A few weeks from week 6…. (technically week 6 blog)


Just a bit of an update. Covid is finally through our house. The only person who caught it was Dallas. The rest of us didn’t. Kind of crazy but I’ll take it.

D still is doing great with his anxiety levels. Really great impact has happened there. Very beneficial.

P’s vocabulary is just exploding. As well as her reasoning skills. Communication is going super well. Being able to play and chat and compromise with her older brother is amazing to watch. Doesn’t always happen lol, but happening more often.

E is doing well. Her vocabulary is also expanding. Starting to comprehend and understand more requests and questions as well. She’s still my firecracker, but we are seeing her follow directions more often!

S is still S. Haven’t seen much change in him. He’s in 2 ml twice a day. He’s still my happy boy. He’s very creative when it comes to getting what he wants. But still no words and still exhibiting typical autistic mannerisms at the same rate he was before.

I still find it intriguing that Dallas was the only one to get covid. The covid wasn’t that bad but the double pneumonia he got after was the worst. The kids had a 3 day mild upper respiratory (they tested negative for covid) and I got nothing except a lot of work caring for 5 “kids” lol. Hope all is going well with you all! Stay healthy!