Hello to all of our loyal followers for this full spectrum family’s journey! Week 6 of this crew’s update is a short one, because it is an unofficial wrap up of their week-by-week fill-in! As their CBD journey continues off-record, we look forward to hearing their later progress after a few months of their daily Genesis Blend serving–and eventually at their year mark! Sharing your CBD journey not only helps other families understand the benefits of a full spectrum CBD regimen, but it can potentially change another’s life for the better by helping them to make the decision to switch to CBD. In the case of our own full spectrum family, a simple conversation between neighbors turned into a huge lifestyle change for one special bunch. Even the smallest improvements in this mom’s family (seeing more patience among sibling interactions, noticing an improved nights sleep, and realizing the benefits of her old dog’s mobility around the house) changed her family’s life for the better. If you’re a fan of this full spectrum family and their journey, or just a new reader looking to give your daily routine a new addition, we encourage you to explore our webpage for more information on how to get your own CBD journey started! Seen enough to convince you? Come shop our online store or visit us at our Lexington or Midway locations, where our well-educated and charismatic sales associates can help you find exactly what you need–for whatever you need! Or if you’re still skeptical and looking for some advice, feel free to contact us with any questions or progress–we love to hear about your results or help you get started on a new journey to bettering your well-being! Whatever it may be, we’re always here and happy to help.