solvents – Testing checks for any lingering solvents used in extraction that could persist in final products.
  • Pesticides – Plants are screened for pesticides and herbicides that could transfer from hemp into CBD extracts.

Published Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for every product batch provide transparency into their contents, quality, and safety down to precise concentrations.

Harrelson’s Own CBD Company Reputation

Consumer reports and external CBD reviews help shed light on a brand’s business practices. Key indicators for Harrelson’s Own CBD include:

  • Positive customer reviews – Customers praise their affordable pricing, quality, and transparency. Many report noticeable benefits from using their products.
  • Responsive customer service – Their U.S.-based support team provides guidance and answers questions quickly through phone, email or live chat.
  • Industry practices – Harrelson’s Own employs current cGMP manufacturing guidelines and participates in industry best practices related to hemp cultivation and extraction.
  • Informative website – Their site offers detailed information on their supply chain, manufacturing standards, lab tests, and key product details.

Positive feedback on their customer service, quality, transparency, and business operations reflects the trust Harrelson’s Own CBD establishes with clients.

Harrelson’s Own CBD Pricing Breakdown

Harrelson’s Own CBD offers products at the following price points:

  • CBD oils from $39.99 – $169.99
  • CBD capsules for $39.99 – $59.99
  • CBD topicals from $39.99 – $49.99
  • CBD gummies for $59.99

Their pricing averages $0.08 – $0.15 per mg CBD across their lineup. This compares favorably to competitors often charging $0.20+ per mg.

Bundle packages provide further savings, like a 600mg oil + 750mg capsules bundle for $99.99. Bundling creates savings on an already value-driven brand.

How Harrelson’s Own CBD Sets Itself Apart

In an oversaturated CBD market, Harrelson’s Own CBD distinguishes itself by:

  • Vertically integrating production for quality oversight across the entire supply chain
  • Sourcing 100% organic hemp grown ethically on U.S. farms
  • Employing safe, clean CO2 extraction methods to obtain pure hemp extract
  • Testing rigorously through independent labs for safety and transparency
  • Focusing on core CBD products to streamline operations
  • Pricing competitively to make premium CBD more economical

These prudent decisions help support quality while keeping prices reasonable.


In summary, Harrelson’s Own CBD strives to provide a premium CBD experience at an affordable cost. Their high quality organic hemp and rigorous third party testing ensure safety and effectiveness. Competitive pricing and bundle packages make CBD accessible to value-focused consumers. Their commitment to transparency and responsive customer service underpin their growing reputation. In an expensive CBD market, Harrelson’s Own CBD emerges as a budget-friendly option that refuses to compromise on quality.