Reasons Bluegrass Hemp Oil is the Best Kentucky CBD

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The CBD market is an animal house and that can make it tough to know from whom to buy quality CBD. At Bluegrass Hemp Oil, trust and transparency are staples. Here are the top reasons why Bluegrass Hemp Oil is the best Kentucky CBD.

BHO is a private, locally owned, family business. Starting back in 2014, owners Bill and Adriane, were in need of a healthy alternative for their son Colten, who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy at age 3. After battling a pharmaceutical roulette, they decided to help change Kentucky legislation to allow for industrial hemp production. This meant that they would soon be able to give their son CBD, which has been presenting great success for disorders like Epilepsy. 


That’s right. We only extract from proprietary C. Sativa blooms. The bloom of the cannabis plant is the epicenter that houses the majority of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. When you create a high quality applesauce, do you use the core, seeds, stem, and trunk of the tree? 


Pharmaceutical grade means that our product is of 99% purity without any additives, binders, fillers, or unknown substances. We use a hydrocarbon extraction that allows us to extract and capture the highest yield of cannabinoids possible while being gentle on the plant material. This method is the only of which produces the rich golden oleoresin that is the base for all of our oils.


Bluegrass Hemp Oil has every batch of oil sent off to a third party testing lab to ensure that our final product is free of any contaminants and is federally compliant. BHO sends out lab test results to any inquiring customer who provides the serial number on their bottle so we are able to match the test results to that specific batch.


Nothing has had our back quite like the power behind word of mouth. It is undeniable when you see positive changes in someone you love and often times you want to share that joy and prosperity so others can hopefully experience the same. We always encourage new customers to explore our Consumers Say page or Facebook and Google pages to see what others have to say!

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