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CBD (Cannabidiol) is breaking ground and changing lives for the better! It is delivering much success as a natural, supportive treatment for many health concerns, from epilepsy to arthritis. Without it, our son Colten wouldn’t be who he is today – a seizure-free, football playing, 10 year old.  We are determined to bring this life-changing promise to everyone—in the highest quality form.


CBD is one of the naturally occurring, non-psychoactive compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. It belongs to a class of molecules called Cannabinoids. Scientific studies have shown that CBD has significant benefits for a wide array of health concerns and that it boasts the greatest therapeutic potential of all the Cannabinoids.


Dedicated to producing the safest, purest and highest quality, full Cannabinoid spectrum CBD products, we continue to refine the science, genetics and horticulture of Cannabis plants to produce the perfect blend for the production of the most effectual CBD. We also continue to perfect the bloom extraction and distillation processes to achieve the purest resin. Every batch of is independently tested and lab-certified to be completely free of any pollutants, pesticides, solvents, fungus, bacteria, or chlorophyll. Our CBD is not only safe and effective for all ages—it is totally non-psychoactive and it even boasts a smooth natural flavor due to its purity.



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Where does CBD come from?


CBD is the predominate cannabinoid in what is referred to as hemp. CBD is what makes hemp, hemp!


In its raw plant form, CBD is CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid). CBDa is extracted from the plant material, and when purified has its own health benefits. When pure CBDa is heated, it decarboxylates and becomes CBD. Neither CBDa or CBD contain any psychoactive qualities.

A sampling of supporting science


Results of a recent study in pediatric treatment-resistant epilepsy showed promising results for improved quality of life with CBD treatments. In this study the average number of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) tried before using cannabidiol-enriched cannabis was 12.



  • 84% of parents reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while taking cannabidiol-enriched cannabis.



  • 11% report complete seizure freedom
  • 42% report greater than 80% seizure reduction
  • 32% report a 25–60% seizure reduction


Other beneficial effects included increased alertness, better mood, and improved sleep.



Epilepsy & Behavior. 2013

Porter BE, Jacobson C, Report of a parent survey of cannabidiol-enriched cannabis use in pediatric treatment-resistant


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Cannabidiol for the treatment of psychosis in Parkinsons disease

CBD is the most effective of all Cannabinoids.



Pharmacological actions of non-psychotropic cannabinoids with the indication of the proposed mechanisms of action.





Non-psychotropic plant cannabinoids: new therapeutic opportunities from an ancient herb. 2009

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3 Department of Therapeutic Chemistry and Natural Products, Hebrew University Medical Faculty, Jerusalem, Israel

4 Endocannabinoid Research Group, Italy


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Cannabidiol: from an inactive cannabinoid to a drug with wide spectrum of action

Definitions of Terms


Analgestic relieves pain; Anorectic kills or slows bacteria growth; Anti-diabetic reduces blood sugar levels; Anti-emetic reduces vomiting and nausea; Anti-epileptic reduces seizures and convulsion; Anti-inflammatory reduces inflammation; Anti-insomnia aids sleep; Anti-ischemic reduces risk of artery blockage; Anti-proliferative inhibits cell growth in tumors/cancer cells; Anti-psoriatic treats psoriasis; Anti-psychotic tranquilizing/Used to manage psychosis; Anti-spasmodic suppresses muscle spasms; Anxiolytic relieves anxiety; Bone Stimulant promotes bone growth; Immunosuppressive modulates function in the immune system; Intestinal Anti-prokinetic reduces contractions in the small intestines; Neuroprotective protects nervous system degeneration.

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