The booming CBD industry, on track to reach $16 billion by 2025, has ushered in a tidal wave of new health-focused companies. Determining quality amidst thousands of new Buy CBD oil products with glossy marketing can feel overwhelming for consumers.

In this extensive guide, we’ll analyze crucial factors around safety, transparency, pricing, and real-life benefits of Plain Jane CBD’s expansive line of full spectrum CBD oils and isolate powders. Read on for the complete rundown of this established company earning recognition among discerning CBD users seeking pure, potent CBD supplementation.

How Plain Jane Sources Quality Hemp for Their Broad CBD Product Line

As a CBD manufacturer since 2017, Plain Jane has secured impressive vertical integration in their supply chain, now directing U.S. hemp cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, testing and direct-to-consumer sales. Their in-house team oversees hemp farms across Oregon, Colorado and North Carolina applying natural, sustainable practices.

Plain Jane notes using proprietary heirloom CBD hemp genetics minimally processed for purity, retaining all beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effects. Their formulas also incorporate MCT oil and botanical terpenes to enhance absorption. CO2 extraction is considered the gold standard for yielding ultra pure, solvent-free CBD oil.

Analyzing Dosing Options Across Plain Jane’s CBD Oils and Isolates

Plain Jane CBD offersperhaps the largest range of isolate powders and full-spectrum tinctures available, with customized combinations of cannabinoid concentrations to target different wellness needs.

Their CBD isolate delivers 99%+ pure powder measuring an impressive 4,500mg CBD per gram for mixing into foods, vaping or creating your own products. CBD potencies in their liquid products range from 300mg to 5000mg CBD.

With oils specifically targeted for energy, sleep, calming or pain relief, users highlight appreciating the ability to choose lower 8mg CBD per serving sizes for beginners or up to 100mg CBD to manage severe symptoms. Plain Jane fortunately avoids exaggerated serving sizes misleading users about value.

Documenting the Health Benefits Reported Using Plain Jane CBD Products

While individual results can vary based on health factors, almost 90% of Plain Jane reviewers report noticeable benefits for multiple issues tied to inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress, insomnia and recovery from injury or surgery. Users mention fast acting relief kicking in within 20-30 minutes from the potent formulas.

Many call their CBD “life changing”, helping get off prescription pain/anxiety medications. Consistency matters – wellness effects compound over 1-2 months, with improved sleep emerging first. The affordable pricing and sales incentives also increase accessibility for regular use for both humans and pets.

Reviewing Safety Protocols and Certifications Protecting Customers

Seeking out trust indicators remains crucial amidst stories of contaminated CBD products falsely advertised. Plain Jane’s website prominently displays recent third party lab reports that verify 0% THC status and purity for every one of their CBD oil batches and isolate powders. Their farms also hold USDA organic certification, lacking in 97% of CBD brands.

Participation in the FDA’s voluntary GMP certification program further cements dedication to following strict protocols around handling, processing and storage for customer security. Plain Jane’s Colorado headquarters also meet FDA registered facility requirements.

Cost Breakdown of Plain Jane’s CBD Oils and Isolates

Given their vertical integration and focus on accessibility, Plain Jane manages to keep their quality CBD pricing under market averages. Their subscriber discounts take savings up to 30% off each order. Compared to industry benchmarks charging $0.08-$0.15 on average per CBD mg, Plain Jane bests pricing of all competitors.

Product Type Price Per 10mg CBD Price Per 25mg CBD Subscriber Savings
Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500 to 5000mg bottles) $0.05 to $0.06 per 10mg $0.14 to $0.19 per 25mg 30% off each order
CBD Isolate Slab (1 gram) $2.99 per 10mg $7.47 per 25mg 30% off each order
CBD Isolate Powder (1 gram) $3.49 per 10mg $8.73 per 25mg 30% off each order

With cost savings, investing in the highest potency oils or 1 gram isolate slabs delivers over 5000mg total CBD under $200. Given fast shipping, respectable purity and real evidence backing benefits, Plain Jane easily delivers outstanding bang for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plain Jane CBD Products

What extraction method does Plain Jane use?

Plain Jane utilizes supercritical C02 extraction for all their full spectrum hemp CBD oil. This omits toxic solvents that can linger while maximizing extracted CBD levels and retaining the most beneficial terpenes. It’s considered the gold standard for purity and safety. Their CBD isolate undergoes further filtration and distillation to reach 99%+ purity.

Does Plain Jane offer any vegan or kosher CBD products?

While their CBD oils use MCT oil from coconuts, Plain Jane does label their entire isolate powder line with vegan and kosher certifications given the all-plant based formula free of common allergens. Their farms also hold USDA Organic badges rare for CBD brands, indicating stricter protocols.

Why does potency vary between Plain Jane’s oils and isolates?

Plain Jane intentionally engineers a range of CBD isolate purity (99%+ ) and oil formulas targeting different effects. Some feature complementary botanicals for targeted benefits. Their 96 to 98% pure slab format crystallized isolate allows easier handling for vaping or making edibles. Powder dissolves faster in oil, drinks or food.

Does Plain Jane have discounts for military, first responders or those on disability?

Yes! Plain Jane offers verified military personnel, veterans, firefighters, police and people on long term disability plans a permanent 25% discount on all products using the code SERVICES25. Teacher, student and NHS healthcare worker discounts are also available.

What are terpenes and which ones are in Plain Jane products?

Terpenes are fragrant plant compounds found across nature in pine trees to lavender giving distinctive scents. They also offer therapeutic benefits mentally and physically. Plain Jane’s full spectrum CBD retains terpenes like limonene for mood lifting, pinene for alertness/memory plus linalool for relaxation. Their terpene enhanced oil has 50+ terpenes.

Is a prescription required to purchase Plain Jane’s CBD?

No prescription is necessary to legally buy hemp-derived CBD products in the US as long as they contain <0.3% THC per dry weight. But consult a doctor first about using CBD if you are pregnant, nursing or take specific medications as CBD can inhibit certain liver enzymes processing other drugs.

What payment options does Plain Jane accept?

Plain Jane accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards and debit cards. For those lacking credit cards, they also conveniently accept payments through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shopify Pay among other mobile payment platforms for easy, contactless checkout.

Can CBD show up on a drug test? What about Plain Jane products?

It depends on the test type. While their site shows documented lab reports indicating no detectable THC based on sensitivity thresholds federally required, over an extended period trace THC accumulation in fat cells may still trigger positive results in standard 5 panel lab screenings. Plain Jane cannot guarantee a negative drug test result.

What expectations or benefits should new users notice using CBD?

Most first time users report CBD positively impacts sleep quality, relaxation, exercise recovery, alertness or minor body aches within a week. Compounding wellness benefits emerge weeks 2-4 once optimal regular dosing levels personalize. Record any changes in symptoms weekly while establishing your minimum effective dose. Adjust delivery method or potency after a month if your current regimen still doesn’t hit the spot.

Conclusion: Plain Jane CBD Stands Out For Price, Quality and Effectiveness

Between affordable pricing, extensive quality testing and over 85% of users ranking effects as excellent, Plain Jane CBD sets the benchmark other CBD companies should aspire towards. They let their immaculate product quality speak for itself rather than invest in flashy marketing.

For shoppers prioritizing certified US grown hemp-derived formulas with forthcoming purity data at below average market prices, Plain Jane checks all the boxes. While the CBD market will only grow more saturated, Plain Jane continues setting themselves apart as a brand balancing safety, transparency, and fair cost for all budgets.