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Everyone has a story that causes them to look for CBD. Here's ours...


Nothing really prepares parents for the first crisis that involves their child. Since day one, Colten had given us a run for our money. Two extra digits on his right foot (What?! Yes. It was the craziest little foot but it was still adorable), a week-long stay in ICU 4 days after birth while he lounged under lights and we prayed for him to eat. Nothing with him went according to plan.


In January 2009 at the age of 3, Colten had his first tonic-clonic seizure while on the stairs with his brother, Gunner (6) and our Great Dane pup, Angus. That's them!! (a few weeks before the first seizure.) Adorable, weren't they?


Hearing the fall followed by Gunner’s yell, running in and seeing Colten… No. Words. Can. Describe. We aren’t the first parents to see something like this and sadly will we be the last. But needless to say, this scared everyone. Bill went into rescue mode doing all the things one shouldn’t do with someone mid-seizure. I called 911 and freaked out on the operator. Understandably, Gunner ran and hid. (Poor guy.)


At the hospital, we answer all the Dr.’s questions, except one. Did the seizure cause the fall or did the fall cause the seizure? Until that moment, we hadn’t given it any thought. In our minds, the fall caused the seizure. What do you mean? Are you saying this could happen again?


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