The therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD) intrigues consumers seeking natural relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and more. But with so many products now flooding the market, determining optimal potency, quantity and format that suits individual needs often requires trial-and-error.

Buying CBD oil in bulk upfront minimizes the guesswork. It also allows you to save substantially through volume discounts compared to purchasing multiple small bottles à la carte. For those committed to making CBD oil part of their daily wellness routine, this guide covers everything to consider when buying bulk full spectrum CBD oil.

Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

While isolated CBD certainly provides benefit, full spectrum CBD oil leads the charge in delivering robust therapeutic effects thanks to its diverse cannabinoid and terpene composition resembling the plant’s original chemical profile.

Alongside CBD, full spectrum oils retain complementary compounds like CBG, CBN, CBC, THC (under 0.3%) and more in significant enough proportions to elicit a phenomenon scientists have coined the “entourage effect”. This term refers to how trace quantities of various cannabis compounds work synergistically to influence endocannabinoid system receptors more powerfully in combination than CBD alone.

Terpenes — the aromatic molecules giving cannabis strains their distinctive scents — also participate in the entourage effect by either inhibiting or enhancing cannabinoid activity. Given this enhanced efficacy, purchasing bulk full spectrum CBD oil makes achieving wellness goals more likely.

Key Considerations When Buying Bulk CBD Oil

However, not all bulk CBD oil gets manufactured equal. Brand transparency, proof of independent testing, hemp sourcing, extraction methods and more significantly impact end quality and purity. Disreputable suppliers lacking accountability also plague the largely unregulated CBD industry. Conduct due diligence assessing the following criteria to ensure your bulk CBD oil provides maximum safety and effectiveness:

Third Party Testing

Legitimate CBD companies test oils through independent ISO certified laboratories to objectively verify composition and label accuracy. Reputable brands feature recent Certificates of Analysis (COAs) indicating levels of desired cannabinoids and terpenes match marketing claims while showing no detectable contaminants above acceptable thresholds for heavy metals, pesticides,residual solvents or microbials.

Hemp Sourcing

In the U.S, respected CBD producers source organic hemp grown domestically under strict state pilot programs monitored for quality control from seed to harvest through extraction and bottling. Farms located in Oregon, Kentucky and Colorado cultivated using sustainable practices tend to provide exceptional CBD yields while minimizing contaminant risks.

Extraction Techniques

Supercritical CO2 extraction draws out a full profile of beneficial compounds like terpenes without leaving residual chemical solvent contaminants behind. This gentle approach also maintains the integrity of volatile essential oils. Avoid CBD sourced through dangerous techniques involving hydrocarbons or ethanol that can compromise purity while inflicting environmental harm.

Potency & Pricing

While buying in volume nets discounts compared to smaller quantities, quality dictates true value over sheer size. Safeguard your investment by confirming clean COAs, organic sources, no harsh processing methods and proven effectiveness before purchasing thousands of dollars of bulk CBD oil simply because the inflated number sounds impressive.

Best Practices For Storing Bulk Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Once you’ve secured high quality bulk full spectrum CBD oil from vetted transparent providers, proper storage preserves maximum integrity and shelf life:

  • Store bottles away from heat, humidity or light exposure in a dark enclosed cabinet below 70°F temperature.
  • If transferring into smaller containers for daily use, fill amber glass bottles to minimize air exposure and UV light degradation.
  • Always use clean, dry pipettes to prevent bacteria and water contamination each time you refill a bottle.

By keeping bulk CBD oil sealed in original packaging within moderate climate-controlled conditions until decanted into smaller daily portions, the intricate network of plant compounds retains stability and potency significantly longer.

Top 5 Full Spectrum CBD Oil Brands For Bulk Buying

While many reputable companies like Joy Organics or CBDistillery sell bulk CBD oil online, this list spotlights five exceptional suppliers leading the pack in quality, transparency and bulk value.

Lazarus Naturals

With discounts up to 60% off for veterans and those on long-term disability, Lazarus Naturals sets itself apart on accessibility and affordability. Their full spectrum CBD oils tap Oregon-grown hemp processed in-house using organic cold pressed extraction methods. Bulk options range from 1,200mg to a whopping 7,200mg per bottle.

NuLeaf Naturals

Regarded as one of the pioneering trailblazers of the CBD movement, NuLeaf Naturals perfects the details from USDA certified organic hemp to clean extraction and advanced third party testing. Available in concentrations up to 6,000mg, their bulk full spectrum CBD oils delight both wellness seekers and ethical eco-consumers.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Women-owned Colorado company Pure Hemp Botanicals sets rigorous standards across responsible farming, sustainable manufacturing and compassionate advocacy. Their full spectrum bulk oils harness die offerings ranging from 300mg to 9,000mg packaged in three varieties tailored to different wellness needs.

Folium Biosciences

The largest vertically integrated producer, manufacturer and distributor of hemp derived phytocannabinoids in North America, bulk buyers can benefit from Folium’s colossal infrastructure passing substantial savings onto consumers. Their ZeroTHC formula makes an especially smart bulk choice for people concerned about drug testing. Potencies reach as high as 7500mg per bottle.

Global Cannabinoids

Boasting the largest CBD inventory in the United States at over 20,000 SKUs, Global Cannabinoids operates top-to-bottom seed-to-sale domestically on enormous scale. Their wholesale pricing and bulk options including 4000mg or 5000mg full spectrum oils suit serious large volume buyers.White label products and custom formulations also available.

While this list provides exceptional bulk quantity value as a starting point, always confirm any company’s credentials through independent research and due diligence above all else when investing high dollars into large CBD volume purchases. Reputable suppliers focused on perfecting product quality and third party testing transparency over trendy marketing often prove the safest bets for successfully optimizing bulk full spectrum CBD oil expenses.

Increasing Accessibility of Bulk Full Spectrum CBD Oils

As awareness of CBD’s natural therapeutic utility spreads globally, bulk buying allows consumers to save substantially on the volumes required for effective wellness supplementation. Fortunately, reputable brands prioritizing responsible practices not only provide exceptional value and potency to bulk full spectrum CBD oil consumers – they further the entire legal hemp industry’s advancement through dedicated stewardship advancing CBD into mainstream acceptance.

Buying bulk full spectrum CBD oil online has never proved easier or more affordable. And with proliferating options from vetted suppliers committed to premium quality and transparency, purchasing large quantities no longer requires accepting the murky uncertainties plaguing inferior brands as standard risk. While remembering to properly store bulk oils to prolong efficacy over long stretches remains important, the combination of bulk value pricing and readily available brand accountability now grants more consumers than ever bulk buying power once unattainable.