The hemp market hosts countless CBD oils but few match the verifiable quality and reliability of industry leader PureKana’s tinctures. Their 300mg premium full spectrum citrus CBD oil delivers powerhouse support in an uplifting citrus splash.

Let’s overview what qualifies PureKana’s potency claims, how their non-GMO hemp differentiation promotes safety, and why customers consistently rate their formula so highly across anxiety, sleep and pain categories.

From Market Gap to Industry Gold Standard – PureKana’s Beginnings

As interest in CBD’s natural wellness benefits skyrocketed through the 2010s but potential supporters lacked unadulterated solutions, PureKana leadership recognized an urgent need for purity in a murky market.

After exhaustive vetting of US growers, they partnered with Kentucky-based hemp collective members near nutrient-dense soil to guide regional cultivation of terpene-rich CBD from heritage seed genetics. Their unique CO2 extraction method preserved the plant’s full botanical bounty. When PureKana introduced their line of full spectrum CBD oils in 2017, a new bar emerged.

Why CBD Oil Appeals to Health-Conscious Consumers

CBD oil tinctures represented the first introduction to hemp’s healing potential for many early adopters. Drops under the tongue enable rapid absorption into the bloodstream within minutes for acute relief. For newcomers, oils offer a sensible serving baseline before exploring higher concentrations.

PureKana harvests USDA certified organic hemp and infuses their premium full spectrum extract into versatile bases like MCT oil or authentic olive oil to suit various dietary needs from keto to vegan. Their upcoming botanical terpene oil formulas target specific symptoms like sleeplessness or tension through aromatherapy benefits.

PureKana’s Golden Difference? Phytochemical Diversity

Myriad hemp companies import biomass bulk CBD powder isolates from Asia with minimal oversight. By contrast, PureKana owns their supply chain including regional US partnerships. These dedicated crops grow sans pesticides or GMOs thus avoiding concerning residual contaminants like harsh glyphosate prevalent in commercial agriculture.

Instead, living soil and earnest farming practices separate PureKana’s oils from commodity isolates. Each batch undergoes over 11 quality checks so that customers reap all the rare locale-specific terpenes and holistic plant parts unique to PureKana’s heritage hemp. That’s true full spectrum oil.

Rigorous Multi-Phase Testing Defines PureKana’s Safety Protocols

While the 2018 US Farm Bill legalized regulated hemp agriculture, gaps in monitoring derivatives persist. PureKana thus spearheads industry testing standards by employing state-of-the-art third-party laboratories for tiered analyses both before and after formulating batches.

Preceding oil production, PureKana requires negative toxicology reports screening for microbiology, heavy metals and residual solvents. After crafting each batch, they validate CBD label claims for accurate dosing down to milligrams plus re-check for 66 pesticides. Consumers can easily access certificates of analysis for every product which builds trust.

Full Spectrum Means Harnessing the Entourage Effect

CBD or cannabidiol engages human endocannabinoid receptors to restore homeostasis. But other lesser-known phytochemicals in the cannabis plant like CBG, CBN and dozens more also profoundly influence health.

PureKana’s full spectrum hemp oil preserves these non-CBD supporting actors through gentle extraction instead of isolating CBD alone. This perpetuates an “entourage effect” whereby botanical components interdependently boost therapeutic effects of the sum total.

Users often report more complete relief matching cannabis’ intended synergy when harnessing the full pharmacy of cooperative compounds in the 300mg oil.

An Impressive Panel of Experts Informs PureKana’s Work

In building premier supplements, insights from thought leaders guide the way. PureKana’s trail-blazing medical advisory board with over 40 years combined clinical cannabinoid experience consults on product development. Regulatory advisors shape political victories expanding consumer access. Their sustainability council spearheads industry innovations like renewable extraction methods to conserve resources.

This foundation of research expertise and ethical business leadership engenders consumer confidence in the brand.

Natural Ingredients Attract Health-Focused Users

Seeking cleaner compositions to avoid additives, PureKana formulates their 300mg full spectrum citrus CBD oil using 100% organic plant-derived ingredients like premium MCT carrier oil and natural citrus extracts.

They exclude unnecessary emulsifiers or preservatives that permeate lower-grade mixes. And broad-spectrum varieties appeal to the allergen-averse. These conscientious inputs court modern patrons scrutinizing labels for health.

Evaluating Value Against Other Best-Selling Oils

So how does PureKana’s 300mg oil measure up to close competitor Lazarus Naturals also priced at $54 for a 1 fl oz bottle? Let’s compare key indicators:

Metric PureKana Lazarus Naturals
Hemp Origin Regional US farms Undisclosed
Formula Full & broad-spectrum CBD Isolates
Testing Protocol Before + after production No COAs
Carrier Oil Organic MCT + olive oil Non-organic MCT
Extraction Supercritical CO2 Ethanol
Commitment 20% donate to charities 5% to nonprofits

PureKana outperforms on multiple quality markers like transparent third-party verification of cannabinoid content for accurate dosing. And their eco-conscious practices demonstrate bigger social dedication.

Bundled Offerings Amplify Value for Maximized Relief

While PureKana provides its 300mg Citrus CBD oil individually, bundled pairings enhance savings. The immersive Rest + Restore trio combines the bright citrus oil alongside nighttime gummies for system relaxation plus a cooling menthol roll-on gel for targeted application.

Currently valued around $275, limited-time sales slash nearly 40% off. DIY bundles mixing delivery methodsenable similar one-stop relief. Subscribing and saving plans with free shipping builds loyalty.

Rave Reviews Spotlight PureKana’s Effectiveness

Across thousands of independently-verified reviews on TrustPilot, shoppers praise PureKana oils and policies as improving their daily wellbeing. Common feedback themes include:

  • Fast measurable relief from anxiety, arthritis or sleeplessness
  • Patient guidance from customer care team
  • Quality taste with no harsh aftertaste
  • Generous return window for risk-free trial
  • Bottle dropper for precision dosing control

While some gripe about the price exceeding other brands, most agree PureKana’s potency and safety are worth the investment.

Pre-Purchase Questions Consumers Frequently Ask

To inform prospective patrons considering trying CBD, PureKana lays product FAQs out plainly including:

What’s the difference between full spectrum and isolate oils?

Full spectrum oils preserve all medicinal botanicals working synergistically while isolates strip away every compound but CBD itself.

Does CBD show up on drug tests?

Most screening cutoffs exclude CBD but trace THC metabolites possibly. Check local laws.

Covering the basics sets realistic expectations so customers buy suiting their needs.

Final Take – Consistency Makes PureKana a Market Leader

When assessing CBD options for health goals, consistency separates temporary fads from lasting solutions. PureKana dominates market share precisely because they deliver unwavering safety, purity and potency every batch.

From USDA certified clean farming to stringent in-house quality controls safeguarding each production run, PureKana operates on a higher order than most. Factor in their clearly labeled full spectrum formulations unlocking botanical synergy plus accessible lifestyle pairings befitting varied wellness needs. Support like their customer care team builds enduring trust.