Catering to purity focused skincare devotees, family owned Glymed Plus takes a pharmaceutical grade approach toward crafting clean topical solutions like their Glymed CBD Mist. Infused with 100% plant derived, contaminant-free full spectrum hemp extract, this gentle nanoemulsified CBD facial spritz calms irritation in compliance with progressive Southwest states like Arizona, Texas and California embracing the future of green beauty advancements.

The Glymed Ethos Towards Responsible Skincare Science

Founded in 1999 aiming to set new standards of ingredient safety and integrity with evidence-based formulas yielding real world results, Glymed honors ethical protocols protecting consumer health through:

  • No toxins, fillers, fragrances or synthetic additives
  • 100% active concentrations with no dilution or metallic salts
  • Optimizing neglected lipids, ceramides and free fatty acids for correction not cover up
  • Maximizing stability, delivery and epidermal transformation rates
  • Multitasking smaller environmental footprints empowering skin to self-renew

This “Less is More” design approach intentionally excludes commonly used sensitizing preservatives, emulsifiers, alcohol and known irritants focusing instead exclusively on nourishing correction targeting root causes with premium nutrients in their purest possible form even when sourcing costly.

The Soothing Properties of CBD Relevant for Glymed’s Spritz

While most external use brands simply dilute CBD isolates into conventional bases providing minimal upshot beyond surface hydration, Glymed’s dedication to maximizing nourishing correction spotlights scientifically validated calming properties of cannabidiol uniquely suited for facial application:

Sebostatic Effects – Studies verify CBD actively inhibits lipid production from sebaceous glands reducing inflammatory acne triggers decreasing future breakout risks. Unlike drying agents, CBD balances sebum levels holistically preventing over stripping.

Barrier Support – Cannabidiol further supports intercellular communication reinforcing skin’s protective permeability function managing moisture loss and foreign substance absorption optimally.

Antioxidant Activity – As an supercharged free radical scavenger, CBD neutralizes the oxidative stress culprit behind expedited aging, dark spots and wrinkling. This fortifies youthfulness.

Formulating with amplified whole hemp richness activates compounding benefits.

The Skin Soothing Contents Within Glymed CBD Mist

What sets Glymed solutions apart is their unwavering clinical-grade purity commitment – even industry standard organic or ‘natural’ labels permit up to 5% latent toxin content. Through obsessive vetting, Glymed assures every ingredient rates 100% clean. Their CBD Mist contains:

  • Single Origin Whole Plant Hemp Extract – Harnessing the entourage effect from maintaining cannabinoids and terpenes together using premier Coloradan sources emphasizing regenerative quality standards
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Purified Water – Meticulously stripped of all possible irritants ensures inert delivery maximizing CBD particle suspension and mist consistency
  • Fruit Stem Cell Complex – These nano-sized phyto cells penetrate rapidly stimulating collagen and elastin to restore firmness addressing fine lines
  • Superior Complex Lipids – These plant derived compounds reinforce barrier function correcting dysfunction linked to losses in ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids
  • Antioxidant Support Blend – Reversing free radical mechanisms of aging, these vitamins and botanicals ease inflammation and protect skin immunity

This biome matching formula soothes reactive, irritated and acneic skin holistically boosting lasting calm.

Consumer Uses & Applications for Glymed CBD Mist

Glymed recommends applying their multifunctional CBD Mist:

  • Post Cleansing to Refresh – The deliciously silky mist hydrates while accelerating absorption of subsequently layered serums and moisturizers through cationic compounding
  • Makeup Setting Spritz – Mist evenly across the face to set makeup while preventing caking and oxidation that fades coverage unevenly
  • Mid Day Skin Quenching – Reapply over makeup for an instant refresh adding radiance and hydration between washes whenever skin feels tight
  • Post Waxing & Shaving Relief – The anti-inflammatory effects ease razors burns, ingrown follicles and raw irritation from hair removal
  • Environmental Shield Against Pollution – CBD’s vitamins create an antioxidant force field protecting from diesel fumes, smoke, smog and other toxins
  • Sunburn Soother – Take the sting out of UV burns by cooling while rebalancing disrupted skin microbiomes with friendly phytochemistry

Made for all skin types even reactive, Glymed’s CBD Mist suits versatile skin repair needs gently.

The Legal Status of Hemp Derived CBD in AZ, CA & TX

Glymed complies fully with federal and state CBD laws requiring manufacturing from licensed domestic hemp crops legally containing under 0.3% THC. While Texas prohibits smokable hemp and additives in food or beverages, topicals and cosmeceuticals remain allowed. California welcomed recreational cannabis in 2018 creating strong CBD demand.

Arizona’s strong medical marijuana program maintains more restrictive hemp regulations limiting THC to 0.3% in only approved products but progress continues considering legislation aligning with 2018 Federal Farm Bill allowances. Glymed’s responsible sourcing and independent lab testing uphold the strictest standards meeting evolving legal qualifications.

Checking for third party Certificate of Analysis reports verifying safety and label claims when sourcing CBD skincare protects consumers legally and ethically.

Future Trajectory of CBD Skincare Among Southwestern States

Skin is the body’s largest organ with increasing chemical burden linked to everything from accelerated aging to inflammatory conditions spotlighting CBD’s myriad topical benefits purifying without disturbance. Arizona and California both report over 300%+ surges in hemp acres planted as prohibition barriers crumble acknowledging cannabis curative potential.

With their early leadership adopting legal medicinal cannabis access, Southwest states forecast immense expansion in hemp derived CBD beauty and wellness markets as therapeutic understanding spreads nationally. Glymed’s science-backed heritage leads way forward innovating clean solutions optimizing skin’s health using natures balancing gifts sustainably without toxins.


Glymed CBD Mist presents a leading soothing nourisher granting skin relief using nano emulsified full spectrum hemp extracts expertly originally sourced from regenerative stewards in Colorado. Free from any synthetics or pollutants, this gently hydrating antioxidant facial spritz lends proven sebostatic, anti-inflammatory and microbiome balancing properties ideal for acneic, irritated, mature or environmentally damaged complexions seeking non-psychoactive restoration.

Light enough for versatile application securing makeup without disturbance, reapplying Glymed’s spa grade nutritive facial mist any time skin feels thirsty or inflamed optimizes lasting clarity and comfort. As the Southwest embraces hemp’s epic skin enhancing potential unlocked by pioneering clean purveyors like Glymed guaranteeing pharmaceutical purity standards, CBD fortified topicals forecast immense growth merging ethical botanical science with beauty globally.