mom and sonHello, Sierra here! Whether you’ve clicked on this blog post because you’re a mother, have a mother, or love someone who is a mother; you matter and are appreciated.

We have all been exposed to the term “self-care” and “self-love”. But what do these terms mean? Do you have to have an extravagant amount of money or time to pursue these?

How do you show yourself “self-love”, or practice “self-care”?

The answers to these questions come in many forms.

As a mom, it is important to ask these questions and find YOUR meaning of self-care. It’s easy to read a blog post or another mom’s opinion of what the best way is to practice self-care, but only you know what recharges YOU best. Of course, there are the basics of personal hygiene and proper rest but, sometimes even these basic steps can be hard for a mother. Finding where you are mentally and assessing what needs attention is the first step in self-care.

It’s important to find ways to step away from your day-to-day life.

Personally, I LOVE running an almost boiling tub of water, adding a CBD bath soak, and soaking until I turn into a raisin.

I also ensure that I am taking my Genesis Blend CBD Oil every day to help keep my anxious feelings at bay. Some people find that exercise can help recharge their energy; whether that be through running, a high-intensity work-out, or yoga. And if you feel that on some days you just need a long nap to recharge, that’s perfectly okay!

empty cupPicture your energy as a pitcher of water. You start with a full pitcher then your child/children need something, so you pour some of the water (energy) in your pitcher into their glass. Your job calls and needs some of your water for their glass. Don’t forget to fill your partner and your family’s glasses! By the time you get done filling everyone’s glass, your pitcher is almost empty, and you only have a partially full glass for yourself. You must find a source of water to fill your pitcher: You must find a source of energy to recharge your spirit.

Without taking time to recharge yourself, other areas of your life can and will be affected. Being constantly depleted will change your attitude and the way you react to different situations. You may be quick to anger or could become less empathetic to the people around you. Also consider that without caring for and loving yourself, you run the risk of becoming depressed and having higher anxiety. Your mental health and the amount of self-care you exercise coincide.

Remember to take time for yourself and find YOUR meaning of “self-care” and “self-love”. Incorporate a new stress-reducing activity or CBD routine into your life. It is okay to take time away from your loved ones (yes, even that precious baby) and recharge yourself!