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Don’t settle for self-care Sunday. For instance, when you can soak every day. Shake a little (or a lot) of our CBD bath soak, slip it into the tub, and it will melt away.

CBD paired with gentle salts, colloidal oatmeal, and soothing oils known to calm and hydrate skin. In other words, it will make you feel like the superstar.

So get your robe off and, above all, get your relaxation on.


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Four Different CBD Bath Soak blends to fit your needs.

  • Breathe –  is paired with calming salts and essential oils to ease sinus aches and calm coughs.
  • Soothe –  is paired with colloidal oatmeal, calming salts, and essential oils for all skin issues.
  • Relief –  is paired with calming salts and essential oils for pain and inflammation relief.
  • Relax – is paired with calming salts and essential oils for mental clarity and relaxation.

CBD baths are the key to relaxation. For instance, just 15-20 minutes is all one needs in the tub to experience the benefits of our bath products. In other words, Shake a little (or a lot) of our CBD Bath Soak, slip into the tub, and let it all melt away.

Above all, whether you are looking to ease sore muscles, relax your mind, or ready yourself for bed. Nothing for instance, does the trick, like a warm bath at the end of the day.

What if you could do that and more with the ingredients you add to your tub? Read more about CBD Baths.  In Conclusion, you may also want to Read Beyond Extracts, Are Topical CBD Products Worth it.

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Looking beyond the average reasons for bath time – the ability to relax, decompress and get clean, of course – added CBD may help ease pain, inflammation, and help soothe skin conditions.

However, we go above and beyond just the benefits of CBD and choose our additional ingredients for their therapeutic properties.

Our ReliefRelax and Breathe all have the same base ingredients; however, each are enhanced with their own essential oils and pairings.

  • Coconut oil – may help reduce inflammation, heal wounds, and retain moisture
  • Epsom salt – may provide magnesium, which can relieve stress and tension, promote sleep, and aid digestion
  • Kaolin clay – may help with rashes and irritation

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