WNC CBD Discount Code Reddit

WNC CBD is a popular CBD and hemp flower company based out of Asheville, North Carolina. They offer high quality hemp flower strains and CBD products at affordable prices. Many customers search for “wnc cbd discount code reddit” to try and find deals on WNC CBD products in reddit communities.

Though WNC CBD does not have an official reddit account or publicly post discount codes, some users have reported occasional discount codes being posted in subreddits like r/hempflowers and r/CBD. Joining these communities and keeping an eye out can sometimes yield a limited-time discount code for 10-20% off your WNC CBD purchase. However, as their products are very competitively priced, even without a promo code WNC CBD offers claims to offer top value on top shelf hemp flower and CBD extracts. But it is really? a dive into that data might just show something differant.

WNC THCA Flower Strains

One unique product that WNC CBD offers that many other vendors lack is high-quality THCA hemp flower strains. THCA is the precursor acid molecule to delta 9 THC before it gets decarboxylated into its active form.

As federal law requires legal hemp flower to contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, THCA flower is an alternative way to legally experience strong therapeutic effects and the most potent hemp flower legally available. When smoked or vaped, THCA converts to THC providing a powerful high.

Some top WNC THCA strains include Cherry Abacus, Purple Zkittles, and Special Sauce. At just $50-80 per ounce with 20-26%+ THCA content, these exotic indoor-grown strains offer outstanding value and deliver uniquely potent effects not found with high CBD flower alone.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in North Carolina

For North Carolina residents seeking the best selection of boutique hemp flower strains, WNC CBD should be your first stop. As a local NC company, they source premium flower primarily from small farms across Appalachia. This gives them exclusive access to exotic strains not easily found even in popular online hemp retailers.

They also provide exceptional customer service to match their expertise in curating top-shelf CBD flower strains. Customers can order securely online for delivery in NC in just 2-3 days. WNC CBD also operates a physical retail location in Arden, NC near Asheville where you can buy hemp flower and CBD products in person.

Between their online selection carrying 50+ elite strains from brands like Top Cola and High Culture Cake, and their incredibly knowledgeable staff guiding your experience, WNC CBD is the premier destination for hemp flower in North Carolina.

WNC Hemp – A Leader in Quality & Innovation

WNC CBD set a new standard for hemp flower when they launched in 2019 with an emphasis on showcasing high-end indoor exotic strains not previously seen in the legal hemp market. They immediately stood out by placing quality first, building direct relationships with boutique multi-state hemp farms.

This direct farm-to-consumer access gives WNC earlier pick of premium exotic indoor flower strains that would otherwise end up in extracts or sold overseas. Their team pioneered processes for properly curing hemp flower to maximize terpenes and remove harshness for remarkably smooth flavor and ultra-potent entourage effects.

WNC also tests and reports complete cannabinoid/terpene profiles with recommended dosage guidance to optimize each strains’ potential benefits. And they continue innovating in the space with products like their popular <0.3% THC-O Moon Rock blunts and CBG-only flower strains.

For these reasons and more, WNC CBD has built a reputation as a true leader not just in North Carolina but across the entire US hemp flower industry.

WNC CBD Carts & Extracts

In addition to an extensive selection of premium hemp flower, WNC CBD offers vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and other hemp products at their online store and Arden retail location. When the testing data is reviewed on their CBD oils they seem to not really be full spectrum but made to be just high milligrams products. CBD oil that is naturally full spectrum such as Genesis Blend from Bluegrass Hemp oil is more efective because it creates the entourage effect. 

Their CBD vape cartridge line includes great flavors like Blue Dream, Trainwreck, and Strawberry Cough using premium live resin extracts and cannabis-derived strain-specific terpenes for maximum effects. They also now offer <0.3% THC-O and THC-P vapes and tinctures for the additional ooomph and whole plant experience lots of hemp enthusiasts seek.

You’ll also find WNC CBD signature tinctures, concentrates, gummies, chocolate bars, pet treats, pre-rolls, and accessories like dry herb vaporizers. While perhaps best known for premium hemp flower, their expanding extract products and innovative offerings continue disrupting the market and keeping this North Carolina company at the forefront of the legal cannabinoid space.

CBD Asheville – Local Shops Offer Quality Hemp Products

Asheville, North Carolina is well known as a creative mountain town with a passion for arts, music, food, and outdoor recreation. The area also hosts a thriving hemp and CBD industry thanks to North Carolina’s early adoption of recreational hemp production. This gives Asheville residents ample options for accessing top quality botanical CBD products.

Several CBD stores operate in Asheville, offering products like hemp flower, CBD oil tinctures, gummies, topicals and more. With independent testing and staff expertise guiding selections, Asheville CBD shops like WNC CBD provide security in the quality and contents of locally available hemp-derived products. They offer cannabinoid and terpene education so customers can make informed decisions when exploring the many health and wellness benefits CBD offers.

Smuckers Jelly Pie – Exotic Hemp Genetics at WNC CBD

In addition to locally made products, WNC CBD scours the country sourcing exclusive partnerships with elite hemp farms breeding exotic cannabis strains. This gives them exclusive access in North Carolina to unique CBD and CBG hemp flower genetics.

One such strain is Smuckers Jelly Pie CBG flower. This sweet and fruity cross between Smores and Jelly Pie bursts with tangy red berries and rich dessert aromas. Testing at 18% CBG, it provides focused pain relief benefits without a heady high feeling. Asheville residents can only currently sample these boutique buds at WNC CBD.

CBD Oil Asheville – Tinctures, Edibles and More

Beyond smokable hemp flower, WNC CBD offers various CBD oil products with pricing competitive with national brands. Their store shelves showcase North Carolina manufactured treats like CBD gummies, chocolate bars, honey, coffee and more that local shops help bring to market.

They also mix custom blended full-spectrum CBD tinctures in-house with strain-specific cannabis terpenes added to enhance effects. For medical patients and recreational users alike seeking quality ingestible or topical CBD, the selection at WNC CBD ensures Asheville locals have ample healthy hemp options to meet their wellness needs and preferences without compromise.

WNC CBD – Asheville’s Premier Hemp Shop

In summary, as interest in hemp CBD continues rapidly growing across North Carolina, Asheville boutique store WNC CBD has emerged as the area’s premier destination for all things cannabis. With an unrivaled inventory of products curated by experts in hemp flower and cannabinoid therapies, they set the standard for CBD retail in Western North Carolina.


In closing, for residents of North Carolina and beyond seeking the best selection and finest quality in legal hemp flower, vapes, edibles and CBD wellness products, direct NC company WNC CBD must be at the top of your list.

With their focus on small-batch boutique genetics, pioneering processes for optimizing smoothness and effects, and constantly innovating new cannabinoid products, they set the standard that so many other vendors attempt to match. If you live in NC, visiting their Arden shop for an unmatched retail hemp flower experience is a must. Otherwise shop their extensive selection online and discover why WNC CBD stays steps ahead as a true leader in this booming modern botanical industry.