The swelling popularity of CBD gummies has led to a true flood of brands, formulas and options to choose from. But how do you know which CBD gummies deliver proper support versus subpar products to avoid? Let’s explore what truly proper CBD gummies look like based on essential buying criteria.

Defining High Quality CBD Gummies

Before revealing this year’s leading CBD gummy brands, first we need to understand what constitutes properly made, effective CBD gummies.

Starting With Superior Sourced Hemp

Proper CBD gummies begin with organically cultivated hemp sourced from USA growers adhering to strict regulations. Domestically grown hemp ensures safety standards and oversight from seed to harvest. CBD-rich cannabis extracts derive from the plant’s nutrient-rich flowers versus low quality leaves, stems or seeds.

Mandatory Third Party Testing

Every batch of finished CBD gummy products should undergo independent third-party lab testing before going to market. Updated certificates of analysis confirm potency matches the label along with verifying the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, bacteria and other contaminants. Detailed lab reports signal safety and quality.

Precise Formulating for Full Effects

Beyond just CBD, truly effective gummies incorporate complementary cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBC plus essential terpenes, phytonutrients and flavonoids naturally found in hemp. This amplified phenomenon produces what experts call the “entourage effect” for maximum benefits.

Clean Ingredients Equal Safety

Proper CBD gummies leave out high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors, gelatin made from animal byproducts and other unhealthy ingredients in favor of organic cane sugar, all-natural fruit flavors, seaweed-based binders and similar clean options.

When seeking properly formulated CBD gummies boasting full spectrum benefits, here are the top brands leading the market.

Spotlight on Five CBD Gummies Done Right

Based on the above quality benchmarks for safety, potency and effectiveness, these prominent CBD gummy makers exceed expectations.

1. Penguin CBD Gummies

As our #1 rated brand overall, Penguin CBD sets the bar extremely high across the board, but their dedication shines through brightly in their properly formulated CBD gummies. Using Oregon grown hemp rich in CBD plus complementary cannabinoids and terpenes, Penguin’s proprietary refinement process preserves the plant’s most valuable components for maximum potential effects. Their commitment to quality ingredients like real fruit juices and extracts enhances both safety and flavor.

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2. Everest Full Spectrum Gummies

Everest provides a fine example of properly calibrated CBD gummies containing functional levels of additional cannabis compounds for entourage benefits. Their leading edge formulas promote balance by combining other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC plus terpenes, flavonoids and amino acids found in hemp. The result is full spectrum gummies delivering relaxed clarity and pain relief.

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3. Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Earning their name, Premium Jane crafts properly balanced full spectrum CBD gummies using high quality USA harvested hemp grown to organic standards. Their attention to detail spans the entire seed-to-sale process for gummies delivering 25mg of CBD plus other beneficial phytochemicals from whole plant extracts in delicious tropical flavors. The premium quality shows.

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4. Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD Gummies

Arguably the most iconic CBD brand, Charlotte’s Web has properly mastered full spectrum CBD gummies designed to ease anxious feelings and calm nerves. Created using whole plant hemp extracts, their gummies feature CBD plus complementary cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids working synergistically to support inner tranquility and relaxed sleep. The addition of lemon balm adds proven anti-anxiety benefits.

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5. Medterra Keep Calm CBD Gummies

Medterra keeps quality first when properly formulating their superior CBD gummies for chilling out. Their Keep Calm formula combining CBD with researched botanicals like chamomile, lemon balm and L-theanine promotes balance by attacking anxiety and insomnia from multiple angles for fuller effects and ultimate relaxation.

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While certainly not the only properly made CBD gummies out there, these five exemplary brands particularly stood out based on hemp quality, processing controls, precise calibrating for full benefits, clean ingredients for safety and positive customer experiences. Next let’s examine proper usage guidelines.

Properly Using CBD Gummies for Best Results

Now that you’ve selected high quality, properly formulated CBD gummies from reputable brands, let’s discuss proper dosing and usage tips for ideal results:

Adjust Dosage Based on Experience

With up to 30mg CBD per gummy, beginners should start very low, around 5-10mg and gradually increase every few days as needed and tolerated. Repeat customers or those using CBD for chronic pain/insomnia may start with the upper end around 25-30mg. Finding sweet spot doses may take some tinkering.

Take Consistently

Unlike fast acting CBD oils placed under the tongue, gummies must pass through digestion before onset so remain in your system longer. While oils offer quick relief, gummies work better for chronic, recurring symptoms with sustained usage.

Complement With Lifestyle Strategies

Proactively manage stress levels through regular exercise, sufficient sleep, balanced nutrition including omega fatty acids and meaningful social connection for additive effects along with CBD.

Properly using CBD gummies also entails ideal storage conditions:

Correct Storage Boosts Longevity

To protect purity, potency and shelf life of CBD plus other sensitive cannabis compounds, properly store unopened packages away from heat, light or air exposure. Refrigeration boosts longevity for up to one year while room temp works for shorter durations under six months.

Following proper selection, dosing and storage protocols enables you to experience CBD gummies’ full benefits for targeted support against recurring health complaints.

Avoiding the Most Common CBD Gummy Pitfalls

Through researching proper usage plus analyzing customer feedback for thousands of gummy products, we pinpointed several key pitfalls to avoid for ideal satisfaction:

Beware Cheap Immature Hemp

Mass producing low cost gummies typically requires rushed hemp cultivation using premature plants lacking CBD richness along with more imprecise manufacturing processes sacrificing quality.

Look Out for Excess Sugar

Gummies mask CBD’s somewhat bitter, botanical taste but unhealthy added sugars promote weight gain and inflammation while detracting from hemp benefits.

Skip Sketchy Sellers

Order directly from reputable brands with clearly labeled packaging and updated lab testing for every batch to avoid contamination and confirm full spectrum CBD levels.

Steer Clear of Heavy Metal Risks

Better brands carefully monitor soil quality through analytics testing to guarantee negligible heavy metals absorption from the ground into hemp plants destined for gummies. Elderly and small children remain particularly vulnerable to accumulative heavy metal exposure so checking for safe limits is essential.

By avoiding these all too common pitfalls when selecting and properly using CBD gummies, you can feel confident receiving maximum safety and full effectiveness.

The Future Remains Bright for Progress in CBD Gummies

Looking beyond 2024, experts predict the high watermark set by this year’s properly formulated gummies will continue escalating as advanced extraction techniques unlock greater capacities for cannabinoid and terpene retention. This portends brighter possibilities for CBD gummies properly calibrated with optimal phytochemical levels to activate the entourage effect for multi-target health and wellness support via enhanced endocannabinoid tone.

The Time is Now to Experience Properly Made CBD Gummies

In closing, as the tidal wave of inferior CBD gummies overrunning the market continues subsiding, properly formulated gummies delivering safety, potency and effectiveness continue rising to the top. Put in the due diligence selecting superior full spectrum CBD gummies according to clean ingredient standards, independent testing and balanced cannabinoid/terpene profiles summarized above and your chances for success improve exponentially. Then adhere to proper dosing and storage procedures for amplified, lasting benefits. Here’s to properly made CBD gummies launching you on a transformational path toward deeper health and wellbeing as we forge ahead in 2024!

Properly Priced High Quality CBD Gummies

When exploring the array of CBD gummies flooding the market, you face an extremely wide range of pricing reflecting highly variable quality. But what constitutes properly priced CBD gummies from reputable brands? Let’s break it down.

Consider Manufacturing Complexity

Properly priced CBD gummies account for pricier high tech extraction methods like CO2 plus slower fermentation and distillation processes needed to preserve fragile compounds like terpenes otherwise destroyed through shortcuts. These meticulous techniques clearly increase production costs that translate into consumer pricing.

Factor Farming Standards

Brands committed to naturally cultivated organic hemp free of pesticides and GMOs under proper state regulations rightfully pass higher costs to end consumers. Only through informed pricing can these elevated benchmarks for safety and potency remain economically sustainable.

Don’t Forget Third Party Testing

Proper pricing must incorporate thorough batch testing by independent labs checking for an array of metrics like potency, residual solvents/pesticides, microbial life and heavy metals with up-to-date public access to results. This comprehensive screening remains expensive but essential.

When assessing competing CBD gummy products, those properly priced typically reflect conscientious sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance passing higher expenses to consumers, yet also providing superior quality and effectiveness that justifies mildly elevated cost ranges. In contrast, inexpensive gummies frequently guarantee disappointing experiences. Ultimately, you get what you pay for when purchasing properly made CBD gummies.


Proper CBD gummies live up to their reputation for high-quality ingredients, conscientious manufacturing, and effectiveness based on customer experiences. By thoroughly lab testing every batch and sourcing 100% organic hemp grown in the USA, Proper sets a new standard for transparency and quality assurance in CBD edibles. Their focused formula using isolated CBD allows precise dosing and accessibility for new users. While lacking the fuller entourage effect benefits of broad spectrum formulas, Proper’s dedication to refining CBD extraction itself results in gummies many find provide noticeable relaxation with fast-acting results. With tasty flavors and an affordable subscription pricing model, Proper offers an appealing option for those seeking day or nighttime CBD gummies from an established brand focused on doing everything right. While CBD gummy effects can vary individually, Proper’s credentials make their lineup a worthy consideration.