CBD oil has become an increasingly popular supplement used to promote wellness. With so many products on the market, it can be tough deciding which CBD oil is right for you. Aspen Green Rest organic full spectrum CBD oil is one option that stands out for its high-quality ingredients, targeted benefits for sleep and recovery, and rave customer reviews. This article will analyze Aspen Green Rest CBD oil in detail so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.

An Overview of Aspen Green Rest CBD Oil

Aspen Green Rest CBD oil is a premium product line crafted using Colorado-grown organic hemp. It comes in three variants designed for nighttime use:

  • Rest: 900mg broad spectrum CBD per bottle
  • Deep Rest: 1800mg broad spectrum CBD per bottle
  • Dream: 600mg CBN + 300mg CBD per bottle

The Rest oils provide a robust CBD dose to help you unwind and reach a restful state. The Deep Rest offers an extra-strength 2:1 CBD:THC ratio for deeper relaxation. Dream combines the soothing powers of CBD with sedative CBN.

All varieties use full spectrum hemp extract with a blend of terpenes and botanicals intended to enhance effects. The nanoemulsified oil is water-soluble for faster absorption and impact.

Quality & Testing of Aspen Green Rest CBD

Aspen Green uses pure Colorado-grown hemp as the source for its CBD extracts. Their hemp is certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and grown without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

They employ clean  extraction methods to obtain full spectrum CBD oil. Each batch is tested by an ISO 17025-compliant third-party lab to validate purity and potency. Test reports are available on their website showing the oil is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contaminants.

This rigorous testing confirms the high quality of Aspen Green’s CBD oils.

CBD Potency & Benefits

Independent lab testing verifies the CBD potency listed on the bottle. The Rest CBD oil contains approximately 900mg of CBD per 1oz bottle, providing a robust 30mg CBD per 1mL serving.

The extra strength Deep Rest has 1800mg total CBD, while the CBN-infused Dream contains 600mg CBD and 300mg CBN.

These substantial CBD and CBN doses may promote several benefits:

  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Enhanced relaxation and sleep
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Improved mood and mental clarity
  • Heightened exercise recovery

Aspen Green Rest CBD oil aims to deliver these targeted benefits quickly and effectively thanks to its nanoemulsified format.

Nanoemulsion Technology for Improved Absorption

Unlike traditional CBD oils, Aspen Green Rest uses an advanced nanoemulsion process to create water-compatible CBD oil with smaller particle sizes.

Research shows nanoemulsified CBD is 4x more absorbable than regular CBD oils. The nano-sized droplets allow the CBD to bypass first pass digestion for faster absorption and bioavailability. Users receive more of the active CBD compared to standard oils.

Nanoemulsification also eliminates the bitter taste and oily residue of unprocessed CBD oil. Aspen Green Rest CBD has a pleasant natural flavor.

Taste & Using Aspen Green Rest CBD Oils

Aspen Green Rest CBD comes in three flavor options:

Chocolate Mint: Rich chocolate flavor with minty afternotes.
Citrus: Zesty blood orange and lemon. Unflavored: For those who prefer unaltered CBD flavor.

The oils can be taken directly in the mouth or mixed into foods and drinks if desired. Dosage depends on your needs and sensitivity to CBD:

  • Light: 0.5ml (15mg CBD+)
  • Medium: 1ml (30mg CBD+)
  • Strong: 1.5-2ml (45-60mg+ CBD)

Take Aspen Green Rest an hour before bed for restful sleep. Combine the CBN-infused Dream with melatonin for added synergy. Start low and increase dose gradually as needed.

Consumer Reviews: Does Aspen Green Rest CBD Oil Work?

Based on verified buyer reviews, Aspen Green Rest CBD oils deliver on their promises for sleep, relaxation, and pain relief. Satisfied customers report:

  • Falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly through the night
  • Feeling more calm, relaxed, and less anxious after taking it
  • Experiencing a peaceful sensation before bedtime
  • Waking up more refreshed and energized
  • Noticing reduced inflammation and body aches
  • Having an easier time winding down for bed

Negative reviews are very limited for Aspen Green’s Rest line. Any mild side effects experienced were typical of CBD oils, like changes in appetite or drowsiness.

Aspen Green Rest CBD Pricing & Value

Aspen Green Rest CBD oils are priced as premium products, which makes sense given their organic hemp source and nanoemulsification.

Product Price
Rest CBD Oil $149 per bottle
Deep Rest CBD Oil $269 per bottle
Dream CBN + CBD Oil $149 per bottle

Compared to competitors, Aspen Green is priced on the higher end but delivers added value from its nanoemulsified format and high-grade organic hemp. With regular discounts and subscription pricing, the oils represent an good long-term investment for daily CBD users.

For a top-tier nano CBD oil focused on sleep and recovery, Aspen Green Rest offers leading quality and effectiveness.

Should You Try Aspen Green Rest CBD Oils?

Aspen Green Rest organic full spectrum CBD oil is a top contender if you’re looking for a CBD supplement to enhance sleep quality, relaxation, exercise recovery, and general wellness. Backed by thousands of positive customer experiences, their nanoemulsified CBD oils deliver robust benefits quickly and effectively.

While the pricing sits on the higher end, you receive premium value from Aspen Green’s commitment to organic hemp and advanced nano CBD technology. For a powerful CBD oil designed specifically with rest and recuperation in mind, Aspen Green Rest is a smart investment.


Aspen Green Rest offers one of the premier organic full spectrum CBD oils available for supporting deep rest and rejuvenation. Their nanoemulsified CBD oils feature exceptional absorption and effectiveness thanks to advanced technology. By sourcing pure Colorado grown hemp and extensive third party testing, Aspen Green delivers a top-tier product line for nightly use. Reviews confirm Rest, Deep Rest, and Dream CBD oils can enhance sleep quality, decrease anxiety, alleviate pain, and promote overall wellbeing. For those willing to invest more, Aspen Green provides a smart option with their targeted rest-focused CBD oils.